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Sunday, 5th June 2011 

  • Prepare your post-war strategy for the garden now
  • Essential oils to ease muscular aches and pains
  • What is the natural moral of this story?

For a while now I've been grumbling about the lack of water... and then last weekend all that changed.

Not sure what the weather was like for you, but Monday was just a steady rain - exactly what the vegetable patch needed.

Or so I thought.

How is it that weeds have the ability to leap from the ground faster than veg?

My poor broad beans have been swamped by a mass of horrible invaders, so I decided to fight back.

For three hours I hacked, hoed and dug my way through the unwanted visitors in my garden. By the time I had finished, just about every muscle and joint in my body ached.

As I gently tugged of my old mac, struggled out of my well worn wellies and examined my poor old hands for signs of thistle thorns, I knew I would suffer for my exertions.

BUT, I had a cunning three point plan to get myself back to health; one that involved a product tested on the battlefields of Afghanistan no less!

Discover essential oils to help you win the fight against muscle pain

This became a true military manoeuvre. No way the weeds were going to get the better or me this time!

Stage one:  A proper relaxing bath. Hot, deep and laced with a herbal muscle therapy bath essential oil.

This is fantastic essential oil which has ginger and black pepper in to help warm the muscles, the analgesic & antiseptic properties of Eucalyptus and Thyme working with Lavender to relax the tired body and troubled mind. Heavenly!

Of course no warming bath is complete without a nice hot mug of lemon juice and honey; this helps warm from the inside out.

Stage two: launch my secret military weapon into the fray.

This special Capsicum and Ginger Warming Cream has also seen service looking after the soldier's feet and hands in Afghanistan, where they used it to prevent chilblains - so who am I to argue that it's not up to the job of a few injuries sustained in the fight against the ever present nettle clumps?

This product is made by Napiers, a company based in Edinburgh, who have just celebrated 150 years of herbal practice; their medical herbalists have been following an unbroken tradition, and their formulas, which have their roots in the last century, are as effective and helpful today.

They really encapsulate all I've been talking about in my last few letters. This is a company who are passionate professionals for herbal remedies; so much so that they have invested in licensing their medicines to ensure that we have access to a wide choice of herbal remedies.

Think of their Capsicum and Ginger Warming Cream as a completely natural version of Deep Heat (without the pong!).  It eases tired muscles and aching joints, but it does so much more:

  • Helpful in combating and preventing chilblains and even frostbite.
  • Used by those who are awaiting surgery, or even looking to delay it, especially for hip and knee replacements.
  • Combating the pain associated with arthritis.

In fact when The Arthritis Research Council did a study last year of natural products they gave 5/5 to only 2 products: a fish oil and this warming cream.

Stage three: Nothing more taxing than an early night!  Sleep is the great healer, and when we enter the realms of deep dreamless sleep our body start to heal itself.

What I needed was a little something to help me into the land of nod, cosset my aching body along eiderdown lane and enjoy a game of shut eye.

Those of you who know me well might well be expecting me to recommend a little malt whisky tincture at this point, but I hate to disappoint you.

Not least because although alcohol can help you drop off to sleep (mostly in the chair in front of the TV in my case) it actually prevents you from getting a good night's sleep. It stimulates your autonomic nervous system, firing your 'fight and flight' response and giving you bad dreams...even worse than cheese!

No, I reached for another product by the kind folk at Napiers, this time a licensed herbal remedy called Sweet Dreams Sleep Remedy which promotes a natural sleep and relaxes both body and mind.

Disturbed or poor sleep is often caused by physical symptoms like muscle pains, stomach cramps, back aches or joint pains.  This special formulation mixes herbs that have an antispasmodic effect and some that have a mild analgesic effect with Hops and Valerian to help you sleep soundly.  And no drowsiness the next day

So, there you have the perfect three point plan to combat most aches or pains: soak it, massage it and sleep on it.  And let the herbs help you!

The moral of the story...

The big lesson learned this week? Teach the kids how to do the weeding, after all that's what we had them for!

Jokes aside and more importantly: There are completely herbal products out there, all licensed, regulated, legal to be sold and wonderful remedies for all that ails you.

I'm keeping a watch on the way governments and big pharmaceutical companies are working together to restrict the access we have to time honoured herbal remedies, and I'll continue to use these letters to show you how to treat yourself at home.  However, I am also keen to celebrate those who have been through the licensing process.

And in doing so have actually come up with some absolutely marvellous, natural herbal remedies.

Do your bit by supporting their work directly - buy your herbal remedies with confidence

Yours, as always









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