Let Clay help our digestive tracts do their jobs better and prevent an upset stomach

Sunday 2nd Dec 2012

  • Good food is really the four star fuel your body needs
  • Are you prepared for the big food blowout? Prevent an upset stomach
  • Essential Food and a healthy gut will keep a smile on your face 

On Friday I told you all about my recent experiences in the world of food.

There does seem to be an awful lot of people who either state the obvious and call it a science (more on that in a minute) or want to deny what we all know anyway.

We need food as a fuel, just like a car needs petrol.

Various systems in our bodies are specifically designed to get the most out of everything we eat and turn it into the essential compounds that our cells need to function.

But if we put diesel, fermented cabbage juice or corn syrup into our petrol cars they stop working.

Surely the same principle applies to the biological engine inside us.

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So, when I see a front page headline (step forwards Daily Express) saying that there is a diet which will ‘add years to your life’ I’m interested to see what kind of new science they are reporting on.

I anticipated that a team of researchers with craniums the size of a house had found the elixir of youth.

Sadly it all seemed like a lot of window dressing on schoolboy dietary advice.

The big breakthrough was to eat low calorie meals to prevent damage to vital body cells like the mitochondria which produce energy.

This struck me as such a waste of scientific resource, especially at this time of year.

We are about to enter the period when we all eat more than we should, a time when every home has a tin of toffees on offer or at least a full fat fruit cake lurking in the pantry.

What kind of killjoy do you have to be to start promoting grilled chicken breast (without the skin), steamed broccoli and boiled carrots as being the best dinner to have?

To say that such a diet will let you live longer begs the question that if that was all I was allowed to eat I’m not sure I would want to live anyway!

Food is a delight.

Surely everyone takes pleasure in their favourite food, will smile given the chance to sneak a naughty and will enter the festive period will a plan for a bit of culinary hedonism?

The big food blowout – and how to survive it

So, I think we should forget all about the low calorie meal thing for now.

In the New Year we will reflect on the food we ate and make promises to get our teenage summer bodies back by eating nothing other than slices of dried fruit.

But that can wait.

More importantly we need to plan for the family food playground of a traditional Christmas period.

We all know that there will be a few days when we are so full that even a ‘wafer thin mint’ is going to be a step too far.

This set me thinking about how I can prepare my body for the challenge to come, and limit the effect that all this rich food will have upon it.

And the answer is clay.


I’m not talking about the brown sticky stuff that has been mobilised by the biblical rainstorms that have battered us all, but the silky white China clay type.

Discover how you can use clay to aid a sluggish tummy

Eating clay has been a natural remedy for poor digestion or digestive upset going back into antiquity all over the world.

Surely we all remember our Nan’s dosing us up on Kaolin & Morphine when we had upset stomachs as kids – well the white, chalky texture of that mixture was due to the Kaolin or clay.

Anthropologists have discovered that tribes from diverse areas such as the high Andes of South America, those in Central Africa and the Aborigines in Australia used clay to avoid getting stomach aches, dysentery and food infections.

Interestingly clay is now available in formulation with other compounds which have been proven to help our digestive tracts do their jobs better.

One such preparation is the highly effective Propargile which offers the following benefits;

THE BACTERICIDAL EFFECT of the clay results from its absorbent power. When eaten it acts as a magnet for all waste products in the digestive system. By doing so Propargile provides a highly effective way to protect the gut, eliminating dead cells and actively helping in rebuilding new ones.

THE ANTISEPTIC AND HEALING EFFECT of propolis is inherent in the very nature of this sticky, gum-like balsamic substance. Gathered by bees from the buds and bark of plants, it is coated and transformed by the bees' own secretions to be used for many purposes.

Propolis also offers significant anaesthetic properties, notably in case of heartburn, which is a common cause of Christmas feast upset.

INTESTINAL REGULATION is provided by pollen, the fertilizing dust of flowers, that is actively sought by bees as it is an exceptional food for the nourishing of larvae. A natural tonic and stimulant, it also has an antibiotic action and can be used beneficially in case of chronic intestinal infection and fermenting colitis, in addition to any medical treatment.

An alternative headline that makes sense

Given that the whole premise of Christmas is to enjoy, relax and entertain us why should we allow parsimonious journalists to spoil our fun?

I vote that this Christmas we all have a little too much of what we fancy, but make sure that we top up on the high calibre fuel our bodies need to stay healthy through a daily dose of Essential Food and keep our engines free from harm with the power of Propargile

This way we can rewrite the headlines to say;

‘Eat, drink and be extremely merry – with the tonic you need for a long and happy life’

I think that would be a much happier start to the Festive season.

Yours, as always







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