The really simple way to ease back pain

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2nd July 2017

I like simple things.

Faced with the latest mobile phone that can all but run your life, I prefer something that just makes calls and receives texts. To my childrenís delight I canít work out how to play the console games they play, but can occasionally be found playing solitaire on the PC instead; I also shun food processors and mixers in favour of knives and whisks...

...Some may call me a philistine (and many things a whole lot stronger than that!) but in my world simple always works.

If it doesnít need plugging in then who cares if there is an electricity black out, I can still chop up some vegetables and cook my soup on the gas hob... or even the fire if I have to!

The other good thing about something simple is that it tends to have few moving parts so works more reliably.

I will concede that the more complex stuff might be a bit quicker, make a more uniform product and can often be more exciting, but when it comes to trusting something I think most of us would go for the less flashy option.
And that is why I have become a firm fan of a good nodging!

For any new readers, I quickly need to explain that you havenít wandered into some strange world of dodgy characters (present company excepted of course!).

No, what I am talking about is a really simple but oh so effective way to deal with muscle knots in your shoulder, neck and back Ė a device that delights in the name ofÖ  The Back Nodger.

Discover how this amazing device could quickly become your best friend too

Simple, safe and effective pain relief

Every so often we find a product that really strikes a chord with the readers of the Good Life Letter.

Sometimes these are revolutionary or new natural remedies, other times we find pure and raw versions of beautiful honeys, and then there are the fantastically straight forward products.

The kind of thing that you look at and immediately understand the way they work and can almost instantly feel the benefit you are going to get.

Such has been the success of a simple hand-held way of massaging away tight knots in your back and shoulders that we constantly have to re-order to maintain our supplies.

The Back Nodger is quite simply a hand-held massager. It looks rather like a magic wand. But what it does is based on solid science. It has been designed specifically to relieve tense muscles in your back, shoulders and neck, using the tried and tested techniques of acupressure.

  • By applying gentle pressure it delivers a targeted massage directly onto the painful knot, whenever and wherever you need it.
  • By holding a simple, battery free device, you can release those agonising knots just as if youíve got your own physiotherapist by your side.
  • It brings instant relief without you having to book an appointment with a masseur, physiotherapist or doctor.
  • It works in just 2 minutes and you can use it SAFELY, as often as you like, throughout the day and night.

Grab the chance to deal with those nasty niggles... Nodge them away NOW!

Bang on the point of pain

Having a nagging back pain is torture, you know itís there but often canít reach to get at it yourself.

Having someone else try to help can make things worse as you attempt to localise the pain and then get them to do the right thing to ease it.

Even qualified masseurs have trouble sometimes being specific and effective, so how can we expect better from our wives/husbands/kids or in times of trouble a stranger at the bus stop!

What we really need is a special extension for our arms.

And thatís what you can find right here

Being able to properly locate the specially designed applicator right where itís needed, then using the easy grip handle to apply just the right amount of pressure and movement is the answer to the back pain sufferer's dream.

Itís like being able to pinpoint and target the discomfort and deal with it before it gets any worse.

The joy of easing tight neck and shoulder muscles in the comfort of your own home cannot be overstated.

Back pain is a really common problem, and there are probably as many Ďcuresí for it as there are hairs on a dog (just to mix my metaphors!).

Personally, it doesnít take a Herculean effort in the garden to spark off the pain, anything can cause it to flare.

When I leap up to do the dishes, when I bend over to carry all Lara's bags after I've INSISTED we go clothes shopping all day...

All right, I'm not fooling anyone am I? But simple everyday things like these can cause my back to twinge and seize up.

Lucky for me they're pretty rare occasions.

But when my back plays up, it can be unbearable. And once I put it out, the nagging ache will take weeks to clear up. Now in the past I've tried a variety of treatments and some of them have been excellent Ė but not always immediate.

When your back does begin to hurt the sooner you can start to treat it, the better it begins to feel.

For some people, back pain is a real problem, something that dogs them constantly, gnawing away hour after hour, day after day.

And thatís why I reckon having something low tech and handy is a great way to get on top of the problem as early as possible.

So if you do suffer from a regular ache that gets you down then this is something you should try.

That's an important word: TRY. I'm not saying you should keep it Ė not if it doesn't work for you. But if you don't try new remedies and new treatments, chances are you'll be stuck with your ailment forever.

Grab the chance to try out the Back Nodger Ė click here for more details

Yours, as always




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