Electric stimulation the solution for long-term natural pain relief

Sunday 5th February  2012

Electric stimulation is the latest buzz word in natural pain relief. Read on to discover my experience...

I have long thought that Lara, my dear beloved wife, is finding it increasingly difficult to tell the difference between me and the dog.

We tend to get fed at the same time, get told to shift so she can hover around us and are sent out into the cold for the good of our health together.

I have tried to point out that I’m the good looking one who shares her bed, but having got up in the night for a nocturnal micturation (a wee for the uninitiated) I found the dog curled up in my place when I got back.

Apparently he doesn’t snore as much either!

Anyway I have been condemned to the same fate as the old boy now. But for once I’m not grumbling.

Let me tell you about yesterday.

On a frightfully cold, but clear morning Rufus and I were sent out for our morning walk across the hills.

He was galloping up and down the pathways between the trees, splashing through the deep puddles with their rime crust of frost and generally making a good job of collecting as much muck, fauna and flora as he could on his coat.

I, in the meantime, hunkered down in my favourite jacket, pulled the scarf and hat around my head and cursed my way through the morning.

By the time we got back home we were not popular.

The big boy was immediately appraised and scolded for his condition – and I must admit I sniggered a little bit as Lara pointed out the failings of a wet muddy dog when she had spent all morning mopping the kitchen floor.

I almost felt sorry for the forlorn creature (the dog that is, not Lara) as her acid whit challenged him to reply – I would love to have seen the look on her face if he had of done…

My heart grew with a kindred spirit as she asked him the questions, told him the answers and discovered he was still in the wrong... I’ve been there many times dear reader.

Having finished with the quaking dog, and banished him to his bed she then turned her death ray on me:

“And I suppose you’re going to be whimpering on about how cold you are, and how your poor old knees ache which will make it impossible for you to help me shift the furniture round in the kids bedrooms aren’t you?” she challenged, “well think on mister – if you think you’re putting your feet up for a quiet afternoon, you can think again!”

My heart fell as she continued: “Stage one, both you and the dog are going to be bathed” I hoped she meant separately, although I wasn’t going to try to be flippant at this point.

“Stage two, you can have an hour with the magic machine on your knee to sort it out – but then its beds, wardrobes and shelf units for you”

My plan for a quiet afternoon snuggled with a good book and an open fire frittered away like the leaves skimming past the windows outside.

I was cornered with nowhere to go.

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Thankfully, my eldest took the sopping, muddy dog out into the outhouse and washed him down with lots of warm soapy water – so at least I was spared a fight to see who had to sit at the tap end.

I filled a good deep bath with luxuriously warm water and added the secret ingredient to ease my pain and lift my spirits – a Joint Bomb.

[To make pain relief an act of luxury, click here]

You see, the Romans and Greeks had the right idea when it came to stuff like this.

In their cultures, the opportunity to lounge in a bath house, gently infusing themselves with herbs, minerals and oils was very much the done thing.

Every major Roman town, and each villa had its own bath house where the citizens could anoint themselves, and each other, with various ointments and unctions.

Not sure that our local lido offers the same service now!

Roman baths performed several important functions, mostly in relation to socialising with friends and neighbours – please note no car keys were involved at the time! However, the major benefit related to health.  It was a chance to be pampered.

Each bath house contained a range of baths at differing temperatures into which the good folk dipped themselves. Perhaps more importantly the baths tended to be sited close to natural springs which contained high levels of minerals such as sulphurs, magnesium and iron.

The presence of these minerals, in addition to the healthy aspect of soaps and oils maintained skin health – as well as helping heal the aches and pains of general life.

When the body is immersed in hot water it causes the pores in the skin to open, through which the mineral salts can get access to the tiny blood capillaries in the skin. From there the body can absorb the necessary compounds and make use of them where needed.

If the product of choice is loaded with active natural ingredients aimed at improving joint health (like Glucosamine and MSM, an essential, natural, organic sulphur compound) then you can do no bigger favour to an aching body.

So here was stage one of Lara’s plan – a lovely deep relaxing bath where I was able to listen to the radio, swig from a mug of tea and enjoy the healing warmth as well as the benefits of the minerals in the [Joint Bomb]. 

I was actually enjoying myself... maybe she did like me more than the dog after all!

Stage two - The magic machine

So, what about this magic machine I hear you cry?

After I had exhausted the heat of the bath (of course I did top it up a few times just to prolong the joy!) I emerged with a feeling of contentment and warmth, albeit with my fingers and toes looking like wrinkled prunes.

I dried, dressed and padded through to my study with a fresh brew in hand.

Upon my poor old knee I placed the magic machine – my much beloved Pain Ease Knee Wrap.

[Free yourself from nagging pain and ease those aches out of your system with your very own magic machine]

Having wrapped the offending joint in the soft neoprene material I turned it on and settled back in my comfy chair to read the paper, and tuck into a plate of toast and honey.

I glanced out of the window to see the sky turning battleship grey and the poor dog looking in at me.

In that instant I knew I was loved, at least more than the dog, and for a man of my age who could ask for more.

So, if you want the perfect way to deal with the cold weather and aching bones make sure you follow my [dear wife’s two stage plan.]

Yours, as always


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