If back pain is out of reach, why not use this magic wand?

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5th April 2015

Easter Sunday at last.

It has long been a family tradition that my Mum buys me a Cadbury’s Buttons Easter egg, and similarly one that I eat it with my morning coffee.

This has happened every year that I can remember.

That egg has been stalking me for the last week.

Every time I open the fridge it leaps out at me, its purple foil catching the eye as I go to grab the milk.

As I said on Friday I don’t have much in the way of willpower and I’ve nearly cracked a few times.

But now the time has come, and it WILL be mine!

Right after I get this letter sent out to you all...

...so let me be brief, I’ve got an egg to eat.

Bang on the point of pain

Having a nagging back pain is torture, you know it’s there but often can’t reach to get at it yourself.

Having someone else try to help can make things worse as you attempt to localise the pain and then get them to do the right thing to ease it.

Even qualified masseurs have trouble sometimes being specific and effective, so how can we expect better from our wives/husbands/kids or in times of trouble a stranger at the bus stop!

What we really need is a special extension for our arms.

And that’s what you can find right here

Being able to properly locate the specially designed applicator right where its needed, then using the easy grip handle to apply just the right amount of pressure and movement is the answer to the back pain sufferer's dream.

It’s like being able to pinpoint and target the discomfort and deal with it before it gets any worse.

The joy of easing tight neck and shoulder muscles in the comfort of your own home cannot be overstated.

Enter a world of ‘Nodging’

Back pain is a really common problem, and there are probably as many ‘cures’ for it as there are hairs on a dog (just to mix my metaphors!).

Personally it doesn’t take a Herculean effort in the garden to spark it off, anything can cause it to flare.

When I leap up to do the dishes, when I bend over to carry all Lara's bags after I've INSISTED we go clothes shopping all day...

All right, I'm not fooling anyone am I? But simple everyday things like these can cause my back to twinge and seize up.

Lucky for me they're pretty rare occasions.

But when my back plays up, it can be unbearable. And once I put it out, the nagging ache will take weeks to clear up. Now in the past I've tried a variety of treatments and some of them have been excellent – but not always immediate.

When your back does begin to hurt the sooner you can start to treat it, the better it begins to feel.

For some people, back pain is a real problem something that dogs them constantly, gnawing away hour after hour, day after day.

And that’s why I reckon having something low tech and handy is a great way to get on top of the problem as early as possible.

So if you do suffer from a regular ache that gets you down then this is something you should try.

That's an important word: TRY. I'm not saying you should keep it - not if it doesn't work for you. But if you don't try new remedies and new treatments, chances are you'll be stuck with your ailment forever.

Grab the chance to try out the Back Nodger – click here for more details

No sniggering at the back

I tend to get a bit of immature giggling in the snug at the pub when I mention my Back Nodger.

In fact a few folk have accused me of being affected by ‘Fifty Shades’ Syndrome (Fifty Shades of Ray anyone!).

But tired and achy muscles are no laughing matter, and if this thing was called ‘the handcuffs & duct tape fantasy rod’ I would still be encouraging you to try it out. (Even if GCHQ started to monitor my e-mail traffic in case I was some sort of deviant.)

On the information site here you’ll discover that a lot of leading health and fitness folk happily endorse this magic wand – including those involved in professional sport.

So, it’s not just the broken, damaged and deranged chaps like me that need a personal workout with this pain reliever, even the fit and active ones benefit from using it too.

There is true science behind the Back Nodger calling upon the art of acupressure or Shiatsu massage where trigger points in muscle can be targeted and released.

When you do this it allows fresh blood, rich in oxygen, to access the muscles and the tiredness and tension will disappear.

Begin your 90 day money back trial right now – Nodge the pain away

I would urge anyone who struggles with back, neck or shoulder aches and pains to try one of these amazing products.

They are simple, easy and really effective to use.

I hope you have an enjoyable Bank Holiday tomorrow, and the chance to enjoy a quiet and comfortable day today...

...now where’s that egg!

Yours, as always




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