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4th April 2010

  • The effects of poor circulation can be extreme...
  • Just sit down and this will help your circulation!
  • Reach for the spice drawer to improve your circulation
  • Buy this book! 

I few years ago (well, I was young so let's say a century ago...) a
friend of mine - Sonia - used to work in a cafe in London.

It was one of those posh cafes, where they charge £10 for an
egg, and toast is extra. But the residents of Notting Hill seemed
happy enough to pay through the nose just for someone to say
'Voila! Un oeuf!'

Anyway, Sonia was on her feet all day, manning (or is that
womanning?) the pans, and serving at the tables. I think she
earned about £30 a day, which was a fortune back then.

Plus all the eggs she could eat, obviously.

But there was a side effect...

At the age of twenty five, she developed varicose veins - a
condition that stems from a loss of springiness in the walls of
the vein.

Being on her feet all day was part of the problem, but the root
of the complaint lay in her poor circulation. Her fingers and toes
would often be freezing - even in the summer - and nothing
much she tried seemed to help her.

Or rather, nothing much her doctor prescribed helped her. So
she suffered for years.

But that was nothing compared to my granddad's poor

The effects of poor circulation can be extreme...

All right, I'll own up...

My granddad's illness all stemmed from the fact that he smoked
like a very busy chimney. But in the end it wasn't cancer that
got him... it was the hardening of his arteries that caused his
circulation to malfunction.

In his case it was so extreme he had to have both legs
amputated. I still remember visiting him in hospital when I was
about 10... not a happy time.

To be honest, I don't think my granddad was destined to be
around for much longer after that. He smoked, he drank, he ate
fatty foods - and he was someone who got clobbered by his

So to simply blame his condition on poor circulation is wrong.
However, there are many, many people in the UK who suffer
from poor circulation, which can lead to problems such as
hypertension, Buergers disease, fluid retention, sore joints and
- as we've seen with my Granddad - sometimes it can lead to
things a whole lot worse than an ache or pain.

Which is why I'm delighted some boffin created this little

Just sit down and this will help your circulation!

If you suffer with any type of swelling, aches, pains, fluid
retention, sore muscles, or conditions related to poor
circulation then please take a moment to read the attached

Because this combines the best of both worlds to help promote
proper, strong blood circulation in your body. 
The device is called The Circulator...  a simple little thing that
applies therapeutic muscle stimulation which immediately
increases blood flow. Your blood is circulated throughout the
foot and is then smoothly redistributed throughout the legs
reducing fluid retention, swelling and relieving pain.

And best of all (in my book anyway), you can use the Circulator
while you're sitting down!

Just place your feet on the pads, set the remote control, then
let the Circulator get to work while you're watching Dancing on

Er, not that I watch Dancing on Ice you understand. Ahem.

Seriously, this may look like a prop from Doctor Who, but just
wait till you see what people have to say about it.

Read this page and see what you think:

And while you're waiting for your circulator to arrive, here are a
couple of great natural remedies you can use to bolster your

Reach for the spice drawer to improve your circulation

- Cayenne

Cayenne can be used externally for poor circulation, using
any number of creams or oils that contain this wonderful
healing spice. Just rub into the area that's causing you
trouble (but be careful not to get any near your eyes). 
But the best way to get your blood flowing, take cayenne
tincture (after you've checked it out with your doctor of
course).  Not only will it get the blood pumped around your
body, it will also strengthen your heart, clear your arteries.
Plus, research has shown that hot herbs raise your
metabolic rate by as much as 25%, so if you want to lose
weight then this will help you shed the pounds.

- Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba  is most widely known for its ability to
improve memory, due to its ability to increase blood flow
through the brain.

But that's the not only trick up its sleeve...

In Germany, Gingko is used by physicians to treat varicose
veins. It improves blood flow and strengthens blood
vessels. Gingko is also anti-inflammatory, relaxes the lungs,
improves blood flow to the heart and lessens coronary
demand for oxygen -reducing shortness of breath and is
helpful in asthma. Use it to treat poor circulation,
thrombosis, varicose veins, cramp, and spontaneous

Wow - Ginkgo Biloba should really wear a cape and fly over
skyscrapers. Given half a chance I bet it could stop crime as

And talking of great ways to use herbs and spices to fight

- Buy this book!

If you really want to harness the power of all the spices
lurking around in your kitchen, then try this. It's all ready
made a lot of Good Life readers very, very happy (and
helped them boost their health). So take a look here and
make sure you're not missing out:

Right, that's all for today. Enjoy the rest of your bank holiday,
and remember - stop at the 5th egg. That's what I keep telling
myself anyway.

Till next week,



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