Argan Oil is a natural remedy for cardio-vascular problems that also makes you look good

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Sunday 5th Aug  2012

Welcome to the new look Good Life Letter – I hope you enjoy it!

Today’s letter is a subject that underpins virtually everything that I aim to do with the letter, and that is to inform you about smart ways to improve your health without placing yourself at any risk. Natural Argan Oil has been used for centuries by Moroccan people and is also known as Morocco’s gold…the medicine of kings.

Last week I shared with you the joy of finding a way to overcome the challenge of a modern health problem known as metabolic syndrome, well this week I have another health ace up my sleeve, and just like the Bergamot orange I introduced you to last week this also has an massive influence on many of life’s little challenges as we age.

But again like that fantastic Calabrian fruit, it is something that ancient civilisations knew about and actively used in their own pursuit of a healthier life, of course that means some people don’t give it the credit it deserves, and try to pretend that <CLICK HERE TO MORE> the wisdom of the ages is all poppycock.

I even get e-mails from people who are convinced that if these older remedies were so good then modern drugs wouldn’t exist.

If the big pharmaceutical companies were only interested in keeping us healthy that might be the case, but as it happens their agenda is all about making money, and they are often the ones trying to discredit natural cures for that reason.

Today I want to explore the benefits of an oil which was revered by the kings of Morocco – true, pure and prized above gold...Argan Oil.

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Going back to the times before the Crusaders charged into the Middle East the Moroccan kings employed goat herders who would sift out the undigested Argan stones from the dropping of their herd, clean them and grind them to extract the oil.

Luckily, modern extraction methods do not require the actions of any ruminant animal to get at the oil, however, the back story to Argan Oil is nearly as interesting as its modern history.

You see the industry that provides the extraction, purification and bottling of this precious commodity is a real success story for women’s collectives in Morocco.

Virtually all of the oil produced is done so under the control of one of 22 such schemes which are backed by the EU’s Social Development Fund, and from within the country by the Fondation Mohamed VI pour la Recherche et la Sauvegarde de l’Arganier (Mohammed VI Foundation for Research and Protection of the Argan Tree).

But what is all the fuss about?

The power of Morocco’s golden oil

OK so I’ve told you it’s old medicine, I’ve shared the fact that it is rare and you know that the pure virgin version is the best there is – but what does it do I hear you cry!

Well this is the truly amazing thing about pure Argan Oil, it works in so many ways to help your body, for instance;

Cardio-vascular health; the oil is reported to help control cholesterol, lower blood pressure and promote the dilation of blood vessels leading to better circulation.

In France they have just awarded a prize to Professor A Derouiche a biochemist who has worked to prove the beneficial effects of the oil on cardio-vascular health, which shows how valuable this oil is in helping maintain a healthy heart and blood system. 

Gastro-intestinal health; being rich in linoleic, palmitic and oleic oils as well as a rich source of vitamin E, carotenes and good fatty acids means that it helps with the digestive process – and is even better for you than olive oil.

Skin, hair & nails; for many years the west were only interested in the way Argan was able to improve the looks of the body, helping smooth skin, strengthen brittle nails and add a lustre to hair. This power has not diminished so if you buy these capsules for no other reason it will be money well spent.

It was this cosmetic use which attracted the attention of much of the popular press recently, however, many of the products that claimed to have Argan Oil in them had levels too low to make a difference. That’s why you need to source pure oil.

Bones, joints, nervous system & boosting the immune system; there really are few of the bodies major functions which aren’t enhanced by this wonderful natural oil.

Weight management; this simple oil acts to suppress hunger pangs and so helps you control the amount of food you eat; and that can only lead to a drop in your waist size. In addition those taking the oil regularly report reduced levels of cholesterol without taking any other medication.

Natural enhanced libido; one of the impacts of poor circulation for us chaps is the inability to maintain erections, and that leads to emotional upset for both partners. By opening out the pelvic blood vessels Argan Oil has been shown to improve sexual function.

As you can see it doesn’t leave too many stones unturned!

Doing our bit

I have managed to source a quantity of oil in capsule form from one of the co-operatives, as I felt this was a cause worth supporting.

About 3 million people in Morocco rely on the income from Argan Oil, money that helps provide education and housing for those who would not be able to afford it otherwise. There are also schemes developed by UNESCO to protect the Argan trees to preserve the health benefits and also ensure that more lives can benefit from the extraction of the oil.

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Just think about this, who would you sooner be helping build an income for Mr Big Phamaceutical or 3 million women and tribepeople?

That’s not even a rhetorical question is it.

Yours, as always






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