The French have gone crazy for this ancient remedy...will you?


The Good Life Letter 
6th June 2010


I'm going to do something incredible today...

For once, I'm going to keep quiet and let other people do
the talking. (I can hear the sound of your jaw hitting the
floor all the way from here).

And that's not the only unusual thing about today's letter.

No siree.

I'm also going to don a white lab coat, and ask you to look
at something 'blind'... a bit like in those scientific tests.
Because I think I've found something very special for you, 
and I don't want to ruin the surprise by blabbing on about
the details.

I just want you to SEE what people are saying about this...

"I have taken the course of treatment for 3 weeks
and my cholesterol has dropped   spectacularly
without constantly dieting or starving myself. It's
absolutely amazing. I really am very satisfied, my test
results have reassured my age you are always
worried about an accident or brain or cardiac problems.
Another important point for me is that the pins and
needles in my legs and the night cramps totally
disappeared in the first week of treatment.
I was keen to thank you and to give you a testimonial."
                                     Lionel H. BIRMINGHAM

"Every morning I was worried about getting up
because I knew that within an hour my joints would
be hurting, in particular the knee where I had an
My physio advised me to drink a spoonful of XXXXX oil
every morning, but drinking oil in the morning was too
much for me - I couldn't do it. When I discovered your
treatment I did not hesitate. 2 capsules = a spoonful of
oil, it's ideal.
In any case, thank you, I can definitely say that your
treatment has stopped my joint pains-rheumatism,
arthritic's fantastic, fast and easy, I still take
them, thank you again."
                                     Julie J. SOUTHAMPTON

"My memory was getting worse every year...but when I
decided to visit my son in New Zealand, I wanted to
start learning English...I really didn't have any hope of
doing it.
Then I read an article about XXXXX oil and I decided to
order some because of its benefits for the brain. I can
swear to the effectiveness of this wonderful product...I
was amazed to see that I didn't have any problem in
remembering new words.
People said they've never seen such progress at 75
years of age. I also noticed that my head aches
have disappeared. Thank you. And well done with
your capsules."
                                     Lionel H. BRUSSELS
"I would never have believed that something taken
internally would have such an effect in my skin,
hair and nails.
After my operation, my hair was dry and brittle, now it
grows 2in in a month. It is soft and can be easily styled.
My hands were wrinkled, but now my skin is taut again
and my nails have grown and no longer break.
This is wonderful!
This treatment is 100 times more useful and effective
for me than any other beauty product."
                                     Louise J. DERBY
"I have had circulation problems in my legs since I
had my operation. 
Your XXXX oil treatment has done me a lot of good.
Pins and needles and leg pains have disappeared in
just a few weeks.
But the nicest surprise for me was that I got back the
ability to have an erection which I had lost since my
operation. My life has been transformed again. I
sometimes feel that I have forgotten my age.
People had talked to me about the effects of
XXXXX oil on the libido and I can today confirm it,
it is true! Thank you."
                                     Louise and Terry, LUTON
Want to know what the secret XXXXX oil is?

I'll tell you in a moment.

But - going against my promise to shut up and let others do
the talking - I'll just mention something else...

This remedy is causing a HUGE stir in France - and it's been
popular in Morocco for ages. It's only just coming to the
attention of people on these shores - and I personally know
the people who have worked so hard to get it over here and
offer it to you.

There really has been a huge buzz about this. Chances are
you've already heard about it and you've already wondered
whether it's as beneficial as the rumours suggest.

Well, judging by the people you've just met in this letter,
this could be  a REAL breakthrough...

Cholesterol, digestion, rheumatism, osteo-arthritis,
circulation, obesity, skin care... this is one of those super-
powerful natural remedies that can tackle the lot.

So please, if you do nothing else this Sunday, give this a
read. Because this sounds fascinating...

Take a look:




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