Coca cola uses that put the toxic fizz to better use...

The Good Life Letter 
5th September 2010

  • Would you rather be hit with a baseball bat or
    a sledgehammer?
  • Discover some remarkable coca cola uses you wouldn't have believed in your wildest dreams!
  • Change your perspective, transform your life

It's very early for the firework parties, but it seems that I
have lit the blue touch paper for several Good Life Letter

So many of you have mailed me about drinking coca cola, and
the health risks of aspartame in the diet version - I had to share
some of your insights.

One of my favourites was Dr. Mercola's quote sent in by

"When people ask me what is safer to drink: diet or
regular soda, I ask them what they would rather be hit in
the head with - a baseball bat or a sledgehammer?"

That sums up the dilemma of whether to risk the sweetener
rich diet version or the sugar rich 'full fat' version.

One thread which has kept me highly amused, was the
number of suggestions I've received for alternative
uses for cola.

None more so than Paul who described finding a patch of
dead grass where some cola had been spilt after a party,
and went on to conduct his own research:

"...spraying it [cola] on some weeds (I keep a supply
growing in the garden just for this sort of purpose).

At the same time I sprayed some other weeds (I'd still got
plenty!) with Weedol and guess what?  The cola treated
plants died quicker than the Weedol treated ones!"

It's those sorts of stories which make me so worried about
what we're eating and drinking, often without even
realising we're being poisoned.

Coca cola uses that won't disintegrate your insides  

But hang on! Before you tip all your cola down the drain,
Good Life readers have sent me some of the alternative
uses for it.  Here's what I've learned this week:

* Use cola to clean saucepans with burnt on stains
and even oil stains on the garage floor. Leave them
to soak for a day, and then wash off with clean water.

* Use it to free rusty, seized up nuts and bolts.
Just pour on, leave for an hour and let the magic

* Use cola to clean tile grout, de-scale your kettle
and even get grease stains out of clothes.

* Several readers mentioned using cola as a way to
control slugs and snails, where they are attracted
to the sweet smell, but then packed off by the acid. 
I'm going to try this one right away.  Got to keep
my beans safe!

* While you're in the garden, you can also pour cola
onto the compost heap to speed up the process.
The acid breaks down tough plant stems, and the sugar
feeds the micro-organisms in the stack.

* For those with kids, or those of us who never grew
up, you can make an effective cola fountain by
putting a Mentos mint into a 2 litre bottle - stand
well back as it shoots the drink up into the air! On
a more practical level, use it to get chewing gum
out of hair - soak for a few minutes and comb

Who'd have thought it? There may be a reason to have
cola at home after all, even if it is only in the garden shed.
It just goes to show, if you look hard enough you'll find
good in most things. Which is what I often tell Lara when
I'm in the doghouse!

Change your perspective, transform your life

What is clear is that we all share concerns about the
health impact of dizzy drinks, especially those with
artificial sweeteners and the evidence supports our

As if we didn't have enough to worry about.  Daily we are
told of threats to our finances, jobs and pensions.  Modern
life sems to continually load us up with stress.

This is why the book I talked about on Friday is so
powerful.  Just in case you missed it, it was about getting
a different perspective on things.  Making a few, simple
changes to transform your life, your health and your

See for yourself:

And even better, the author, Wendy Churchill, has offered
a 10% discount to all Good Life readers.  Take advantage

Enjoy your Sunday, I'll be back with you next week.




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