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13th November 2009

  • Welcome to a virtual lunch in my chaotic house

  • The dinner that beats depression

  • Your feedback on Kernels, Cancer and Philip Day 


Hello and welcome to Chez Collins! So pleased you
could come round for lunch!

Firstly, apologies for the mess...

As you can see, my office is a landslide of newspaper
cuttings and health books, some of which the dog has
chewed....the hallway is full of enough pairs of shoes to
clothe a dozen families....

There are THREE broken umbrellas by the door... my
children are hanging off your coat like monkeys
(apologies for that)... and my wife left an hour ago after

"If you're going to invite all your Good Life readers
round for lunch, count me out... I'M NOT YOUR

But none of that is important. After all, I never told you
this was The Ritz.

What I want to show you is something I've knocked up in
the kitchen.... Yes, can you smell it already? Marvellous!

It's the perfect winter meal, although it's not at all what
you'd expect (this is NOT a traditional British "winter
warmer".) However, if you suffer from the blues at this
time of year, this is something you'll really want to eat.

Aside from the many disease-fighting nutrients,
antioxidants, vitamins and the like... this is a dinner that
cuts your risk of depression by 30%.... and could help
give you a sunny outlook on like.

And here it is...  

  •  To start you have a warm salad of nuts,
      tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce and onion, dressed
      in olive oil and lemon... 
  •   As the main you have a fish stew that includes
      herbs, tomatoes, chickpeas, lentils and olive oil. 
  •   This dish is accompanied by a large glass of red
  •   For desert you have a bowl of fruit and berries

Why is this so beneficial?

Well, this is the sort of meal you'd categorise as being
part of the 'Mediterranean Diet.

Loosely, this diet includes:  

  •  A moderate to high intake of fish (of course!)
  •  Lots of vegetables and fruits 
  •  Low amounts of saturated fats 
  •  Plenty of unsaturated fats, such as olive oil 
  •  Low intake of red meat  
  • A modest intake of alcohol, especially red wine

A recent study of 10,000 people was led by Dr Sanchez-
Villegas (whose name sounds like a bottle of wine!) His
team found that people who ate this diet regularly were
less likely to suffer bad moods and depression.

As I've talked about many times in the past, the
Mediterranean diet has already been shown to help
protect you from heart disease and cancer. Only last
year US researchers found that by strictly following a
Mediterranean diet you can help stave off Alzheimer's.

But this is the first time a study has linked the diet to
mental health.  And the results were significant.
According to the report, which appeared in The Archives
of General Psychiatry
, the Mediterranean eaters had a
30% reduction in the risk of depression.

That's some result!

Why some of us should avoid the usual comfort food

Of course it's tempting at this time of year to turn to the
traditional comfort foods. We crave carbohydrates for
energy, and stock up on stodgier, more sugary, meatier

This the time of year for pies, steaks, meaty stews,
creamy soups and spongy, crumbly deserts in custard.

Make no mistake.  I applaud all of these foods when
eating in moderation. In fact, the above list came
spooling out of my brain like a fantasy shopping list.

I especially applaud these comfort foods if they're good
quality, homemade and reliably-sourced. This way you
know what all the ingredients are and in what amounts.
And you'll avoid any nasty additives, preservatives or
super-salty surprises.

However, if you are prone to depression, foul moods and
lack of energy and motivation in winter, perhaps think
about a change in diet this year.

Try instead to follow the Mediterranean diet and see
what happens. Try fish, chicken and seafood with plenty
of vegetables, nuts and olive oil. Get some lemon into
your daily diet. And consider fish oils, too, or try flax oil if
you're vegetarian.

As always, consult a doctor if you're worried about a
serious underlying problem, and talk to them before you
make big dietary changes.

Or try this latest device for size....

If you suffer from the blues at this time of year, you
should try this new device. It's a risk-free trial so you
won't lose out if it doesn't work for you:

The Sunlight Lamp

The sunlight lamp may just look like a pretty normal desk
lamp, but its innocent facade hides some of the most
cutting edge light therapy technology available in the
fight against S.A.D. symptoms.

Rather than flood your house with unhealthy fake light
that strains your eyes, attacks your skin and slowly
causes low-level depression and fatigue, the sunlight
lamp does something remarkable...

It recreates natural sunlight indoors. This helps balance
your biorhythms and 'iron out' the hidden stress caused
by artificial light. Take a look at this:

Okay, so while we're sitting around, eating a virtual
Mediterranean lunch together, I thought I'd share some
of the latest feedback from Good Lifers...

Feedback on Apricot Kernels

A reader emailed me to say:

"Thanks for your article on Apricot Kernels. It triggered a
memory from about 10 years ago.

I used to visit an English friend regularly, living in
Istanbul, who had a sister here in the UK who had cancer
and who ran a clinic using herbal remedies.

Each time I visited Turkey, I was required to go to the
bazaar and buy as many of these Kernels as I could
carry, to bring home to her, as she said it was illegal to
sell them here in the UK.

Sadly her condition finished her off, but whilst in hospital,
she interested the doctors in the effects of apricot
kernels. The doctors said she only lasted as long as she
did, due to consuming these kernels."

And another reader said:

"You have probably come across a book called "Cancer:
Why we're still dying to know the truth" by Philip Day.  If
you haven't, you would do well to read it as it gives a
good history of the 20th century story of this miraculous
(or deadly poisonous) substance, depending who you
choose to believe.

Quite a few people wrote to me and recommended Philip
Day and his book, including this Good Lifer:

"Phillip Day has been banging on about this for years
and I have been taking the kernels likewise, for years -
and so far, so good!  If you Google ' Phillip Day
Credence' you will find him.  He writes books about Truth
in Medicine and does Lecture Tours.  He is not afraid to
speak out about drugs and the companies behind
them, and, like you, wants us all to lead a healthy

Thanks to everyone for writing in on this subject and
recommending Philip Day. I'll definitely get a copy of his
book! When I've read it I'll share my comments with you.

In the meantime, I'm going to leave you now and do the
virtual "washing up" after our depression-busting lunch.
I'll be back on Sunday with a personal story that may
inspire you... especially if you get pain in your knee, back
or shoulder.  



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