Man Flu IS REAL – scientific proof (if any were needed)


Friday 1st February 2013 

  • The shocking fact that losing pounds can dent your wallet
  • Discover how a family meal can make a man swell with pride
  • If a woman scientist says men suffer worst then it MUST be true!

Life occasionally throws a story into sharp relief – often with some sort of ironic comedy.

So it was as Lara and I snook off from the kids yesterday for a quiet walk, ending with a warming drink at the local.

As we shed our outer garments and took a place at the fireside, Lara noticed that one of the bar staff had shed a few pounds.

“You’re looking good,” she said to her friend, “tell me your secret?”

Without shifting her attention from the glass collection duty, the newly svelte lady said... and no word of a lie:

“I’ve managed to drop over a stone in four weeks by changing what I eat... but it's cost me an extra thirty quid so I’m not happy!”

With that she moved off to carry on her duty.

My gast was flabbered by what I had heard, and I turned to see Lara similarly open mouthed.

Neither of us could get our head around the logic.

Later though, I pressed home the advantage of offering the good lady a drink with us when I refilled our glasses and discovered that her secret came from a simple dietary change.

Rather than buy her normal cheap frozen pizzas, ready meals and take-aways, she had been using fresh vegetables and home made breads and pizzas to fill the family up.

The problem was she had ended up with a bigger shopping bill as a result.

This all seemed so unfair to her – and she was right.

It’s not poverty that is to blame

My well-used theme of late has been about the paucity of good fresh food in season, made available at realistic prices in the supermarkets.

The cynical pricing policy of the food cathedrals is to increase the cost of basic fresh staples whilst running special offers on the over processed gunk.

This was also picked up by a writer in the Daily Telegraph a week ago – to my surprise.

Theodore Dalrymple wrote that a decline in home-prepared family meals was at the root cause of a rise in obesity, and deterioration in health.

He stated that a fifth of all children do not eat more than one meal a week with other family members, with much of the food arriving via the microwave.

These children were also found to be ‘home grazers’ – relying on what they could glean from the fridge, biscuit tin or sweet jar to fill up between meals.

It is such a bleak outlook.

Now bearing in mind that Lara and I had deserted our own brood for an hour or two, I was interested to see what they had done for lunch in our absence – if anything at all.

I almost burst with pride when we opened the kitchen door as all three of them were sat around the table, with proper cutlery in their hands and a huge pot of freshly cooked mussels and hunks of bread in the middle.

Even better, there was plenty for us.

Our sixteen-year-old has desires to become a chef – he’s signed up for the local college catering course this year – and took it upon himself to make the feast.

The eighteen-year-old had made a trip out to get the shellfish and bread, and the twelve-year-old had laid the table and sorted some juice to accompany the repast.

OK, I’m telling you this as a very proud father but I’m not telling you as a boast.

Our kids are interested in Facebook, Xbox games and Krispy Kreme donuts too, and we often find a trail of sweet wrappers leading to their rooms.

They are not paragons of austere virtue at all – and I wouldn’t want them to be.

But as a bunch of normal kids they had enough respect for the joy of food to make sure that they did something we could all enjoy. I gave them a pocket money bonus as a reward!

Man Flu is officially recognised – at last

Having puffed out my chest with pride at the good work of my kids, I thought I should also gloat over the news that Man Flu has been proven to exist – and by a woman scientist to boot!

For many years I have suffered at the cruel hands of the female members of the family whenever I so much as sneeze.

Comments are made about the inadequacy of my genetic make up when it comes to dealing with a cough and cold... but now science has come to my aid.

A leading neuroscientist called Dr Amanda Ellison has been widely quoted as saying that men with a cold get a higher temperature and feel much worse as a consequence.

It’s all to do with a much more developed area of the brain in men which houses our temperature receptors – meaning that we have many more of these structures than women.

As the body raises heat output to destroy invading pathogens, then this system stokes the temperature up – more receptors in males means a higher level of heat.

So, just let’s recap on this shall we?

Us fine fellows ARE much more poorly, we DO have bigger brains (or at least part of them) and we MAKE more heat...

...Suppose that explains why Lara’s feet are always like blocks of ice and she thinks it's fine to use me to warm them up at night.

It’s been a strange old week all in all!

Make sure to keep an eye out for Sunday's letter when I reveal a special way to boost your heart health – and encourage circulation to the feet and legs...

...hang on a minute, that would help my dear lady wife with her frozen bones.


Yours, as always









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