Mmm, cockroach milk, this is such a weird story

The Good Life Letter 

1st June 2018

  • Why you should drink baking soda every day
  • A natural way to relieve heartburn, bloating and inflammation.
  • But is drinking COCKROACH milk going too far?
Do anything nice over the bank holiday weekend?

We had house guests, some old friends of ours who live in Devon.

Brilliant to see them but they brought their noisy eight and ten-year old kids – and a massive dog.

Also, on the morning they arrived, our dishwasher packed in…

So the whole weekend was very hectic and stressful. Seemed like I was constantly tidying up, washing dishes, cooking food, pouring drinks and wincing at the destructive powers of pre-teen boys.

Worse, they’re all super-early risers which meant I had three nights without my usual amount of sleep.

I’ll tell you, I have never been in more need of something like the calming natural sedative, Calmophytum, which I mentioned last week.

Knock back a couple of those before bedtime and you can be out like a light! If you missed that letter, take a look at this: Restful sleep at last

Amidst all the chaos I did manage to sneak in a little time for work too, (or ‘relaxation’ as I call it when I have house guests).

Which was when I came across a surprising little natural health tip.

The surprising benefits of drinking baking soda

As you might know, baking soda is a cheap way to reduce heartburn and indigestion.

That’s because it contains one ingredient: sodium bicarbonate. This froths with carbon dioxide when it comes into contact with acidic substances.

This action neutralises the acid, reducing heartburn. The fizzing gas also promotes burping, which helps reduce bloating after eating.

But there could be an even bigger benefit…

At the end of April, some new research was published in the Journal of Immunology.

It showed that when you drink a solution made from baking soda, it encourages your spleen to react in a way that lowers inflammation throughout your body.

After just two weeks of drinking baking soda daily, scientists found that the population of immune cells known as ‘macrophages’ altered from those that promote inflammation (M1), to those that reduce it (M2).

The article concludes that a daily baking soda drink could therefore help reduce the inflammation caused by autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis.

To try it out, add half a teaspoon of baking soda to two cups of water, and drink this daily. If you want to relieve heartburn and bloating too, then drink it within an hour of eating a big meal.

I’d also recommend adding a teaspoon of manuka honey and a squeeze of lemon.


Well, regularly drinking fresh lemon also helps lower the acid level in your body. It’s not only great for digestion, but it stops the build-up of uric acid in your joints, which is a cause of joint inflammation.

There are MANY other benefits to regular lemon intake, as I discuss in extraordinary detail in The Lemon Book, which you can get from here.

As one reviewer of my book puts it: “Lemons seem to solve all the world's problems.”

Well, certainly it solves a lot of common daily health niggles.

I can’t vouch for it saving humanity from plunging into war and destruction.

But you never know!

The addition of manuka honey (or a good raw honey) to your baking soda cocktail is a good idea too. Partly for taste, but mainly because it’s another well-known anti-inflammatory.

And if you’ve not done so already you can read all about the benefits of honey in my other classic, The Honey Garlic and Vinegar Miracle.

So there you have it: baking soda, honey and lemon, your daily anti-inflammatory tonic.

Give it a go!

However, you might think twice about this next drink…

Cockroach milk… really?

This one was all over the UK media on Monday…

Researchers from India’s Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine believe that cockroach milk could be the next big health fad.

To be honest, I hadn’t even considered that insect milk was a thing, never mind a health drink.

But apparently, they secrete a ‘post-natal fluid’ to feed their hatchlings, and this stuff is packed with proteins, fats and sugars.

Apparently, Gwyneth Paltrow has listed cockroach milk in the ‘animal milk guide’ on her website Goop.

When I looked deeper into it, I saw that the cockroach milk story actually broke in 2016 (the Daily Mail leaping on the Paltrow connection), so I’m not sure why there’s a resurgence now – perhaps the media brings out stories like these when it needs some clickbait space to fill.

Anyway, I have no idea how to milk a cockroach and I don’t think you need to know either.

It would certainly appear that you need a LOT of cockroaches to get just one small glass of that delicious insect-y milk, so seems impractical right now.

Perhaps, come the apocalypse, we might need to survive on cockroach milk but until then I think you can probably get what you need from a balanced, seasonal diet!

Saying that, do try the baking soda tonic and see how you feel after a few weeks. If it’s something you already drink, or you have you own baking soda tips, then email me and let me know how it’s going for you, as I love to hear your stories and feedback.

If I can share them with other Good Life Letter readers, then even better.

OK, that’s it for today – enjoy your weekend!

Don’t forget, if you are struggling with tiredness, poor sleep and stress, take up this trial of Calmophytum and get some proper kip every night. Click here for details.

Yours, as always




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