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Friday 3rd May 2013 


We have a Bank Holiday approaching and that needs flashing lights and sirens in my world.

Not that I don’t enjoy an extra day of R&R you understand, but chance would be a fine thing.

My dear, adored wife, Lara seems to see every such public holiday as a chance to set the crowbar to the family finances and rush headlong into the shops.

I’m dragged along because she says that as it is a holiday I have nothing better to do and need to accompany her to offer my opinion on the purchases ‘we’ need to make for the home.

It will be pointless my objecting to this on the grounds that;

a) I wasn’t aware that ‘we’ needed anything for the home, but was aware that ‘she’ fancied a new patio set.

b) My opinion is normally treated in much the same way that a punk tribute band would be viewed at the Glyndbourne Opera Festival.

c) Far from having nothing better to do I have my garden and greenhouse to nurture to ensure that we have a regular and unlimited supply of good fruit and vegetables this year.

So, I have to accept the inevitable I’m afraid – yours truly will be hauled around like a sullen toddler trailing in her wake as we process from garden centre to shop only stopping to look at the things ‘she’, sorry ‘we’, need for the home...

... I can hardly wait!

But, one thing is for certain I’m going well prepared with my downloaded copy of a money lifesaver firmly in my hand.

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Encouraging Economic Facts... or plain old lies & sales tricks?

A few words of caution though for anyone who is planning a similar assault on the High Street or Online world this weekend.

Don’t believe all that you see and hear in the media about our green shoots of recovery.

Last week we were told that we had avoided a triple dip recession by a factor of 0.3% and therefore things are on the up.

However, I think Mr Osborne might just be overstating the case, at least for everyone that I know.

Pay settlements are either being struck at 1 & 2% for those lucky enough to be getting rises, many people seem to be facing another year at the same rates of pay that they were on two years ago.

Savings returns are non existent and pension rates are losing ground with the cost of living – so who is able to spend big on lipstick, fondants and being honest - patio furniture?

The Daily Telegraph on Wednesday went even further, with an article saying that sales of beauty products and other small luxury items have surged despite a third of Britons feeling financially worse of than a year ago.

I guess we all have to try to brighten our lives occasionally with a purchase which is designed just to gladden the heart a little, but being drawn in by the tricks of the retail trade will not help.

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When we do spend we need to do so with the cunning and guile of a World War Two sniper - The position we take needs to be defensive but able to take advantage of any opening that presents itself to us!

Making the most of your cash

Having accepted that money is tight, but also that we are all in need of retail therapy from time to time means making sure that we play the game by the right rules – ours!

My tips for a successful trip to the shops are as follows;

1) Make sure you need it. Impulse purchases are a sure fire way to lasting regret, so challenge yourself about why you need the shiny new object of your desires. It’s OK to want it, it is even a good thing to need it but just make sure that it won’t be a passing fancy that languishes in a cupboard two days after you buy it.

2) Do your research. Don’t just pop in for a look at what’s on offer as this will make you easy prey to the end of aisle offers, glitzy in store promotions and slick sales patter.

3) Be cheeky. Whilst your money is in your pocket you hold all the aces. You worked hard for your cash, make sure that the seller works as hard in prizing it off you. Never worry about offending a retailer, they can always say no to what you offer to pay.

4) Go armed. Now I’m not advocating that you arrive at the local B&Q tooled up for a bank job, bristling with guns, clubs and knives – although if you did you might actually stand a chance of getting someone to acknowledge you! No, the art of getting the best out of any purchase you make is to know everything you can about the process and opportunities to save a few bob.

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The need for speed

Please don’t delay in getting this book download.

The Extreme Discounters Bible is absolutely packed with money saving tips that will be instantly relevant to you, and what you are about to buy – even if it is just your weekly food shopping – but it is ONLY AVAILABLE AS A DOWNLOAD.

This is a massive money saving offer in its own right – if the book was printed and bound it would cost at least £30.

PLUS – if you order before 4.30 today you’ll have the book available to download in time for the weekend – and will benefit from the money saving tips right away.

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There is one more reason why you should act on this opportunity to purchase the Extreme Discounters Bible – if you are not entirely satisfied within the first 30 days of owning it let me know and get a full refund.

What are you waiting for?

Wish me luck on my excursion this weekend, as I wish you all the best with saving money along with me.

Yours, as always







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