Lemon juice diet helps you lose weight naturally in a jiffy

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Friday 6thJanuary  2012

It’s that time of the year again when we step away from the chocolate boxes and onto the bathroom scales - this time with the help of the zesty, refreshing Lemon juice diet.

Each year, the cruel old numbers creep up and we start to wonder whether that extra helping of Christmas pudding was really worth it!

If you’re one of the millions of Brits that have considered going on a diet, you’re not alone but you may be confused.

Across the land we are being lead to believe that detoxification and dieting are one and the same thing.

Don’t get caught up in the mad clammer to ‘detox your body’ as a way to become healthier, happier or thinner.

It seems like everyone I talk to is attempting to purify their bodies after enjoying themselves over the Christmas period.

I’m at a loss about what on earth they have been indulging in that they can’t just let nature take its course and deal with as it always does.

We all start the new year with an ambition to lose a few pounds though.

If you, like me, want to end the vicious cycle of stuffing yourself merry then starving yourself miserable, there’s [help at hand.]

But if that is the case all of those who are mistakenly following a detox need to be told to stop.

A detox isn’t a diet, or at least it isn’t a good diet.

Limiting yourself to water and vitamin tablets for a week to lose weight doesn’t work in the long term. And we all know those one of those quick-fix yo-yo dieters who struggles to find the right balance.

Sure you will lose a few pounds but most of that is water, and you will quickly replace that once you begin to eat normally again.

Finally, a realistic January diet you can follow

If you really want to lose weight you need to FEED your metabolism.

Turning your body into a fat burning furnace is the only sure way of reducing weight and keeping it off.

Think of it like this... if you were a steam train trying to get up a hill and your firemen were putting coal on a lump at a time then it would take ages to get up there, and you’d do so slowly.

However, get them to ram as much coal under the boiler as they can and the wheels would spark, the chimney stack would glow and steam would vent from every valve.

Energy would be used in a wave of power.

Your train nearly takes off at the top of the hill and you keep going down the other side, rather than limp to the top with a coal tender still half full.

If you’re thinking that old Ray has finally lost the plot with such an analogy; well it turns out that leading health writer Dr Theresa Cheung agrees with me…

“Fad diets slow down metabolism, decrease blood sugar and make you feel tired, moody & sluggish,” she writes in the foreword to her book on the Lemon Diet, and continues: “a lack of essential nutrients increases the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, osteoporosis and even cancer.”

OK so she doesn’t liken the body to a steam train, but she’s saying the same thing. A proper controlled diet containing all of the essential nutrients is the way forward.

Why you should diet, not detox

If you stock up on the core ingredients for health you will be doing everything you need to provide for the important biological processes.

By feeding your body’s natural working rhythm you will lose weight in all the right places without feeling hungry, lacking energy or looking lifeless.

There are three friends in your body whose job it is to help keep you free from toxins, and they are desperate for fuel to help them do their job…

1) The digestive tract breaks down all that we eat and eliminates anything which is harmful

Remember that anything in the gut is actually still outside the body. Our digestive system is basically a tube running through the body with a valve at each end

2) The liver is the detoxification plant for the blood and therefore the body. It is the only organ with the capacity to regenerate and it works 24 hours a day

Thinking that restricting the amount of nutrients available to it is doing its cells any favours is clearly nonsense, it needs a balanced diet to fuel its engines and keep it working

3) The kidneys are our filters, screening out all manner of chemical nasties and voiding them in urine. Like the liver its cells are humming every hour of the day filtering and cleaning our blood so quickly that your entire stock of blood passes through them every 4 minutes, that equates to a flow rate of just over a litre per minute

Do you think it is fair to chop off their energy supply?

By all means cut down on the alcohol, and step away from the plate of chips but for heavens sake don’t stop eating altogether!

These vital systems need you help.

How to turn your body into a lean, mean fat burning furnace

The object of our irritation is always going to be fat; this is the way the body stores excess energy.

So it makes sense that we should try to get rid of this as quickly as possible, and that means getting the body to use more of it.

[Forget the latest fad diets and find out how incredibly simple it is to shift those stubborn pounds sensibly]

There are no shortcuts to this process, and it does mean doing a bit more exercise and eating more of the good stuff. But rest assured, you won’t need to drink grass smoothies or run any marathons!

The added benefit is to use one of nature’s miracle foods to help you; the humble lemon is a real metabolism booster.

I’m not just talking about the juice though, which is rich in vitamin C and helps liberate fat from body tissues.

No, you need the whole lemon because there is also magic powers in the skin and zest, particularly pectin, which slows the rate of sugar uptake in the gut.

Getting your body back to a healthy weight is simple. It just takes a little careful planning around meal times, a bit more grunt on the daily walk and some [Mediterranean sunshine magic in the power of the lemon.]

You’ll be looking slimmer and feeling happier in a jiffy!

Yours, as always







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