Natural menopause relief provides alternative to HRT

Friday 2nd March 2012

  • Natural menopause and ovarian cancer - just what do they have in common?
  • One in fifty women will be at risk in their lifetime from this hidden cancer
  • Do what you can...for yourself and others

This month is ovarian cancer awareness month which has also got me thinking about natural menopause relief… but more on the link between the two later.

You see, I’m not usually a fan of these special month events, as they tend to be more about noise than enlightenment.

Often I suspect ulterior motives lie behind them, mostly by an over zealous commercial operation.

However, the more I read into this condition the more it became apparent that it should be given a higher profile.

Here are some shocking facts and statistics;

- 6,500 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer in the UK each year

- One in every 50 women will develop the condition in their lifetime

- Cervical screening tests - sometimes known as smear tests - will not help to detect ovarian cancer

- Some of the symptoms of ovarian cancer are similar to those seen in more common conditions, like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) so GPs may find it hard to diagnose

- Most cases of ovarian cancer are diagnosed in women who have gone through ‘the change of life’ or menopause. This means that most cases are in women over the age of 50 but younger women can also get ovarian cancer

- It is the fourth most common fatal cancer for women in the UK behind breast, lung and colorectal which are much easier to detect

I spoke to my wife, Lara, about this startling news, and even a well read women like her hadn’t appreciated just how significant this condition was becoming.

We also realised just how difficult the symptoms are to distinguish from those you would expect of getting older.

The textbooks say things like abdominal pain and cramping, bloating and depressed appetite are the common signs, however, there isn’t a week goes by that Lara doesn’t suffer from one of these.

You see it is almost like this condition is hiding behind the menopause – using it as a cloak to hide its devilry.

How can we fight back?

Good general health is always the best way to prepare a defence against cancers of all types which means looking after your diet, level of exercise and keeping lifestyle risks low by stopping smoking and moderating drinking.

However, this type of cancer has a strong genetic link, and choices we make earlier in life like the method of contraception (oral contraceptive pill use decreases the risk), or whether you had children and breastfed them (again a way to reduce risk).

One thing I did discover which I found interesting was that there was an increased risk for those using Hormone Replacement Therapy in the long term to help them manage the change of life.

I found that the Target Ovarian Cancer charity even stated on its website;

“Department of Health guidelines say that HRT is an effective treatment for symptoms of the menopause, but that it is important to take the lowest dose possible for the shortest possible time”

When the time comes I hope that you, or the lady in your life makes provision to help manage this major shift in hormonal balance within the body, and only uses the HRT approach if all else fails.

In Lara’s case she is already using a preparation to begin to soften the blow, naturally.

[You can find out about it here]

So, we have begun to see a shift in the world of technology that allows the slick marketeers to target us depending on our gender, however, Mother Nature always shows that she can do it with much more force.

As women and men we owe it to ourselves and those we love to find out about ovarian cancer and do what we can to support those who are suffering, and those who may do in the future.

Yours, as always



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