2015 Whod have thought it!

Friday 02 Jan, 2015 

  • A very Happy New Year to you all

  • Discover the positive way to begin every New Year

  • The real reason to choose just one resolution 


So, weve made it.

Another year has passed and we begin this new one with hope in our hearts, determination in our minds and a spring in our steps...

...dont we?

Ive never been a fan of the whole New Year thing as it seems like everyone is expected to have a great time and be part of a programme of new ventures and fresh ideas.

Well Im a miserable old sod that actually quite likes things as they were before and views shining new dawns with a little suspicion.

But that is not to say that Im not positive about what I want from this brand spanking new 2015.

The secret is to set yourself simple and achievable goals.

In business there are many consultants wandering around boardrooms saying that companies should set SMART targets for themselves.

This means they must be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-based.

Well even if you are not running a multi-million pound empire or a small engineering company you can do the same for yourselves.

Let me give you an example how this might work.

Collins Resolutions for 2015

Heres my SMART objectives for this year;

1) By the end of March I will have lost a stone in weight and/or two inches from my waist which will allow me to fit back into my summer shorts.

See, this meets all of the criteria it is specific to my weight, it can be measured by weighing scales and/or tape measure, it is certainly achievable and realistic to do simply by following my plan and has a time limit on it.

2) Also by the end of March I will begin to contribute to my own Facebook and Twitter feeds with at least a story a week.

Easy stuff to do.

Have a go at putting some SMART objectives together for yourself it is actually quite cathartic!

The only resolution you need to make

In reality though there is only one resolution to make this year; BE WELL AND HAPPY.

Use that as you maxim and youll never go far wrong.

Happy New year to you all.

Yours, as always





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