Three new natural organic honey’s added to our collection

Sunday 02 June 2013 


Great news for honey lovers.

Last week I took a call from our supplier of fantastic honey, Mr Jeremy Friend – and he has given us the chance to offer you some of his other remarkable honey varieties.

These are the real champagne honeys, the Grand Cru’s if you like.

First there is the Kamahi honey, a rich golden connoisseur’s honey that is prized by chefs for its taste and texture.

Harvested from the coastal rainforests along the western edge of South Island in New Zealand this delightful single varietal honey has the subtle taste of lemon curd and really works well with anything a bit spicy (like Thai food for instance) or as a partner for the cheeseboard.

Honestly, try a bit of Brie or Goats milk cheese with this honey and it will really open your eyes to a new taste sensation.

A truly seasonal honey... and the season is now.

Next up I have a few jars of something truly exquisite, and considered the absolute finest honey in the world – Northern Rata.

Harvested from sporadically flowering Rata trees, the supply of this honey is always limited and we are extremely lucky that Jeremy could spare any of this seasons fine crop.

If you only try one of these special honeys make sure it is this one, because it is like a fine wine – one to savour. Unlike a fine wine though it doesn’t benefit from ageing, it has to be eaten fresh.

I specifically asked for this honey because I wanted the Good Life Letter readers to have the chance of trying something really special – and now’s your chance.

Finally, the last of these special edition honeys – Vipers Bugloss honey.

It’s name derives from the fact that the type of Borage plant the bees feed on to produce it has a seed pod that looks like a snakes head.

In fact the ancient Maoris used to use the plant to treat snake bites... with limited success!

Now though the artisan beekeepers who provide Jeremy’s  honey carefully site their hives to catch the best of the short flowering season for the shocking blue flowers, and allow the bees to have their fill of the sweet, intensely flavoured nectar.

This in turn makes Vipers Bugloss honey a truly delightful addition to the kitchen cupboard, a beautiful morning honey that has a distinctive floral taste to it, and retains a subtle bluish tint to its otherwise delicately pale colour.

Honey Facts

Like all the other honeys we have from J Friend & Co these three beauties share the same unique features;


- Is 100% Organic

- Can be traced, by you, back to the individual beekeeper who provided it

- Is packed full of anti-oxidant, anti viral and anti inflammatory properties

- Is never going to turn to crystals in the cupboard

- Is the FIRST honey in the world to be certified as carbon neutral

- Is completely unblended so that each jar is from the same year, the same farm and the same hive

Each of these mono-floral honeys is produced with care and attention to detail to ensure that they arrive at your table packed with healthy virtues and full of the delicate micro-nutrients that help the body in so many ways, but also provide the full flavour spectrum.

Your chance to discover new tastes

I was already excited about the prospect of telling you about these new honeys, but I happened to be in the office on Friday when the lorry arrived with the honey on board.

Now the Good Life Letter doesn’t operate from a warehouse so we haven’t got a forklift or anything.

The driver was a little crest fallen at the prospect of heaving a crate of honey upto our office, but a cheered a little when myself, the publisher and the customer service team formed a chain to get our prized product safely into the store cupboard.

Once complete we opened a jar of each and tried them with some toast, and on Jeremy’s recommendation some cheese as well.

I have to say they were all fantastic – and while we have them, are our cheapest honeys available, all costing less than £5 a jar.

Try something new and delightful today – grab a honey bargain whilst we still have them!

I’ll be back with another regular letter on Friday, where I will be tackling another major health issue, but I really couldn’t resist telling you my honey news as soon as possible... now that we have a range of delightful honey I’m going to launch a brand new website devoted to the stuff. Keep a look out for going live very soon.

Click here for your share of our new fine tasting honey

Yours, as always








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