Why health advice will send you into a spin

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2nd September 2018

From the Daily Telegraph on Tuesday...

“Cheese and red meat are back on the menu - as an international study suggests eating around twice as much as health officials advise.”

You might think that I would be cheering this, but I just get weary of the constant claim and counter claim about food.

Over the years that I have been researching and writing the facts about diet and health there has only been one constant – and you all know what that is by now.

Everything is good for you in moderation, balance is what it is all about.

Something that the ‘health officials’ either don’t take into consideration or don’t trust us to be able to apply to our lives.

No food is bad food as long as it is prepared with care, from local seasonal ingredients and incorporating a mix of protein, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and vitamins.

This is obvious but when I make statements like this I get a lot of criticism for extolling the virtues of farmers markets, local butchers and traditional greengrocers when so many people can’t get access to any of these.

But even in the most commercial of supermarkets there are more good foods than there are bad ones, if the occasional pre-prepared pizza is your weak spot, then as long as you don’t dine out on them most days of the week you’ll be fine.

Eating good quality foods to help maintain health has always been one of the core tenets of the Good Life Letter philosophy, and I can’t see that changing.

However, I often despair that the mainstream media and especially our medical professionals don’t seem to understand how effective natural food remedies can be let alone endorse them.

That was until I saw another report this week.

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Feeling ill? Surprisingly the medics have this advice for you...

“A hot drink with honey - and often with lemon and ginger as well - is a well-known home remedy for coughs and a sore throat.”

This is something I have written many times, however, it came as something of a shock when I saw it being proposed by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) and Public Health England (PHE).

These two quangos don’t exactly have a track record of endorsing natural remedies, and in the past have gone so far as declaring that anyone who used medications other than commercial pharmaceutical preparations was guilty of self harm.

So why are they now suggesting that some of natures finest natural medicine is good for anything other than having with toast?

The answer lies in the abject failure of antibiotics and the wilful mismanagement of them by GP’s across the land.
This winter hundreds of thousands of patients will arrive at the doctor’s surgery demanding antibiotics for their coughs, colds and sore throats.

The fact that many of these are caused by viruses which aren’t susceptible to drugs of this type will not deter them from thumping the desk and generally being unpleasant.

Unfortunately evidence shows that nearly half of all GP’s (48%) will prescribe ineffective antibiotics just to get the patient out of their faces.

This leads to overuse of the products and an increased chance that any bacteria that are present will become immune to them – a worrying trait that is threatening lives and leaving us vulnerable to all sorts of diseases we once thought were under control.

Thus faced with a major problem bodies such as NICE and PHE have had to accept what our ancestors have always known – honey is the most effective anti viral, antibiotic and antifungal compound in the natural world.

How you can enjoy your own kitchen cupboard remedy

But have they got this all wrong?

Despite the fact that I should be feeling vindicated and self righteous about what I have been saying about honey for years this latest news actually has me fearing for a future backlash.

You see the likes of NICE and PHE really don’t know anything about honey.

Sure they have read the same research that I have, they will have the evidence of their own families and relatives and the basic common sense we all do when it comes to good home cures...

...but they really don’t know honey.

Telling folk to eat more honey to ward off the coughs and colds will start a stampede to the supermarkets and High Street health shops and they in turn will be sourcing the lowest priced products to cash in on this windfall.

Then as the winter gets colder and noses run, throats tighten and chests rattle those who paid out for their honey will howl in anger and take up lighted torches and pitchforks seeking out the doctors because the honey doesn’t work.

Narrow minded journalists and PR companies in the pharmaceutical payroll will pepper the popular press with stories about how the health advisors got it all so wrong, and have become snake oil salesmen.

Good local beekeepers will be ignored in local pubs and they will struggle to find outlets to sell their artisan wares, even though what they have to offer is pure health gold.

All of this because the big shops won’t stock good honey and they don’t care about health, just a big bottom line profit.

In the UK right now are tonnes of counterfeit honey which has been dumped on the market by unscrupulous characters that mix sugar water, corn syrup and honey together then pretend it is the highest quality product.

This is what is available at the right price to the supermarkets, so it is the stuff that the consumer will buy.

As I said earlier, good food is available from many outlets even the supermarkets and this is true of honey too.

But it won’t be the cheap product – the good stuff is that being sold for £40 a jar and that is just scandalous profiteering.

The best raw and pure honey is available for much less than that – click here

Yours, as always




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