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3rd June 2018

Iíve never hidden my struggles with weight.

As a young man I was a burly rugby player which was fine Ė I did so much running around I could eat what I liked. Anyway, being big made me a tough guy to tackle.

But in my 30s, I didnít play sport any more, yet kept up my diet of pies, sandwiches and chocolate bars.

So I put on a lot of weight and struggled with huge carb cravings Ė basically me plundering cupboards at 10pm eating anything I could find.

It was when I started looking into nutrition and health to solve this problem that I began writing the Good Life Letter, twelve years ago.

Iím telling you this because I want to make it clear that Iím not some finger-wagging diet puritanÖ

I know how it feels to eat uncontrollablyÖ

Iíve suffered the disappointment of losing weight then piling it back on again.

And in my time as a health writer Iíve seen almost every diet plan and fad going.

Like you, Iím sick and tired of the endless diet books and programmes that come out at this time of year, telling people to get Ďbeach body readyí.

You get a string of them after New Year when businesses want to tap into your post-feasting guilt, then again in the spring to exploit the weather when we want to fit into more revealing summer clothes or feel better about ourselves on holiday.

The trouble is, these diets rarely last.

If youíve been on one, youíll know this to be true.

As you know, I donít tend to recommend many Ďdietí products for this reason. I believe in taking a holistic approach and addressing your whole lifestyle.

Everything from poor sleep to depression, stress, bad nutrition and low levels of exercise can contribute to weight problems. Itís not just because you eat too many carbs or too much sugar.

This is why I get furious with the identikit tabloid articles that appear virtually every week with this kind of headline:

ĎWoman loses 2 stone just by giving up this ONE ingredientí

Nothing but clickbait!

When you read it, youíll see that theyíve given up something like bread Ė but theyíve also exercised, joined a gym and controlled what theyíve eaten. So really theyíve had a complete health make-over.

This is why Iím not going to give you a miracle diet tip. And Iím not going to make you feel that there is some ideal Ďbeach bodyí that you need to attain at all costs.

What Iíd like to do though, is show you a really simple way to directly tackle the most dangerous kind of fat on your body, dissolving it away in about 10 minutes a dayís easy exercise.

Yes, youíll look better, but youíll also be better protected against heart problems, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Take a look at this: Dissolve dangerous fat

Why fat bellies are bad for you

Several recent studies have concluded that too much fat around the hips and waist can lead to health problems.

  • According to the American Diabetes Association, excess visceral fat around your waist causes toxins known as cytokines to make your body less sensitive to insulin, increasing your risk of diabetes.

  • An article in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology claimed that every additional pound of fat around your waist increases the risk of getting high blood pressure.

  • A 2012 study showed that cardiovascular deaths were 2.75 times higher for people of normal weight with large stomachs compared to people with a normal waist-to-hip ratio.

  • In 2017 The Times reported that adding 11cm around your abdomen can increase the risk of cancer by 13%.

  • Itís this dangerous visceral fat that you need to get rid of, and for long-term health reasons not just because the Daily Mail or Sun bullied you into feeling bad about the way you look.

For my money, the best way to do it is through an X-Grip Trainer. Iíve never shown you one of these before so Iím quite excited to introduce this to you!

As youíll see on this website the X-Grip is a device that you strap around your waist. Just 10 minutes of twisting with this device on and you begin to break up the fat around the middle of your body.

Over 30-90 days of doing it you should notice a dramatic effect on your body shape around the midriff.

But you can see all the proof for yourself because the manufacturers offer a 90-day trial. Either get those results in 90 days or send it back for a refund.  Canít say fairer than that.

For more details click here

A better way to get a flat stomach

There are many devices on the market (just watch QVC for a day) which promise to give you perfect abs and a flat tummy.

But somehow they never quite match up to that promise.

Because while the super-fit models on these adverts can be alluring, they forget to tell you something important....

Going for that Ďsix packí look is fine, if thatís what you want, but you wonít see any effect if your muscles are hidden under a layer of body fat.

Going on a severe diet wonít work either. As you lose weight, you also lose muscle mass, which can take you a few steps backwards.

Whatís more, when youíre on a diet itís the fat around your waist thatís the very last to go. It takes many, many months before you can shift it. And itís so hard to stay on a serious diet long enough to lose that fat and keep it off for life.

But with an X-Grip you can tackle that troublesome flab head on and break up those fatty tissues, toning your body and improving your long-term health.

You need around 5-10 minutes each morning or evening. Thatís enough to start changing your body shape, slowly but surely.

Itís completely safe. There are no moving parts or electrical charges. Youíre not doing any violent or strenuous lifting or movement.

Really itís as simple as putting on a belt, which is great because you can keep it anywhere in the home or office and get it out any time of day you like.

For more information, take a look at this: the amazing X-Grip

Yours, as always




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