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Friday 6th April 2012

  • Discover why a man’s biggest dilemma only involves his clothing
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Unashamedly today’s letter is one for the fairer sex, but it might just save the lads out there from getting into trouble too.

Every so often I am reminded that there are things happening out there that I have no innate knowledge of.

For me a beautiful bright day is just that.

One where I have the chance to haul a pair of voluminous shorts out of the dark recesses of my wardrobe, shake the creases out of a loud Hawaiian shirt and fight the dog for my battered old sandals.

Suitable attired I am free to embarrass my family by setting forth to get the paper from the shop, walk the dog or visit friends.

Of course when the weather changes, as it always does when we have a Bank Holiday weekend on the horizon, I seek comfort in a baggy cardigan and warm corduroy trousers.

Matters of clothing are simple; time spent preening is minimal and others’ consideration of how I look uninteresting.

For my darling wife however things are not so simple.

The minute she has to expose more than her face and hands to the world she begins to worry.

She feels that all of life’s indiscretions seem to write themselves on her visage and arms.

The lack of tone telling tales of the cigarettes she smoked in her early twenties (although from what I can gather this lasted a weekend and she hated it!), the lines and wrinkles gathered from a failure to replenish oils lost to cheap soaps and worst of all the signs of stress from living with me.

Well who could argue with her about the last one?

For her the summer routine of refresh, replenish and revitalising her skin has begun in earnest – but of course she does it naturally.

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Are you doing enough for your biggest organ?

Seeing the agonies that Lara goes through to look after herself set me thinking about how important our skin is to us.

Did you know it is our biggest organ for a start?

Our humble skins are responsible for;

- Physical protection from abrasion, bacteria and UV light

- Chemical protection from  toxins and chemicals

- Excretion of salts, water and toxins

- Temperature control

- Initiating immune response

- Facilitating the production of vitamin D

- Communicating our emotions

And that’s just the important ones.

So shouldn’t we all be spending a bit more time looking after our flexible covering, and a little less taking it for granted?

Now, I'll admit I don't know much about skin creams and lotions.

My daily 'beauty regime' involves soap and water. I'm like a battle-hardened prisoner from the 1950s.

But as I’ve said before I am surrounded by those who know better.

In fact I made a mistake back in 2010 when I mentioned a product called [Pommade Divine].

My crime was to consider that it was only good for dealing with bruises and scrapes because I had heard about it from a few boys at the rugby club – well it turned out I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Lara tells me...

"There isn't a woman alive who will not understand what this product can do. It smoothes away wrinkles and fine lines better than any expensive cream I've tried.  Why didn't you tell them about using it on dry elbows?  Why didn't you say anything about using it after you shave or wax?  Why didn't you tell them how good it is on dry hard skin on your feet?  What about cracked nipples?"

Some things a man just doesn't need to know!

All of these seemed big claims to me, so I started to look deeper into the reasons behind this.

The truth behind every woman’s secret

The active ingredients, which I mentioned in my original letter are as follows;

* Benzoin: an extract from a tree found in Thailand and Java, which boosts skin elasticity, and also calms itchiness.  It can improve blood circulation and aids respiratory problems. This is what helps tighten up those wrinkles.

* Cinnamon: a favourite in curry recipes - this spice has vital anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.

* Nutmeg: another Far Eastern spice, which is highly effective at clearing skin and is widely used as a coolant. Clears away blemishes and spots,

* Clove: one of nature's most powerful antiseptics.

* Storax: again a natural skin protectant with anti-bacterial properties, it has been used since Roman times to care for damaged skin.

* Arachis: a natural plant extract discovered in South America, which softens and soothes the skin.

* Mint: a very effective skin moisturiser, significantly increasing the suppleness and reducing flaking and cracking. Very effective when used on the feet and hands...... and a proven treatment for stings and bites!

* Cucumber: just the best skin coolant in nature, which also acts as a toner, reducer of black circles under the eye and makes the skin glow.

* Lavender: a calming perfume which has a very profound effect on the skin. An effective treatment for sunburn, it also helps to fade stretch marks and tone the skin.

Having discovered all of this I now see why Lara was so upset, it really is the perfect skin care product for women of all ages.  (Just make sure you wipe off any excess Pommade before breastfeeding, as essential oils are very powerful and not recommended for babies). It is a one stop shop for skin health and vitality.

It really makes me wonder how this little marvel has remained a closely-guarded secret for so long. Or has it?

When I started my research I found a virtual underground movement in favour of Pommade Divine. It is almost like tapping into a secret society.

Chat rooms and natural health forums are alive with discussions about it - even citing people’s experience stretching back over several generations in their families.

It does seem as though it is one of those little bits of advice a mother gives to her daughter when they leave home.

[Make time today to do your bit for better skin – Click here]

Yours, as always




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