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Sunday 2nd October 2011

Today is a BIG day for us at the Good Life Letter...and for you as well.

Rarely does a little outfit like ours get to set the pace and be first with anything new - but this is one of those times.

Yesterday our first shipment from a new Manuka honey supplier - J Friend and Co in New Zealand rolled into the warehouse.

It was slightly later than we expected because it had been held up in customs, not because it had done anything wrong, but because it was completely new to the UK.

That's right, J Friend and Co honey has never been sold to the UK market before, and we had to get the nice folk at customs to generate new batches of paperwork...and they don't do that quickly you know!

I am passionate about honey and like nothing better than the chance to extol its virtues, so today I will...

In my book the Honey, Garlic & Vinegar Miracle I discussed how honey has been used and even revered from ancient times.

This fantastic product of the humble bee can be used to cure allergies and coughs & colds, improve blood flow and skin health and even help sufferers of diabetes and gout.

There is no other substance on earth which holds such power over our health, yet gets so little recognition for it.

I have long advocated the virtues of this liquid gold, and searched for the best in natural raw honeys to satisfy my band of like-minded friends - but this year I have made a real coup.

Over the course of last year I was introduced to a company called J Friend & Co who make a big claim about wanting to return life to honey and dignity to the artisan bee keeper - How could I ignore that?

Neither should you, get an order in NOW.

When I first tasted J Friend and Co honey I just knew that we had a real honey 'Friend' in more ways than one - but it's not only the taste, these guys really do know their stuff.

For a start , J Friend and Co honey really promote the concept of the taste of place or terroir.

The essence of a honey is dictated by the terroir (from the French word for earth), describing the unique combination of geographic location, climate, soil and temperature that give each honey its complex composition and individual personality.

As in winemaking, terroir dramatically affects the flavour profiles of the honeys produced.

But just look what else they are doing with their honey;

- 100% organic; J Friend and Co honey contains absolutely no chemicals are used within a 3km range of any sited hives, nor in the management of the bees or production process.

- The first zero carbon honey; J Friend and Co honey is the first honey in the WORLD to achieve this accolade and conforms to ISO 14000 - audited by inspectors from the New Zealand government.

- Single origin; J Friend and Co honey has the name of the beekeeper on each jar and is guaranteed to be from the same source flower and the same year - it is never blended. This means each jar can be traced back to the farm...by you on the internet!

- Processed with care; J Friend and Co honey is processed in accordance with the organic ethic the honey is extracted and rough filtered at low temperatures which retains all of the healthy enzymes and antioxidants that can be lost.

J Friend and Co honey is also put through a procedure called creaming which occurs at low temperatures, with the honey being gently stirred for five days, breaking down the long chains of honey crystals...and that means it will not crystallise in the jar and will always be smooth and silky.

These really are the champagne of healthy honeys...yes and that's the other BIG news this year.

We all love Manuka honey, but sometimes we just want a drizzle of something a little different on our toast, or over a ham before roasting it - well now you have a choice;

- Classic manuka honey; A remedy for joint pain, stomach-ache, constipation, colds and flu, inflammation, ulcers cuts..... and so much more

Really raw manuka honey is a natural antiseptic, skin healer, digestive aid and antibiotic. It's packed full of antioxidants that fight inflammation and free radicals which can cause cancer. And its zinc and B vitamins support your nerve function and speed up recovery from infections.

- Wild thyme honey; has one of the highest antioxidant ratings of any honey, at least three times greater than anything else. This makes it ideal for protecting body tissues from free radicals and is good for looking after your heart and circulation.

- Beechwood honeydew honey; rich in oligosaccharides which are helpful in maintaining and promoting beneficial bacteria in the gut - a natural probiotic. This is essential if you have been on a course of antibiotics which will have killed off many of these organisms which are important for a healthy digestion...and much more. Rich in antibacterial properties and high in antioxidants this is a fantastic health honey for daily use.

It's so hard to choose that we have tried to help by putting together an offer that will allow you to have a jar of all three of these special J Friend and Co honeys for under £20 (incl. P&P).  Order here.

This means that you will have a natural raw product that you can use in the kitchen AND the bathroom!

I have never been able to offer you better honey than J Friend and Co honey, and to be able to offer it before anyone else in the UK is just the best news ever.

Get your orders in now because it will sell out fast and I would hate to disappoint anyone who shares my passion for the golden elixir of the gods.

Order here

Yours as always,





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