Honey garlic and vinegar the natural cure-all for so many health complaints

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Friday, 3rd June 2011 

  • How can a few bacteria wreck a man?
  • Discover how you can help yourself when no-one else is there
  • Honey garlic and vinegar have you tried it yet?

How was your Bank Holiday weekend?

Picture the scene at our house, late on Sunday night. In fact so late it was three o'clock on Monday morning.

The house is quiet, apart from the gentle sobs of a broken man rocking gently backwards and forwards in front of the TV.

His hands seem to be wedged in his mouth, and he appears to be grabbing at his teeth.

Yes, dear readers that man was me!

And I was in severe pain - a tooth abscess had chosen the Bank Holiday weekend to make its presence felt.

What on earth could I do?

There was no way I could find a dentist or doctor - unless I fancied the lengthy wait with the drunks at the A&E clinic.

Not an entertaining prospect.

At that time of day I wouldn't have been popular seeking the love and comfort of my darling wife... she would more than likely have forced an extraction on me with my pliers just so that she could get  back to sleep.

No, not that brave either!

So, I resorted to my collection of handy natural health hints, after all this is my calling - it is what I do.

Taking my own medicine

From my own research into the Honey, Garlic & Vinegar Miracle Book I know that Hippocrates was a big fan of garlic as a cure for everything; and toothache was no different.

His advice was to crush a clove to release its juice, but not to pulverise it too much. Then lay the clove against the gum and let the healing powers do their thing. This works because garlic is a very powerful anti-bacterial agent, and most tooth pain is the result of an infection.

It is certainly the case for a tooth abscess which is when the little blighters enter the gum via the nerve canal, or down the side of the tooth itself. Once in the nutrient rich, warm and moist confines of the flesh they begin to party.

As the numbers of bacteria grow so the body launches a full scale attack with white blood cells arriving in battle formation.

First on the scene are the slow moving macrophages which engulf the bacteria - very effective but not very efficient when there are billions of targets. Next to arrive are the real heavy mob, the killer T cells.

These are the nuclear option; basically they destroy everything in their path, which includes some of your own cells as well - leaving behind a scarred and ravaged site that has to heal.

Killer T cells are certainly effective, but very aggressive and as such the body only releases them when the macrophages are loosing their struggle.

The effect on the poor soul with the tooth infection is that the increasing number of cells (both bacterial and helpful ones) as well as more blood flow, cell fluid and general gore leads to swelling and more pain.

So, with the garlic in place helping the bacteria to die, I needed to relieve the pressure under my poor old tooth - hence the hands in mouth bit pulling on the tooth. It was relieving, but I knew I needed more help.

Reflexologists identify the area of skin between the thumb and the index finger as the point which relates to the teeth. So, applying deep pressure in this area can help reduce the pain, as well as a similar one on the top of the foot about a centimetre towards the ankle from the point where the second and third toes join.

I pressed for all my worth. Again, I felt better although I couldn't keep the pressure up for too long as it began to make my hands ache!

Finally, I picked up more natural cures and discovered that rubbing around the tooth with clove oil would help, as well as cold strong coffee held in the mouth and sloshed over the area.

So, there you have it. Bank Holiday Monday morning and I smell of raw garlic and clove oil, whilst pressing one foot on the other and swigging cold strong coffee.

I must have looked like the strangest being in the world; no further comments are required at this stage, thank you Lara!

But do you know what? At that moment I really couldn't have cared less because my tooth had started to feel better.

I don't know which of the remedies made the difference, or whether it was the combined effect of them all - but without resorting to a pharmaceutical or antibiotic approach I had successfully treated myself!

A lesson learnt

On Sunday, whilst I was blissfully unaware of the horror which was to befall me later that night, I wrote about the new herbal remedy law which has just come into force.

This law basically makes many traditional approaches illegal, or at least requires that they are properly licensed and managed. I know this level of bureaucracy appals and scares many of you, and you have written to me to tell me so.

But here's the thing.

Nothing that I did on that fateful night last week was affected by the law, the methods I used to help myself were safe, effective and completely based on natural products.

I was able to do what my grandparents and those before them had done for many years without any hindrance at all.

I am very much in favour of traditional medicines and the natural approach, and it was for this reason that I was grateful to find out that the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIMH) are organising a herbal medicine week at the end of June.

There are several events happening local to me and I fully intend to take up the opportunity.  According to the NIMH PR Director:

"To become a recognised medical herbalist NIMH members have to undergo three years' university training coupled with continuing Professional Development.  NIMH members are (very) expert professionals and Herbal Medicine Week represents a rare opportunity to meet them informally in a variety of settings and learn from their expertise."

Anything they have to tell me about toothache will be very welcome!







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