Why are you owed a huge apology?

The Good Life Letter 

1st August 2010

  • Find out why Ray is in the doghouse
  • Discover why this skin product is so powerful
  • Find out about the secret the world needs to

Pommade Divine

I am in trouble with my wife.
As it happens, it is not uncommon for me to get an ear
bashing for my poor timekeeping, bad memory or snoring
- but in this case it is so much worse. I have crossed a
line, professionally.
Please don't let your imaginations run away with you here
- my crime was committed in my last letter to you.
Didn't I know that Lara and my mother are world experts
on Pommade Divine? Why didn't I focus on the huge
impact this amazing product can have on the quality of a
woman's skin? Who said it was more important to treat
bites than to let women look fabulous?
It was one of those sessions where I was asked the
questions, ended up being told the answers......... and
found out I was still wrong!
So, it is with a humble apology to my wife and to you that
I now need to tell you more about the secrets of
Pommade Divine - in Lara's word's .......

"There isn't a woman alive who will not understand what
this product can do. It smoothes away wrinkles and fine
lines better than any expensive cream I've tried.  Why
didn't you tell them about using it on dry elbows?  Why
didn't you say anything about using it after you shave or
wax?  Why didn't you tell them how good it is on dry hard
skin on your feet?  What about cracked nipples?"

Some things a man just doesn't need to know!

All of which seemed big claims to me, so I started to look
deeper into the reasons behind this.

The natural ingredients which make this product so

The active ingredients, which I mentioned in my original
letter are as follows;

* Benzoin: an extract from a tree found in Thailand
and Java, which boosts skin elasticity, and also
calms itchiness.  It can improve blood circulation
and aids respiratory problems. This is what helps
tighten up those wrinkles.

* Cinnamon: a favourite in curry recipes - this spice
has vital anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.

* Nutmeg: another Far Eastern spice, which is highly
effective at clearing skin and is widely used as a
coolant. Clears away blemishes and spots,

* Clove: one of nature's most powerful antiseptics.

* Storax: again a natural skin protectant with anti-
bacterial properties, it has been used since Roman
times to care for damaged skin.

* Arachis: a natural plant extract discovered in South
America, which softens and soothes the skin.

* Mint: a very effective skin moisturiser, significantly
increasing the suppleness and reducing flaking and
cracking. Very effective when used on the feet and
hands...... and a proven treatment for stings and

* Cucumber: just the best skin coolant in nature,
which also acts as a toner, reducer of black circles
under the eye and makes the skin glow.

* Lavender: a calming perfume which has a very
profound effect on the skin. An effective treatment
for sunburn, it also helps to fade stretch marks and
tone the skin.

Having discovered all of this I now see why Lara was so
upset, it really is the perfect skin care product for women
of all ages.  (Just make sure you wipe off any excess
Pommade before nursing, as essential oils are very
powerful and not recommended for babies - Lara)
The best kept secret, which the world NOW needs to

It really makes me wonder how this little marvel has
remained a closely guarded secret for so long. Or has it?
When I started my research I found a virtual underground
movement in favour of Pommade Divine. It is almost like
taping into a secret society.

Chat rooms and natural health forums are alive with
discussions about it - even citing peoples experience
stretching back over several generations in their families.
It does seem as though it is one of those little bits of
advice a mother gives to her daughter when they leave

My mum always had some on hand to treat our bruises,
stings and scrapes. It never occurred to me that this
fantastic product was 'Mums Little Helper' in so many
other ways.

I bet if you were to ask your mum or your granny about
it, they will have their own stories of how they took
advantage of its many uses.

When I raised the subject again at home, I found out that
my wife has more than just the basic cream. She also has
special foot lotion, a hand lotion and a body cream - and
uses them daily as part of her post bathing routine.
I've certainly learnt my lesson over this one.

There are times when a man's perspective misses the
point. Now, you'll note I didn't say we were wrong...just
occasionally mistaken.

So, I say again. I am sorry that I didn't tell the full facts
about such a wonderful product - at least, not those that
were of interest to 50% of the population.

But here it is, if you want your skin to be healthy, toned
and beautiful look no further.

Pommade Divine

And chaps, just a quiet word in your ear......... If you need
to make a big impression with a present, there are gift
packs available, get one in now and save if for when YOU
need to apologise.

I've just bought one for that exact reason - wish me luck!



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