This is why you need to know more about the Detox diet

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6th January 2019

Anyone would think that the last few weeks have been a health disaster.

Since New Year’s Day the media (in all its forms and guises) has been full of exhortations to cleanse ourselves.

Apparently I need to detox, de-stress, de-clutter, cleanse, clear and fortify... blimey that’s a lot for an old fella like me to cope with.

It also implies that everything I have been doing for the last month wasn’t really enjoyable and fun but was in fact a hedonistic ritual of loading myself with all of life’s evils and radioactive toxins.

There was me thinking it was a mince pie and a glass of sherry!

As you may gather I am treating all of this media hype as complete garbage in its own right and will not be following any of the advice that is being poked in my direction.

Especially the celebrity stuff about ‘High Juice Smoothies’ and ‘Detox Facemasks’ – to be honest I would rather eat my own slippers.

This cavalcade of faux health bilge arrives at this time every year and shouldn’t be given the time of day.

As sure as summer holiday advertising starts on Boxing Day so the fad diets, beach body workouts and celebrity detox packages begin as the calendar changes.

But this doesn’t mean that I am ignoring everything about detox.

The real science tells a very different story to the media portrayal.

You see the really sad part about all of this is the fact that our bodies do need a little help in the cleansing routine, but the answer is not any of the guff you will be reading about in the newspapers.

Supporting the critical functions of the gut, the liver and the kidneys is what it is all about and I want to introduce you to something completely exclusive to Good Life Letter readers.

Discover the health supporting tonic that grows in the hedgerow

Here you can find true restorative health

This year I want to share with you something which I have been researching for a very long time and will do you a whole lot more good than anything you will be reading about in your newspapers.

I made contact with a fully qualified Medical Herbalist about my concern with helping the body function better and I asked her, if there was only one thing she would do to keep herself in tip-top condition what would it be...

...her answer was a simple one...


I explained my issues with this and how I thought it was just a buzz word for selling the implausible products we see every New Year. To my surprise she agreed but told me something even more interesting.

She said that every animal naturally understood about eating or drinking natural products in order to support their health and it is something that we in the modern world simply don’t understand.

For her this is a travesty.

Well, the more she spoke the greater became my interest and I asked her more about her job.

“I trained for seven years, initially learning the intricate physiological processes of the body, the role of modern medicines and the effects they have on the body. It was only then that we were introduced to herbal medication.”

“I continue to learn more and more about the way these ancient and traditional remedies can be used, and now work with several clinics and charities covering a wide range of health issues and concerns.”

Based upon her expert and intricate knowledge of all this I asked if she would offer something for my readers and was surprised when she wasn’t immediately taking me up on the offer.

She explained that the blends she used had to be freshly prepared and should not be left sitting in a warehouse..., dear reader, I have agreed with her that we will only sell this amazing herbal tea product in very small batches and that she will prepare more as we need it...

Click here to receive some of the very first packs available

A truly herbal blend

The whole subject fascinated me and I have been using the tea all over the Christmas and New Year period and I have to say I find it very invigorating.

The blend she is supplying us with contains some really interesting and ancient ingredients which offer the following health benefits:

  • Can aid digestion and gut function

  • Helps maintain liver function

  • May help to support a healthy immune system

  • Potent anti-oxidant may help protect against free radicals

  • May help to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system

  • May help to maintain healthy blood sugar levels

  • May help to support skin health

You can read more about the ingredients in this tonic tea here

As I said this is a novel, innovative and exclusive product for us at the Good Life Letter, not least because of the nature of the freshness of the ingredients we are being supplied with.

Now, we have agreed with our herbalist that we will place orders on her once a week and she will freshly blend the tea for us for delivery within 3-5 days, and this means there will be a slight delay before we can send it to you.

However, it does mean that you can guarantee that the tonic tea blend you get will be absolutely fresh.

...Make sure that you are one of the first to try this unique health supporting tea – click here

Yours, as always




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