The ailment that strikes my healthy brother-in-law once a year…

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5th February 2010

  • If you suffer from Alan's 'curse', this could be for you...

  • The next best thing to real sunlight - at the push of a

I don't usually feel sorry for my brother-in-law, Alan...

He's a good looking, charismatic vet who lives in a
beautiful part of the country (Northumberland). He's got a
lovely partner, they go away together around eight times a
year - mountaineering, skiing, running...

In fact it wouldn't surprise me if he had a 00 licence to kill
and was thwarting SPECTRE on a daily basis - he's that
suave AND that fit.

And standing next to me at any family gathering makes him
look ESPECIALLY suave and fit (I like to do my bit to
help people out).

But there's a certain time of year I can't help but feel sorry
for him.

All of his exuberance disappears... he gets very restless and
agitated... he can't be bothered to get out of bed some

It's like the REAL Alan is being held prisoner in some
alien cocoon somewhere, while the Imposter Alan is
moping around barely raising a smile.

They could make a film of it called Invasion of the
Depressed Body Snatchers. Except these aliens would be
feeling too flat to invade.

"Maybe when it gets warmer..." they'd say, shrugging and
putting their destruction-of-the-universe plans on hold.

But this year, it's a different story for Alan. And it's down
to one simple thing...

If you suffer from Alan's 'curse', this could be for you...

As you've probably guessed, Alan suffers from S.A.D - a
widely misunderstood ailment that clobbers a lot of people
in this country.

As I said back in October, S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective
Disorder) is a type of winter depression that severely
affects an incredible 7% of us every year, by causing a
chemical imbalance due to a lack of sunlight.

And for those 7%, life can suddenly become very difficult,
with depression, fatigue, poor concentration, overeating,
poor sleep patterns, irritability and loss of libido all
combining to make this one of the most draining ailments
there is.

In fact it can be virtually impossible for acute sufferers to
get on with their day to day lives without constant medical

And another 17% of us suffer from S.A.D, but in a milder

That means that almost a quarter of the population can
show symptoms of S.A.D. when the nights start drawing in,
which means almost a quarter of the population should
have one of these at home...

The Sunlight Lamp 

The sunlight lamp may just look like a pretty normal desk
lamp, but its innocent facade hides some of the most
cutting edge light therapy technology available in the fight
against S.A.D. symptoms.

Basically, rather than flood your house with unhealthy fake
light that strains your eyes, attacks your skin and slowly
causes low-level depression and fatigue, the sunlight lamp
recreates natural sunlight indoors, which help balance your
biorhythms and 'iron out' the hidden stress caused by
artificial light.

The next best thing to real sunlight - at the push of a button

Think about it...? How often do you get a headache or
eyestrain if you read by normal lamplight?

I know I can suffer from this occasionally (which often
compounds a headache I've already got from reading the
Welsh Rugby results).

But how often do you get a headache or tired eyes if you
read in natural daylight?

Hardly ever?

Well that's the beauty of the sunlamp. It recreates a natural
light indoors, so the strains associated with harsh fake light
are removed.

And because this replicates natural light, S.A.D. sufferers
can use the sunlamp to fight off the draining depression that
can hit them during the winter months.

In my opinion, this is really worth a try. I ordered one for
Alan, and although he doesn't pretend that he can't wait for
the days to lengthen and the sunshine to rise, he DOES feel
less depressed about it.

Maybe the lamp will do the same for you... maybe it will
clear away symptoms of S.A.D. although... or maybe it
won't work for you at all.

But if you don't try it (or get someone who suffers to try it),
then you'll never find out if this is the one thing that can
finally put this seasonal disorder to bed.

To find out a bit more about this lamp, and try it without
committing to anything, just go here:

The Sunlight Lamp 

I'll leave you to have a think about the sunlamp. I'll be
back again on Sunday with more ideas, tips, research and
advice to help you enjoy the good life.

PS: If the winter months leave you praying for the return of
sunshine, then you really should take a look at this. In fact
you should REALLY try it - but no nagging from me; I'll
leave that up to you.

Have a look, see what you think:

The Sunlight Lamp 

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