Manuka honey and the big fat lies behind your UMF label

Sunday 4th March 2012

I find myself wanting to shout the Good Life Letter equivalent of ‘Le Beaujolais Nouveau sont arrive!’

You see March is the month when I make my commitment to the most valuable health product of the year – my Manuka honey.

Yep, just yesterday I finalised the order which will guarantee that you get the chance to get your hands on some of the finest, purest and most potent natural health product in the world.

And this year I am able to offer you the best deal I have EVER been able to put together for Manuka honey.

[Rush me my Manuka honey from this special offer, Ray]

In the past I have always sought to get the best deal in terms of pence per gram of pure natural honey for you – and this year I have probably the best deal in the world for you.

In order to make sure that you lucky people get every drop of this golden miracle that you want I have committed vast portions of my meagre income to secure the best that New Zealand has to offer.

This is the same high quality product that we all enjoyed in the autumn last year, and represents the last of a quality season – and we have the lions share of that.

Just to remind you of why this is the best in the business, it;

- Is 100% organic

- Can be traced, by you, back to the individual beekeeper who provided it

- Is packed full of anti-oxidant, anti viral and anti inflammatory properties

- Is never going to turn to crystals in the cupboard

- Is the FIRST honey in the world to be certified as carbon

- Is completely unblended so that each jar is from the same year, the same farm and the same hive

Now in every other year we get a mad rush for this product which is easily the most sought after health remedy that we provide all year. Make sure that you don’t miss out, get your order in early.

If I have to re-order it will be a smaller quantity available because we have the major part of their stock already, and I can’t be certain they will let me have it at the special price I can offer you the first lot at.

[Get me the good stuff at the right price, Ray]

The lies behind your UMF label

An old dog I may be, but I am still learning a few tricks about dealing with Manuka honey direct from source.

One of the real big ones is looking like a scoop for yours truly in the world of UK importers.

You see I always looked for the UMF rating on the label because I thought that was a sign of authenticity, but it turns out I have been tricked!

You see, the Unique Manuka Factor (UMF) rating sounds like it is something really special and scientific, however, it is actually just a measure of the antibacterial properties under laboratory conditions.

The problem is that UMF is a protected trademark, which means it is only available for those who are prepared to pay to have it put on their jars, even though every honey goes through the exact same test.

Now think about it, this honey is produced in the same season, from the same Manuka bushes, in the same climatic conditions – so if it is pure it will all be the same.

The only way it can vary is by being watered down with other honey – and I only buy pure stuff.

So basically our raw, pure honey will always be the best available in any season without us having to pay through the nose to have a UMF mark on it, this seasons has the highest rating for 10 years tipping the scale at 19.8.

This means that I can put my hand on my heart and tell you that our honey would rate as a 10+ in every year, but is more likely to be a 15+ (or even higher) because it NEVER contains anything other than pure honey – no blending – no excessive filtering – and no denaturing by processing.

This stuff really is the powerful, raw and pure honey you would expect from the Good Life Letter.


A proven way to treat arthritis... from a man who laughs at fear

As a boy I loved the absurdity of Monty Python and the spin off Ripping Yarns.

Does anyone remember the spoof expeditions to scale the twin peaks of Kilamanjaro, and to cross the Andes by frog?

Well these were pure fantasy from the minds of Messrs Cleese and Palin et al, however, I think there is a man who might just take such challenges in his stride; a man for whom this piffling irritations might be dispatched after Sunday Lunch.

I am of course referring to the national treasure of daring-do Sir Ranulph Fiennes.

He is a major advocate of the power of honey as a healer and cure-all, but in his case he boosts its power even further by adding a little apple cider vinegar to make HoneyGar.

He is quoted as saying “I beat my arthritis with a vinegar cure passed down from my mother” - his cure is a heady mix of four parts cider vinegar with one part honey which he takes in warm water every day.

From a weekly mix he adds three tablespoons to his morning drink and he claims it has cured his arthritis, as it did his mothers before him.

Now if a man who wouldn’t blink at having to cross the Arctic wearing only one flip flop says a daily dose of apple cider vinegar and honey is a cure for one of natures most painful conditions I am not going to argue.

So, get the best quality raw and pure healing Manuka honey, and a bottle of cider vinegar and banish those aching joints – I’m onto that right away!

[CLICK HERE to sample the rawest purest Manuka honey on the market]


Yours, as always






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