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1st October 2010

  • Act fast to get the last of this years Manuka
    honey here: Manuka Honey
  • Find out how this amazing honey can make a
    HUGE difference to your health
  • All that glitters is NOT proper gold......
    especially if it claims to be Manuka honey

It's not often that I get the chance to boast about a health
coup, but this is one of those rare occasions.

A few weeks ago I was talking to my supplier of real raw
Manuka honey about a few more jars for my own stock.
He told me that just that morning he had confirmed the
final barrel of honey out of New Zealand - the last of this
year's honey.

We normally get our supplies in March as the new season
starts, but here was an offer which was too good to miss -
and I wasn't going to let it get away.

So, here's the chance for you to get some of the very last
of this 100% pure, raw honey. But you need to be quick
as a barrel won't last long.

Click here to buy Manuka Honey today

If you haven't tried raw Manuka honey before, then let me
tell you why it's the best food remedy you could ever keep
in your cupboard....

A remedy for joint pain, stomach-ache, constipation,
colds and flu, inflammation, ulcers cuts..... and so
much more

Really raw Manuka honey is a natural antiseptic, skin
healer, digestive aid and antibiotic. It's packed full of
antioxidants that fight inflammation and free radicals
which can cause cancer. And its zinc and B vitamins
support your nerve function and speed up recovery 
from infections.

Best of all, our raw honey is filtered through a coarse
strainer. This means the honey retains two vital
* Propolis is used by bees to sterilise the hive. It protects
them from the spread of bacteria, viruses and fungi.
Propolis appears to help stimulate the human immune
system too. During both world wars propolis was used to
prevent infection and speed up recovery from wounds.
* Bee pollen contains B vitamins for energy, vitamin C
for immune support and a wide range of minerals.
Research from the Ukraine suggests that pollen can help
ease the digestive disorders experienced by people with
rheumatoid arthritis. Joint pain, stomach-aches,
constipation, colds and flu, ulcers and cuts.... you name it,
this really raw Manuka honey can help.

I have been contacted by so many of my readers about
the power of raw Manuka honey that I thought I should
share them with you.

Eleanor Smith wrote to tell me about the amazing ability
of Manuka honey to help heal and disinfect wounds:

"You might be interested to know that last week I suffered
a bad burn above my right elbow when I reached across
the iron which was hot and touched it. The burn was very
painful and the next morning the redness had moved up
my arm. I showed it to the GP who said I should have
antibiotics which I refused. I came home and bathed my
arm with cider vinegar and applied a dressing of Manuka
honey. I did this two days running and all the infection
cleared up. It is now healing very well indeed."

Meanwhile, Margaret Johnson's story illustrates how this
honey can help deal with the symptoms of very serious

"We are a pair of youthful 80yr olds, but my better half is
awaiting dialysis and has had a poorly time, more
especially this week with nausea etc. and what with not
sleeping well, no appetite etc. has been at rock bottom.  I
got up at 4am, finding him awake again, and went to
make us a drink.
In the cupboard was a jar of Manuka and a teaspoon of
this went into a cup of warm milk, and the result was
amazing. We both went to sleep again, me after my tea
and he after his soothing milk and we didn't budge until
the phone rang at 8am.
It was magic, he has dozed off again and it has beaten all
the medication, thank you again and have
made us two oldies very happy."

Finally, Clari de Melchor points out one of the real reasons
why I am such a fan of the Manuka honey from this
supplier...... it's all in the taste:

"Just swooned over my first spoonful of Manuka via Green
Bay, I have to say that I have never tasted anything so
absolutely amazing!! Elixir for the Gods! What a wonderful
taste-so pure!  I urge you to continue to recommend this
honey to your readers Ray."

What more can I say, buy Manuka Honey here

A cautionary tale... make sure the honey you buy is
REAL raw Manuka.

The Daily Mail carried and article last year that shouted 'Is
your Manuka honey really worth the money?'

The story was that there had been a number of products
that claimed to be real raw honey, but turned out to be
blends. These blends contained only a very small
percentage of true New Zealand honey.... however the
manufacturers had forgotten to say so on the label.

How absent minded of them, I'm sure they weren't trying
to deceive the public.

As you know, I've got a close relationship with my
supplier.  They only import the best stuff fresh from New
Zealand.  It only comes on sale a few times a year, and
the supply is strictly limited.

They DON'T blend this raw version of Manuka honey. They
DON'T overheat it. They DON'T pasteurise it. This means
all the enzymes and phytobutrients are alive and kicking.

This gives you a powerful home remedy that you simply
can't buy in the shops...
The supermarkets don't sell unpasteurised honey.  They
are too afraid people may complain about the odd bee leg.
And anyway most people shy away from unpasteurised
These days most folk like their food cleaned up, sanitised
and modified! No wonder there's so much disease and
infection about.
But if you're a natural foodie like me, you will only accept
the sort of honey that looks like it has been scraped out of
the hive that morning.
This is why I urge you to get your hands on this amazing
product right now - click here to buy Manuka Honey today

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