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Friday 3rd April, 2015  

  • Button up the jacket... oh no it’s sunny again... maybe not!
  • Extend the hand of friendship

It's all over the place, this weather of late, isn't it?

Each day, I go for my 'healthy' stroll (including a pint of bitter at my favourite pub, but hey, I deserve it after a walk… and like I always say, the Good Life is all about BALANCE!).

But I never quite get the clothing combination right.

It's sunny when I leave the house, in a light jacket and a hat. Then the wind starts up, so I am walking with one hand clamped onto the hat.

Then I am tilted into a rainstorm, soaking wet, cursing myself for leaving behind an umbrella.

So I get to the pub, chilly and wet. The consolation is that this is actually very good fitness training. Twenty minutes brisk walk a day is fine… but I do forty minutes.

Hark at me, the Mo Farrah of Bristol!

Once in the pub, the sun comes out and begins to stream through the window, so I am now back down to a t-shirt.

Then the rain starts up on the way out, so it's jacket on… then a bit of wind… so hat off… and back to sunshine again, making me sweaty by the time I get home.

Recently, it's just been rain. Which is fine. As long as it's CONSISTENT!

Yes, I know. It's a tough life for a freelance writer.

At this point I can see that you are all thinking...”This is all well and good Ray, but why are you prattling on about the weather?”

The answer is that we are British, and being so we always talk about the climate - it makes for a great conversation starter.

Read on and I’ll explain why this might come in handy this weekend.
And what about you?

Enough about me, let’s hear about you.

I hope you are enjoying the website, my weekly newsletters and the shop which offers a growing range of natural remedies and supplements – over the years I am proud that we have been able to find so many things to help.

A lot of people seem to be using the website to look up my past ravings about various ailments and natural remedies.

Great! That's what it's there for!

If you want to know my opinion on something, the search facility is the best way to go.

Of course, you should always consult your doctor first before drastically changing your diet. Don't wait for a Good Life Letter to come to the rescue if you are seriously worried about a health issue.

But if you want me to research stuff in the future, by all means email me. I do get a huge amount of emails every week, so don't be disappointed if I can't write a personal reply.

My ambition is to eventually get a forum on the site. That way, people can ask other Good Lifers about remedies, cures and tips. I still have to look into the practicalities of this, but I'll let you know.

I really like the idea that the Good Life Letter could become a place of conversation.

That is my desire for this weekend, I’m going to finally do something about a Facebook page.

Hopefully by the end of April I will have a page up and running and you can tell me more, more often than you already do... if that’s your thing.
I thought that seeing as it is Good Friday you probably didn’t want to read one of my rants, so today was just about a simple act of friendship to you all.

Every so often we should all take the time to have a chat with others, especially if they don’t get the chance to do so very much.

A kindly word or two to a lonely neighbour, or a casual word with someone new to the locale can make a massive difference.
Hectic lives and media scaremongering about the dangers of strangers means that we tend to shy away from new faces rather than engage with them.

That is such a shame.

As I have discovered from writing the Good Life Letter there are lots of people out there who want to talk to you...but don’t know how.
Give them a chance and open a door.

Whatever your views on religion try to make this a Good Friday for someone living close to you that you have never spoken to, but you know don’t get many visitors.

I hope you all enjoy a calm and peaceful Easter weekend in the warmth of your families.

Remember chocolate is good for you!

Yours, as always







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