How to protect your memory with a keyboard

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4th October 2009 

  • The threat that grows with age...
  • The vital key to protecting your mind
  • How to create a buffer against Alzheimer's, dementia, and age related memory loss
  • How to protect your memory with a keyboard

I found a set of teeth down the bottom of the garden yesterday...

And it didn't take too long to find out who they belonged to when the screaming started in the house...

I went into the kitchen to see my Dad chasing my children round the kitchen table. Well maybe 'chasing'
is an exaggeration; more clutching onto the table edge and dragging himself around.

But it was enough to have the kids screaming with delight, because he'd left his teeth out and was playfully roaring at them like a toothless bear.

A toothless bear in a dressing gown.

"Your Dad's lost all his teeth," my Mum said, casually making a pot of tea.

"All of them?"

"Yes, all four sets."

You see my Dad is always losing his teeth, so he's had four sets made up over time. Usually one or two of them are tucked away in the drawer by his favourite chair - but this time he'd outdone himself.

All four sets - missing.

So, we all spent about an hour playing hunt the teeth. Like I said, I found one set sitting on a rock at the bottom of the garden,

Another was in his dressing gown pocket.

And another was in a kitchen cupboard, next to the instant coffee.

But the last set took us AGES to find. To be honest I can't think my Dad would need to take his teeth out at any of those places...

"Hmmmm, this gardening is hard work. My mouth feels heavy. Maybe if I take my teeth out... ahhhh, that's better!"

But that's my Dad for you. Anyway, the last set turned up in the weirdest place of all.

I won't tell you where just yet - I'll let you have a guess.

Actually, I'll turn it into a little competition...

The first person to guess the correct place wins a prize. I have just the thing sitting in my office - a memory improvement book.

Now then, where did I put it...? Boom boom.

So, get your answers to me on an email - and if you're the first person to guess correctly I'll send you this brilliant book.

Second prize - a set of my Dad's false teeth. (Hmmm - maybe not; I think he needs all four sets).

Anyway, drop me a line and have a guess. Bet you didn't start reading this thinking you could win a prize eh?

Now then, as I've said many times before, my Dad suffers from dementia. That's not just me and my Mum's verdict, that's an official diagnosis.

And it's effecting more and more of us...

The threat that grows with age...

As you age, your brain tissue comes under constant attack.

Cells die. The old connections falter and flicker. And you face the increased threat of dementia and Alzheimer's.

And this IS a growing problem. According to a 2007 study in The Alzheimer's Society:

There are currently 700,000 people with dementia in the UK

There are currently 15,000 younger people with dementia in the UK.

There will be over 1 million people with dementia by 2025

But, as always, there are some things you can do to protect yourself...

BOLD - The vital key to protecting your mind 

Trial after trial, study after study... they all point to one thing...

The more you keep your brain stimulated, the better you can protect yourself from age-related memory loss, dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

Dr Valentina Garibotta from San Raffaele University in Mila found that tissue damage leads more quickly to memory loss in the 'less intellectually stimulated.'

To put it another way, the less mentally simulated you are, the less your brain can deal with tissue damage as you get older....

....and the more devastating the effect of this tissue damage will be.

How to create a buffer against Alzheimer's, dementia, and age related memory loss

His team believe that by undergoing continually mentally demanding activity, you can form a buffer against the effects of Alzheimer's. It's as if you have a 'reserve' of brainpower to dip into when times get tough.

If old age is life's 'credit crunch'... then your memory power is your secret stash of savings.

So how can you start building your protective buffer against dementia, Alzheimer's and the like?

Well, just like body builders go to the gym, you can also exercise your brain.  Researchers believe that performing regular, targeted brain training can also boost your brain's cognitive reserve.
And in my view, this little past time is one of the best ways to keep the cogs turning and to keep your brain focussed and sharp.

That's good enough in itself.  But this is unique in that it could actually make you wealthier as well!

How to protect your memory with a keyboard

I've mentioned this service before, and my Mum and her friends are already big fans of it (she says she gives this a go once or twice a day...)

It's called Just Comps Express... and it's one of the most exciting ways to keep your mind active and fresh.  If you decide to sign up, you'll receive an email twice a week giving you the chance to enter the most exciting competitions on offer in the UK that week.
There's no catch or no payment to make... it's just an easy way to keep your mind ticking over (and maybe win a few things in the process).

And get this - it's FREE of charge.

I think this is a wonderful little idea. I know my Mum loves it, her friends love it - and to be honest I love it too. I'm not saying I get involved all the time... but I REALLY want that trip to Vegas.

And as long as I don't come back with a new bride called Varla la Boom Boom, I don't think Lara would mind.

Anyway, all the details are here. Have a look and see what you think. It's a great bit of fun, but the fact it can help keep your mind ticking and protect your memory makes it a 'must-try':

JustComps Express

Oh dear. I've run out of time today. Lara's sweetly calling for me from downstairs (I would say bellowing but that would be unfair), so I'd best be off.

I was going to list a few natural remedies to help protect your memory, but I'll leave that till next time.

So, er, till next time...!

Yours, as ever


Ray Collins
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