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4th February 2018

Mmmmm mmmmm and for good measure, mmmmm!

Honey. I can’t get enough of it.

One of the first major discoveries I made about natural remedies was how powerful this stuff can be.

Taken every day (and I do!) it provides a major boost to our immune system which means it knocks coughs and colds out in an instant, stops sore throats whilst they are merely a tickle and makes the flu virus wilt at the knees.
A good local honey will aid your resistance to pollen and stop hay fever, plus it encourages the bee keepers to keep these hard-working pollinators in the air and boost fruit setting and a bountiful harvest for our gardens.

Honey really is the most enjoyable, sustainable and powerful natural remedy that there is.

But it amazes me that so many people have yet to cotton on to this.

Every time I mention it to those who are sneezing and bleary eyed I get looked at like I’m some sort of Martian landing with a ray gun in my hand (funnily enough I was at school with a lad called Ray Gunn!).

“No mate, I had my flu jab and now I’m off to the docs for some antibiotics.”

 “I just drink plenty of water and it will soon burn itself out.”

“That’s just an old wives’ tale chap, how can something that is full of sugar help a cold? All it will do is make you fat!”

Oh ye of little faith.

Let’s take these responses one by one shall we, because I bet there are a few of you out there too who might be making the same noises right now.

  1. Antibiotics won’t do a blind thing for a cold or flu. Most infections are viral and these don’t respond to modern antibiotics, and very few of them are controlled by the flu jab. This isn’t because the jab is necessarily rubbish, but because there is such variety in the viruses that attack us it is virtually impossible to make a vaccine ahead of time to counter the current threat.

  2. Drinking fluid is a good way to help the body deal with viruses as the infection increases loss from the body as our immune system tries to flush the bugs away. But whilst water is great for replacing this fluid it isn’t doing a great deal to actually stop the virus. Adding vitamin C to the glass would be a start but water alone is never enough.

  3. The great dilemma about honey. Because it is sugar rich I should hate it but actually the reverse is true, and that is because the sweetness in honey is due to a complex fructose chain that is broken down slowly by enzymes in the honey and this actually makes it sweet to taste but slow to digest – exactly what you need when you are fighting an infection.

And as for an ‘Old Wives’ Tale’ well that couldn’t be more wrong. Of all the natural remedies honey continually comes under scrutiny for its health claims and in virtually every trial it comes out on top.

So there you have it – truly the best you can have, but only if you have the best.

Cheap honey is a bad idea, get the best in raw and pure honey

Pollen tells no lies

Honey is a completely natural compound and it needs careful and specialised handling in order to protect its delicate structure and preserve the elements that make it so effective as a remedy.

It took me a long time to understand this, and for many years I thought all honey was the same, just some was more expensive than others because it had a fancy name.

What I came to understand from the many bee keepers, medical experts and scientists that I have spoken to is that purity is the key above all else.

If the honey you are buying and using is absolutely pure then you get all the nutritional and health benefits without having to worry about any UMF or MGO numbers.

The other important factor is how the honey has been treated since leaving the hive.

If it gets overly strained and filtered then much of the health giving Propolis and pollen complexes are lost, and if the processor heats the honey to make it flow through the pipes and into the jars quicker once again the properties of the complex honey sugars and proteins will be lost.

So, low levels of filtering and no heating of the honey above the temperature of the hive means you will be getting the best of the best.

Lastly the way the bees collected the pollen and nectar and where they got it from is essential to defining the character of the honey and dictates how it influences the body.

This is why I became an absolute fan of pure and raw Manuka honey, and I have worked really hard to maintain a regular supply for Good Life Letter readers.

Right now I have a stack of fresh honey in store and it is some of the best we’ve ever seen and has some outstandingly good reasons why you should now take up the offer for your first experience.

  • This honey is tested to be pure Manuka. No other honey provider actually measures the amount of Manuka pollen in their honey to ensure that their bees have only been feeding on the Tea Tree bushes. This honey is guaranteed to have in excess of 90% pure Manuka – that’s industry leading.

  • This honey has never been treated to temperatures above that found in the hive, which means that through its minimal processing and filtering it has been kept cool to protect the complex proteins it contains – and it is these that give us the natural health boost we crave from a pure honey.

  • This honey has been slow filtered through open grade systems which means
    even more of the health giving Propolis, pollen complexes and honey proteins are in every jar. Do not expect this to be a clear honey as it will contain honey in its natural state – and that is the best possible state.

  • This honey has been awarded a Soil Association symbol which is the most trusted of all indicators of organic collection and production qualities – in addition each jar sold provides much needed funding towards bee conservation initiatives making this one of the most sustainable Manuka honeys on sale.

  • This honey is not part of the so called ‘UMF’ testing process. This process has meant UK consumers have been charged huge prices for Manuka honey which has no guarantee of purity. For many years the UMF rating was taken to be a sign of quality, however, New Zealand has now introduced a Ministry for Primary Industries which discounts UMF as a sign of purity and will now only accept and endorse those producers who test for pollen grains – so you can be sure that you are buying the real deal, not something which has been mixed in a laboratory to increase its one property to get a high UMF grade. Go Pure...Go Raw is now the mantra to follow.
Those who have sampled this honey before will know how good it is, for anyone who has yet to discover the real power of the rawest and purest honey – I envy you because you are in for a treat!

Order your supply now whilst you have the chance, don’t be disappointed because it is gone

Yours, as always




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