Why there is something fishy about today’s letter

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1st October 2017

Long term readers will know that I have always advocated the joy of fresh fish.

One of the delights of my summers spent in Portugal is the abundance of bounty brought straight from the sea to the grill and then to my plate!

Sardines, mackerel and prawns all jostle for pride of place with a salad rich in tomatoes, onion and olive oil.

Now that I am back home in Blighty I try to keep up the diet of oil rich fish because I know that it is good for me in so many ways:

  • Rich in antioxidants, vital for keeping our cells healthy and our cardiovascular systems clear.
  • Loaded with omega-3 fatty acids which boost energy levels and also positively affect vision, muscles, joints and our heart and circulation.
  • Plenty of vitamin D and its precursors which is really important as we age and for everyone as the day length shortens; essential for bone development and fighting the effects of colds and flu.
  • A perfect balance of minerals and other key vitamins which help our bodies function, especially things such as iodine, selenium and zinc which are not in abundance in other foods.
  • As well as vitamin D, oily fish also contains a full alphabet of healthy vitamins such as A for vision and the full complement of B complexes for the immune and  nervous systems.

Living close to the sea we are very lucky that we can get really fresh mackerel, line caught Pollack and the much under rated whiting fairly easily, but I know many of you don’t have this luxury on your doorstep.

Plus, at this time of year having a fish platter with a salad is not really an option, and there is only so much fish soup, stew and curry that a man can take!

Discover how to get the pure benefits of fish, the perfect supplement for vision and heart.

Fish oil and the environment

The reasons we should all be getting plenty of healthy fish oil in our diet is clear – it really does boost your health.

For once the whole scientific community agree that the benefits of this type of dietary supplementation is what we should all be doing. Even the NHS on their Health Choices website say that fish oil has shown consistent benefits for:

  • Cardiovascular system – where they say there is a large body of evidence
  • Visual systems – where they found major studies concluded significant benefit
  • Brain function – whilst they are not convinced that there is provable benefit for dementia or schizophrenia sufferers, they do say that cognitive function is improved

In addition there is also evidence for joints, conditions such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, and even some cancers where studies have shown benefit for prostate cancer sufferers.

The ideal solution would be for us all to live in a warmer climate and be able to dine out on freshly caught fish and local seasonal vegetables, but that is not an option for many of us.

Plus, many of the fish species we would choose to eat are being taken from rapidly diminishing stocks, or perhaps more worryingly from populations which are subject to high levels of contamination with heavy metals such as mercury and chemicals such as dioxin.

For these reasons, and sometime because people don’t like the smell or taste of fish, the best way to get all the benefits is to take a fish oil supplement...

...but that might be the biggest mistake of all.

You see the fish oil industry hides many dirty secrets. How they extract the oil from the fish is one of them, the fish they use is another and the last of their crimes is the fact that they achieve the required level of nutrients in their oil by adding in chemical substitutes.

It really is a scandal that most buyers just don’t know about. Find out more here.

The answer is to go small

A few years ago I had my eyes opened to the horrors of the fish oil industry and have never taken anything other than a high quality and responsibly sourced oil from another sea species ever since.

The choice I made was to use krill oil. Let me explain why.

Firstly, these tiny creatures are the most abundant creatures in the sea. In fact Antarctic Krill account for the greatest biomass on earth.

Many sources, and a few Good Life Letter readers, have questioned whether the oil I sell is responsibly sourced as there is a claim that even krill is being over fished. This claim is wrong as the entire krill industry worldwide only removes between 1% and 2% of the stock every year, and the source we use is bound by strict quotas and uses a method of catching them which ensures no other species is affected i.e. no bycatch.

I would never condone any product which caused environmental issues for our planet any more than I would want to risk the health of anyone that used it.

Secondly, I know that these are entirely natural with no added chemicals and perfectly formulated to provide the recommended and proven levels of the long-chain omega-3 fatty acids known as EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid).

Of these, the one that is consistently lacking in competitor products is the DHA which has to be present at a level of 250mg per capsule to get the benefits you need – that is guaranteed with this product.

This means that this is the only one-a-day krill oil product in the UK, and that gives real money savings.

Lastly, I have met the chaps behind the company and I know that they are genuine, honest and really concerned to ensure that their industry delivers the best products without harming the environment or causing any upsets in the food chain.

This really is a good and reliable product that we should all consider taking every day.

Science has shown a benefit from an increase in fish oil in our daily diet but the cost and availability of the fresh product is beyond most of us, so it makes sense to take a simple daily supplement but make sure that you know what it is that you are taking.

Cheap products are not necessarily good economy as they won’t have the correct levels of DHA in them and therefore you will have to take a double dose to get what you need, plus chances are they are cheap because corners have been cut in making them.

Make taking Krill Oil a daily habit and feel good in every way possible.

Yours, as always



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