I did warn people, now there’s even more  research

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1st July 2018

  • More research backs up my health warning…
  • Please read this before you drink another cup of tea
  • How a fertiliser waste product ends up in your cuppa – check this out: Tea Warning
Well, don’t say I didn’t warn everybody…

A while ago I wrote this special report called ‘The Invisible Poison In Your Cup Of Tea!’

Sounds alarmist, but it’s really not.

It’s absolutely true that a harmful waste product has ended up in your daily cup of tea and it doesn’t really need to be there...

If you read my report here, you’ll discover:

  • Why it could cause problems with your bones, stomach and skin.

  • Why your risk depends on what KIND of tea you drink.

  • And how this health threat can be avoided.

And new research that I didn’t even mention on that report has backed me up.

New research published this May has shown that teabags contain high levels of fluoride that can leave your teeth damaged and your joints painful.

You see, while fluoride is said to help teeth, with so much in the water AND in certain types of black tea it can result in fluorosis, which damages tooth enamel. High levels can also cause ‘skeletal fluorosis’, where your joints become stiff and calcified.

As I point out in my report, I’m not saying destroy all your tea bags immediately and run for the hills… but you have a right to know all the information about what’s in your drink, so you can make an adult choice.

And NOT be hoodwinked by the food and drink industry, who put profits above public health.

Why some teas are worse than others

You see, the fluoride levels are much worse in cheaper teas. According to the World Health Organisation, there is an ‘elevated risk of skeletal fluorosis at fluoride intakes above 6mg/day’.

That’s around 3 or 4 mugs of cheaper tea a day.

And the big question is this, if taking in too much fluoride can damage your health, why accept large amounts in your tea when it's not even necessary?

Because as you’ll see here, there is an amazing tasting, healthy tea that will give you all the satisfaction without the fluoride – click here to read my report with all the details.

If you read my report and think “Ah, heck, who cares, Ray, life’s too short to worry about tea” then that’s absolutely fine, have a cuppa, it’s not going to result in your head exploding.

But as long as you read the report, you’ll have the knowledge and therefore my work is done!

You might also change your current black tea for something healthier, without losing the wonderful flavour.
There’s something else I mention in the report, which you should be aware of.

How a fertiliser waste product ends up in your tea

Back in the 1940s, the Aluminium Company of America (ALCOA) had a problem...

Its smelting process was polluting the atmosphere with fluoride waste and causing dental fluorosis. This is where people's teeth become brown and mottled – not a good look.

Not surprisingly, people were suing ALCOA for damages – and winning.

ALCOA quickly found a way to capture the waste before it escaped into the atmosphere – but then they had another problem.

What to do with all this waste fluoride?

Their solution was so audacious, so utterly outrageous, it should be cited as one of the most daring and cynical marketing campaigns ever. ALCOA decided to promote the idea that adding fluoride to the water supply would actually benefit people's teeth.

Yes that's right – they wanted to get rid of their toxic industrial waste by putting it in the water supply. All they had to do was convince everyone it was a great idea.

Several biased experiments later, they pulled it off. The US Public Health Service backed the idea 100% and even donated $10 million to other countries so they too could promote fluoridation.

But 63 years on and there's still NO conclusive evidence that fluoride prevents tooth decay. Back in 2000, the UK government commissioned York University to review ALL the evidence around the world from the last 50 years and work out once and for all whether fluoride was good for us or not.

Here's what the York Review concluded:

  • All the evidence was sub-standard, open to bias and therefore it was not possible to conclude anything.

  • The effect of fluoridation ranged anywhere from a substantial benefit to a slight 'disbenefit' to children's teeth.

  • Any beneficial effect came at the expense of an increase in fluorosis (mottled teeth).

It’s another of my controversial viewpoints I realise, but I say it as I see it.

Whatever you think, there’s no need to have this stuff packed into your teabags as well as your water.

Anyway, I’ll leave you to read my report, as I MORE than make my opinions crystal clear!

Click here for more on the problem with tea

Enjoy what remains of your weekend and I’ll write again next week.
Yours, as always




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