The answer to this question is always YES. 

Sunday 4 January, 2014 

  • Do you want to lose weight fast? 6lbs in 4 weeks without starving yourself or giving up good food?

  • Introducing the best weight loss formula we’ve ever tried

  • Dr Michael Sutherland reveals a natural way to control blood pressure, reduce hunger pangs and lose weight faster. Click here to see: HGV FORMULA


For a definition of the word 'hectic' take a look in the dictionary.

You won't actually see any words, just a picture of me hurtling around after three kids... this morning's breakfast glued to my chin-stubble...and a 'To Do' list (in my wife's handwriting) stapled to my forehead.

It's been one of those weeks, no sooner is Christmas and the New Year safely behind us than the preparation for school, college, University, return to work... and even the dogs chipped in needing to go to the vets!

Don’t they realise I have a newsletter to write, important things to say and a public awaiting me! (I occasionally have such delusions of grandeur!)

It's frustrating that I've had less time to write this week.... because I want to share with you my second stage of operation ‘Get Shorty’ that I began last week.

Just to recap in case you’ve suffered a senior moment, or hadn’t had the chance to look at your e-mails;

Lara has outflanked me and made me throw away some of my favourite shorts, but I have managed to hide them and am now engaged in a major bid to lose weight to grab them back...

...I began with the Weight Loss as if by Magic programme and I am now about to embark on the next phase of the plan – and for that I can thank a report by Dr Michael Sutherland. 

It's an open letter to anyone who's trying to lose weight but hasn't made it work so far.

Click here and take a quick peek of what he has to offer a beleaguered man in a quest for the return of his favourite clothes!

A question that we can all answer

As you can see, Dr Sutherland's question is simple and to-the-point... 'Who else would like to lose 6lbs in FOUR weeks?'

In his online report, he reveals simple formula that could help lower your appetite... reduce blood sugar spikes... help you lose weight faster,... and even control your blood pressure.

All you have to do is take an all-natural supplement twice a day with your food.

Normally I would be sceptical about anything that promises that you can lose weight, not until I'd gone through all the details very carefully.

But in this case, it's what's IN this supplement that gets me flushed with excitement.

See, this is something very dear to my heart.

I spent 6 months of this year locked in my study writing about this subject. Not only that, this natural remedy was instrumental in me losing a stone of excess weight a few years ago.

So I've got very strong opinions on this.

What's more I have encountered thousands of years' worth of anecdotal evidence for this remedy. You could even say, I've 'written the book' on this subject!

Revealing the natural combination that does you so much good. 

As you know, a few years ago I published a book called The Honey Garlic and Vinegar Miracle: 129 Easy Ways to Lose Weight, Beat Disease and Feel Ten Years Younger.

It describes how honey, garlic and vinegar have been used for centuries as potent natural remedies.

In the final part, I showed how you can use this natural combination to lose weight.

Well, after I published this book, I got floods of emails asking if there was a decent supplement with honey, garlic and vinegar... something that was convenient to take during a busy day.

Because if your life is hectic like mine, you don't necessarily want to be making up vats of honey, garlic and vinegar formula at home.

So I got on the case. And since then we have stocked Dr Sutherland’s high quality supplement that contains honey, garlic and vinegar.

I really like this product because he’s developed something even better than a regular honey, garlic and vinegar supplement – it’s designed to help you lose weight faster and also to keep it off.

You see, as well as high-quality honey, garlic and vinegar in exactly the right amounts, it includes a special blend of active herbal ingredients.

These little extras will help ease your digestive processes, flush away toxins, and reduce inflammation in your kidney, stomach and bladder. 

You can order it here for a risk-free trial; click now for the best way to see the pounds drop off

As with all the remedies I recommend in The Good Life Letter, you MUST test this out for yourself.

I'm of the opinion that you should never have to pay for something until you have absolute proof that it works for you.

In this case, fantastic results are absolutely guaranteed or your money back.

This means you can order the HGV Formula and try it for 28 days. If for ANY reason you don't feel it's for you, send back the packaging and you'll get a full refund.

Remember that this HGV Formula promises to...

  • Give your metabolism a boost and help lower your blood pressure.

  • Ease your digestive system and help it neutralise the effects of fatty foods.

  • Control your appetite and avoid those after-meal blood sugar crashes.

  • Increase your energy and sense of wellbeing.

  • Slim faster than ever before - and train your body to KEEP THE WEIGHT OFF.

  • And best of all, if the word 'hectic' in the dictionary also includes a picture of you with frazzled eyebrows and steam coming out of your ears, this is a VERY convenient option.

All the details are here: Find out more about the science behind HGV Formula

With any luck I'll be back in a more relaxed mode next week, and several steps closer to getting my beloved, sun faded, worn and threadbare shorts back.

Ah, that's the good life!

Yours, as always





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