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5th November 2017

Happy Bonfire Night to you all, I hope that you are either looking forward to a night of explosions and excitement or have hunkered down with a pair of earmuffs on and the dog locked in the bedroom with you...

I’m very much of the former I have to say and love the smell of gunpowder and the flashes and bangs, plus the look of awe on the little kids faces – just a big kid at heart myself!

My inbox gets to be pretty busy with all of your comments and contacts, plus your own stories but one product seems to have really started a fireworks display of its own, and it was one I didn’t expect to gather such a staunch following as it has.

Time for a review.

In May I introduced you to something of ‘a champagne of green teas’ – Matcha tea from Japan.

So many of you decided to try this amazing natural health drink that I had to re-order twice just to fulfil demand, and the orders keep on coming.

People really seemed to love the fresh taste, the invigorating sensation and the benefits to life and limb that this tea provides.

I especially chose the finest grade that is available, known as AAA as this is acknowledged to provide the very best source of essential anti-oxidants and give the freshest and cleanest flavour.

But don’t take my word for it, here are a few of the comments I have received from our readers;

“Really smooth taste and texture and gives me a great natural energy boost. More vibrant green than other teas that I have tried.”

“Really enjoying this tea, not bitter like some green teas.”

“Great depth of flavour, if you're looking for a really good matcha tea, then look further, this is the one.”

So, I have to say that this is another product that I consider to be a triumph, and based upon my own experience and that of all of the folk who have written in to me I heartily endorse any of you that haven’t tried it yet to do so.

But in case May was far too long ago for you to remember why I got so excited about this tea, let me refresh your memory about what I said back then...

Here is the story of how Matcha became known as the fat burning tea

The May story

When I wrote the story in May I was completely enthralled by the back story to how this particular brand came to be in the UK as I had never heard of it, and whilst I knew a little about Matcha tea I had previously considered it to be some kind of Yuppie scam where enterprising coffee shops had introduced flavoured latte’s, but I was proved wrong.

Here is what I wrote;

True and pure tea is vibrant, living and loaded with health giving properties. The stuff being pedalled through the supermarkets is just a fragment of something much more powerful.

Today I want to offer you something really special, and with a fantastic back story to it too which will no doubt lift your spirits as it did mine.

Let me introduce you to Katherine Swift, the lady who held me spellbound for an hour as she described her own personal discovery of a unique form of Japanese green tea called Matcha Tea.

She told me how she felt when her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and the voyage of discovery she made looking for the foods and drinks which could help her – finally realising that anything high in anti-oxidants would be the best thing she could give to her ailing parent.

And so it was that she travelled to Japan and saw for herself how the absolute premium grade green Matcha Tea was being used to help heal the sick and boost the lives of the elderly.

She knew that none of this AAA grade product was making its way out of the country, yet she wanted it for her mum... she started her own company and began to import the very best from Japan and Katherine and her mother started their daily rituals of drinking the most vibrant tea they had ever experienced.

If you want to find out more about Katherine’s story you can read it here

The health benefits

So, by now you know lots of people like it, that the person supplying it is very genuine and that there are much inferior products available in the shops and on Amazon, but why should you consider trying this tea?

If you are like me then just because everyone else is having a go it doesn’t mean that you have to, unless there is a very good reason to spend your hard earned money.

Well here is a list of the proven health benefits from drinking high grade, pure Matcha tea;

  • BURN CALORIES: Drinking Matcha Green Tea has been shown to increase metabolism and help the body burn fat about four times faster than average.

  • FORTIFY YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM: The natural compounds in this tea have been shown to have antibiotic qualities as well as providing all the important nutrients your immune system needs.

  • BALANCE CHOLESTEROL: Science hasn't yet figured out why but every study shows that drinking this tea lowers total cholesterol levels and boosts circulatory health.

  • INCREASED ENERGY LEVELS: The Samurai warriors always drank Matcha tea before engaging their enemies as it boosted their endurance and power – become your own Samurai with a cup a day!

  • BOOSTS MEMORY: A welcome benefit of this tea is the proven effects it has on improved cognitive function.

  • ACHIEVE CALM: Used by Buddhist monks to aid their meditation and relaxation, this tea could be the only stress buster you need.

By the time the last rocket blazes into the sky and the final hot dog sausage meets its mustard covered end we will have received yet more orders for this fantastic natural tea.

At the moment we have a good supply and keep ahead of the demand, but with the other big event coming around the corner (don’t mention the ‘C’ word just yet!) I know that we are entering the gifting season.

Now is the ideal time to either treat yourself to something special which will fortify you for the rigours to come, or perhaps even better is to provide someone close with a really thoughtful and helpful present.

Elegantly presented in a real tin this tea does make a rather attractive gift and will ensure that you receive bountiful praise once the recipient makes their first energising brew.

Read more about the real benefits of Matcha tea – click here

Yours, as always



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