You might be shocked, like this reader was

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6th July 2018

  • Do you use too much toothpaste?
  • You might be shocked by your intake of fluoride, like this reader
  • Read this if you’re tired and have painful stiff muscles
Great response to my letter on Sunday!

It was all about the great British cuppa, and how it contains high levels of fluoride.

Added to the other sources of fluoride, such as tap water, it can result in fluorosis which damages tooth enamel, and ‘skeletal fluorosis’ where your joints get stiff and calcified.

If you wrote in about this topic, thanks so much, it’s always great to hear from readers.

Here’s one good example…

“I have just weaned myself off too much fluoride as I was getting symptoms of extreme tiredness, loss of appetite and muscular stiffness. A bit of elementary research threw up the possibility of too much fluoride, so I checked my intake.

Shocked! it was HUGE.

I drink five or six cups of tea a day – admittedly high-end brands – they load our water with fluoride and I was using Duraphatt toothpaste, prescribed by the dentist, three or four times a day, leaving it on and not rinsing as advised by the dentist. 

No wonder I was over fluorided!

Thank you so much for your Good Life letter and can you please warn your readers of the inadvertent over use of fluoride by way of prescription toothpaste, water board additions and now, as you have shown, in our tea bags as well.”
Well, consider it done.

If you want to avoid fluoride in tea then – as mentioned on Sunday – you should try this: Alternative tea.

It’s a delicious Kosabei Green Tea with all the energy boosting properties of a regular cuppa but packed with more antioxidants, more flavanoids and a lot less flouride than the average premium brand tea.

At least that’s one way to cut the amount of fluoride.

And here’s another…

Do you use too much toothpaste?

The fluoride-in-toothpaste subject is another contentious issue. Dentists get furious when people argue against it because there is a direct link between fluoride and enamel strength.

But there are so many sources of fluoride, the idea of ladling more into your system with a high-fluoride toothpaste seems unnecessary.

If you haven’t been prescribed a specific kind of toothpaste by your dentist to deal with a problem, then there are plenty of natural toothpastes around.

An alternative is simply to lower your intake.

I read an online interview with Dr. David Okano, a periodontist with 30 years’ experience who is a professor at the University of Utah School of Dentistry in the USA.

He says that one problem is that people use far too much toothpaste and that it should only be a pea-sized amount. Most people use far too much, more than double that amount.

So that would certainly be one way of reducing your levels.

Certainly, if you begin to notice symptoms like tiredness, appetite loss and muscle stiffness, looking at your fluoride intake could be one option to try.

Even if you want to carry on using fluoride toothpaste you can still cut out the fluoride from tea by drinking this instead: Kosabei Green Tea.

Now onto something completely different…

Well, actually not so different.

In fact it’s something The Good Life Letter has been screaming from the rooftops for over a DECADE.

And it’s this, which appeared in The Daily Telegraph on the 18th June…

“A good diet can be effective as pills, which is why more research is needed into the medical kitchen cabinet.”
Hear, hear, say I!

But also, “OF COURSE!”

It’s crazy that we have got to the point in society where we have to argue so strongly that we should value natural food above pills…

Of course, I’m not saying ditch all conventional medicines. I just mean – and have ALWAYS said – that we should look first and foremost to getting the maximum nutritional balance from our food, rather than reaching instantly for drugs when we’re tired, insomniac, stiff and sore.

The Telegraph article was by Prue Leith, the former cook and restaurateur who is now known for judging chefs on telly.

She talks about how her sister-in-law put her diabetes into remission by changing her diet. And yet, she bemoans, children at school don’t learn much about food at school – and neither, for that matter, do many experts in the medical establishment.

In the article she talks about a cooking class held at Westminster Kingsway College for a bunch of medical professionals. The idea was that they needed to learn how to spot medical problems caused (or worsened) by diet… and also how to advise patients on improving their diet.

Aside from this being common sense, this kind of education for doctors could save the NHS millions…billions even… over time.

Think of the number of consultations cut, waiting lists reduced, the pills avoided, the operations averted, the pain levels lowered… simply by showing people the power of food.

GP Rupy Aujla, author of a book called The Doctor’s Kitchen, argues that we’d all be better off if GPs knew how much medicine there is on the average supermarket vegetable rack.

Of course, if all doctors begin advising on natural alternatives then The Good Life letter would probably shut down. No need for me to pass on this information any more!

But two things…

  • That would be good for society and my kids’ future, so I’d happily retire.

  • It won’t happen. Prue Leith may have spotted some green shoots of a revolution in attitude but I won’t hold my breath.

An interesting stat from the article shows that there are only 6,000 dieticians and qualified nutritionists in the UK – which sounds a lot but really is an incredibly small number to cater for the population.

At the moment, this kind of advice is for the elite few who can afford dieticians and personal trainers.

So hopefully I can keep you informed, enlightened and healthy for a good few more years, all for free, while the establishment tries to discover its common sense.

That’s it for today. I hope you have a cracking weekend.

Oh, and do keep sending in your emails, stories and health tips.  I love getting them!

Yours, as always




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