Find out why this natural acid is such a potent healer?

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1st September 2016

  • Science finally catches up with ancient wisdom
  • Nature knows a thing or two about healing
  • Why you should listen to little old ladies more often
Sometimes natural remedies seem to do the opposite of what makes sense.

Maybe this is why so many of the medics and sceptics find the whole concept so difficult to get their heads around.
Take vinegar for instance.

To most folk it is a sharp and acidic addition to shake over a bag of chips.

However, we know that vinegar is one of the most potent health remedies available to us.

When we are stung by nettles we can remove the burning sensation by dabbing vinegar on our skin, likewise with wasp stings.

This is where the logic begins to fail.

How can putting an acid on the skin stop a burning pain?

The answer is because nature rarely uses an acid as a toxin or a sting, preferring alkaline compounds instead.

Now thinking back to the days of our chemistry lessons we know that acids neutralise alkalis and so renders them impotent.

So far so good on the vinegar front, but what about using vinegar for helping people who suffer from the bowel condition known as Ulcerative Colitis?

This problem causes ulcers, stomach cramps and violent diarrhoea among other unpleasant side effects and affects millions around the world.

It seems illogical that an acidic food could do anything to affect it; however, that is exactly what a research team has found.

The study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry describes how vinegar appears to suppress inflammatory gut proteins while also increasing beneficial bacteria in the guts of mice.

The researchers carried out their investigation after learning of a previous study that had suggested vinegar – used in traditional medicine – might be a remedy for ulcerative colitis.

For their study the researchers gave vinegar and its main ingredient acetic acid to mice chemically induced to develop symptoms of ulcerative colitis. They administered the substances by putting small amounts in the animals' drinking water.

The results showed that either substance significantly reduced symptoms of ulcerative colitis in the mice.

From mice to man

Now whilst it is going to take a fair few years to replicate the studies in humans, the indications of this expensive trial are clear...

...My Nan knew best!

Her cure for virtually any stomach upset was to mix a teaspoon of vinegar into some honey and spoon it down. It worked every time.

Amazing isn’t it, a little grey haired lady in a Welsh valley knew more than the bright and shiny scientists on the other side of the world!  The problem was that she didn’t have the science to prove it.

Unfortunately, this is where so many problems occur with natural remedies.

Whilst generations of users know that a particular approach to health works none of them has the time or resource to conduct full scale trials to prove it.

As a result, it is easy for those who want to scoff.

The world is full of those who believe that unless a man (and it is always a man) in a white coat has run it through his lab then it might as well be snake oil.

This generally means that many useful and powerful natural cures are denied to the general population because doctors are too scared to offer them to their patients.

Imagine the uproar from the readers of the national newspapers if a GP was found to have given out bottles of apple cider vinegar rather than prescribe omeprazole and anti-acids to their stomach patients.

Even if the outcomes were better, the side effects less and the cost to the NHS huge – these poor souls would be hounded out of business.

That is why it is so rewarding to be able to offer my readers plain and honest natural remedies without fear of the corporate backlash – just don’t tell the news desks!

Your vote of thanks

After running the letter about D-Mannose last week I was pleasantly surprised to receive so many comments back from readers who have already been using this natural sugar-based remedy to rid themselves of urinary tract infections.

Conditions which affect the bladder or intestine are often the ones we find so difficult to talk about and rarely return to our GPs if their courses of remedies fail to work – it is embarrassing enough first time without repeating the exercise.

So finding something which works so effectively is really rewarding and if you have been ‘umming and arrring’ about trying it then stop prevaricating and click the link here.

Likewise, if you have problems of a gastric nature we have many happy users of the fantastic Propargile

Or, you could do worse than following my Nan’s example and use the natural honey and vinegar remedy...

She might not have done the research in a white coat, but she always wore a clean housecoat every day and was a world authority on most things!

In her world she was surrounded by pure and natural products like butter, milk, soda crystals and vinegar – and all of them had a part to play in healing her family’s ills.

There were few chemist shops and no internet to get information from so these remedies were handed down from mother to daughter, and household to household.

It seems strange to think that much of what they knew and used has now slipped out of fashion, but how joyous it is when modern science finally catches up and ‘proves’ what our forebears knew.

Why wait for the scientific community to pronounce – just follow your instincts and invariably you will find your own way to better health.

Of course, keep reading the Good Life Letter too!

Yours, as always


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