How to avoid the misery of another failed diet with Weightloss as if by Magic

Sunday 05 Jan, 2014 

Ok, so how many of you made losing weight one of your New Years resolutions?

Itís a pity that Iím not doing this over Skype as it would be my bet that at least half of you put your hands up.

The second question is how many of you have tried dieting in the past?

Once again Iíll bet there is still a forest of hands on show.

Itís alright you can lower your hands and rest for now because I want to ask you the really important question Ė if you want to lose weight and have tried dieting before why didnít it work?

Discover the answers to the dieting challenge here

In recent years we have been subjected to all manner of diets and regimes for losing weight, but so many of them have no scientific basis and virtually all of them make no long term difference at all.

There has been lots of research looking at dieting and it seems to conclude that our genetic make up predetermines our body shape, and as long as we eat sensibly and exercise appropriately we maintain the weight our genes set for us.

For example, in one study sponsored by the Womenís Health Initiative of the National Institutes of Health, nearly 49,000 women followed either a low-fat diet or their normal diet for eight years. At the end of the study, the two groups weighed the same and there were no differences in health between the two diet groups.

So whatís going on here?

A radical theory for the obesity epidemic

As usual the newspapers like to make a big story about expanding waistlines around the country and point the finger at lazy, fat gorging lifestyles being the cause, but it might be that this simply isnít the case.

One very interesting hypothesis is that the recent obesity epidemic is not due to the huge amounts that people are eating, but some sort of evolution.

Instead of being a nation of couch potatoes, some experts think, we may just be becoming a new, heavier human race built for office life rather than the field. Of course, being heavily obese is not healthy - but perhaps it isnít such a bad thing that we are all becoming a little bigger on average, and we should start getting used to it?

Itís an interesting thought that maybe our genetic coding is at fault rather than our weak willed appetites, but even if you are hard wired to be bigger there is still a need to stay healthy.

And that is where the fantastic advice my friend Wendy Churchill offers comes into its own, let me give you a flavour of the way she looks at weight loss;

Nobody will deny that weight is a tricky one. Yes, some people seem to be able to eat what they want and stay thin - while others simply have to look at a KitKat to gain half a stone.

From my own personal studies and research into the issue I would agree that yes, a lot of people are hard-wired to be thin while others are hard-wired to be bigger. The good news, however, is that for many people this hard-wiring can be changed.

The key to permanent change for most, however, is NOT to simply follow a diet (although some people are lucky enough to find their solution through this route).

The key is to find out what that hard-wiring is in your particular case and change the hard-wiring. For a large number of people, for example, the answer is actually a medical - or sub-medical condition, a nutritional imbalance or a nutritional state of confusion.

For other people the answer is to look at their baseline eating habits, their relationship with food, their relationship with their bodies or their emotional reasons for over-eating. Only when these issues are addressed can any change become permanent.

See what I mean about logical and practical advice being exactly what is needed here.

If you want to read more about how Wendy sees the world of weight loss Ė click here

Getting to the bottom of obesity

There is a need to avoid the boom and bust emotional roller coaster of dieting that so many of us go through Ė you know the bit where you feel powerful and mighty at the start, hideously guilty if you sneak an extra cup of tea and finally totally deflated if you donít lose the weight you want to.

And this is where Wendyís book Weight loss as if by magic comes into its own Ė it isnít a diet book, doesnít tell you what to eat and has no agenda of special products you have to buy.

It allows you to find out what works for you, and get the best from your dieting approach.

If you want to lose weight then the information in this book can help you work out exactly what you need to do to ensure that your metabolism is set to keep you slim... that you're not working in the wrong direction... and that you find out the real reason why you can't shift that extra weight.

You'll also discover:

  • How to work out if you're one of the many people where the cause of excess weight is medical or nutritional (This affects SO MANY people)
  • Know that overeating is your problem but can't stop it? Why the advice you need is very different from what you've been told before
  • How to re-balance your body so that it naturally craves what's good for it - and has no desire for what makes it fat
  • Why the truth about exercise is even more complex than we imagine
  • Why no attempts to eat less will ever work until you've found the answer to this simple question

It is so refreshing to find a book which wants you to read it, not be dictated by it, in fact Wendy saysí

ďI don't want this to be another 'diet' book you buy, maybe try for a few weeks then relegate it to the bookshelves or charity shop. I want this new way of losing weight to work for you. I want it to revolutionise your life. And I want you to thank your lucky stars that you bought it.Ē

I heartily endorse those sentiments, but just to make sure hereís a fabulous double offer... first 25% off of the published price for Good Life Readers until the end of January... and then a money back offer that you will not believe.

Get your trail copy NOW

Make this the year you get to the bottom of the causes of your weight gain and enjoy the satisfaction of lasting weight loss instead of the short-live thrill of false hopeÖ

Yours, as always


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