Health benefits of beans could they even reduce the risk of breast cancer?


The Good Life Letter 
3rd September 2010  

  • Full of beans... or beetles?
  • Health benefits of beans revealed!
  • Do the simple things... make a HUGE
    difference, discover 47 eureka solutions to
    change your life

How have your runner beans been doing this year? Mine
have been a disaster.

I had been getting loads of flowers, but no beans were
setting - and I love my runner beans.

The problem has been invaders........... my garden is
under attack!

When I looked at my failing plants, I made a surprising
discovery - little black beetles in each flower. These, I
discover, are pollen beetles who have been moved on
from the oilseed rape crops as they are harvested.  The
little blighters take up home in the flowers on my beans
and effectively block access to the pollinating bees.

So, I have set a trap up next to each of my stand of beans
- and it works. What you need is a piece of yellow card
about 30cm square. Cover it in petroleum jelly and place
it on a stick next to your plants.

The pollen beetles are attracted to the colour and land on
the card, where they stick fast.

Job done!

Within a few days of putting the trap up, I now have
beans setting, and can look forward to a full plate (and
freezer) for the next month or so. Hurrah!

"Ray!" I hear you cry "I don't read the Good Life Letter for
gardening tips.  Who cares about your beans?"  Well you
should - beans are in season now and if you don't have
some in your garden you should be running down to your
closest farmer's market and buying them by the bucket
load.  Why? 

Discover the health benefits of beans

Five reasons to get some home grown beans in your diet:

* Beans offer cardiovascular protection. The
antioxidant in this vegetable helps to prevent
cholesterol from becoming oxidized. Oxidized
cholesterol is able to stick to and build up in blood
vessel walls, where it can cause blocked arteries,
heart attack or stroke.

* They are relatively low in calories (just 44 for a
cupful), but full of vitamins A, C and K, plus they
are loaded with dietary fibre, folate, and iron. This
makes them really valuable for pregnant women.

* Beans are a good source of magnesium, thiamin,
riboflavin, copper, calcium, phosphorus, protein,
omega-3 fatty acids and niacin.

* Runner Beans have strong anti-inflammatory
effects which is effective in diseases where
inflammation takes place, such as arthritis and

* Intake of common beans is also protective against
cancer. In one analysis of dietary data collected by
validated food frequency questionnaires in 1991
and 1995 from 90,630 women in the Nurses Health
Study, researchers found a significant reduced
frequency of breast cancer in those women who
consumed a higher intake of common beans or

That was not surprising, what was surprising was
that ONLY beans and lentils seemed to offer
protection. Intake of tea, onions, apples, broccoli,
green pepper, or blueberries had no protective
effect. Eating beans or lentils two or more times
per week was associated with a 24% reduced risk
of breast cancer.

Simple solutions work

I like to think of myself as a generally happy and
contented man. There are, of course, little niggles and
grumbles now and again - the God given right for a man
of a certain age!

Getting grumpy about the doors being left open, the kettle
always being empty and never having enough socks is a
right of passage!

My dear wife always tells me to keep things in
perspective, and focus on the important stuff - but
dammit socks are important.

But much as I hate to admit it though, she is right..... at
least about this.

There is a need to concentrate on what you can change,
and what is important.

Having concerns about health, finance or your
relationships does need your input. Doing something
usually means changing your approach.

Committing to making such a change often seems like a
lot of hard work, but it needn't be. In fact, it requires just
ONE minute.

And if you follow it through it could make a HUGE
difference to your life. 
Just take a look, and pick an idea:

Often the really simple solutions can make a huge
difference to your life, well being and peace of mind. Even
if it is just a piece of card propped up by a stand of beans.

Have you got the mental equivalent of pollen beetles
blocking your route to happiness?

Try Wendy Churchill's new book and use the 47 one-
minute psychological games and activities to transform
your life, your health, your personality, your happiness
and your wealth.  Regular readers will remember that
Wendy took over the reigns while I was sunning myself in
Portugal.  The sweet lass, she's even offering 10% off to
all Good Life Letter readers!

Try it now:

Even the weather seems to have made a change for the
better this week - just in time for the kids to go back to

Isn't that always the way?

Enjoy the sunshine in your gardens, the beans will.




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