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The Good Life Letter 
6th August 2010

  • Making love and war
  • Find out about 5 energy rich foods
  • Discover the true medicinal compound


"Arm yourself men - to battle and to love".

With the kids now on their holidays from school, I am
suffering. Not from having them around - in fact I really
enjoy their company.

I love the pure logic they apply to life's little challenges.

For instance, the kids caught me moaning to Lara about
how boring a pub acquaintance is, and that I really didn't
want to go out.

"Dad" says the eldest, "Why don't you just tell him that he
needs to be a bit more cheerful, and stop being so

"Yes" said the little one, "tell him that you want to play
with someone who makes you laugh."

And do you know what? They're right. Why do we put
ourselves through the agony of being with boring people? 
But that's not why I am suffering.

No, I am suffering, because they are so active. I have
walked around most of the county, swam every day and
cycled more miles than Boris Johnson on a charm

Just getting 5 minutes to read my papers and books
means locking myself in the study.

Where do they get their energy from? Can I have some?

That set me off on a bit of research and I came across a
fascinating story, which reminded me of an amazing

Long ago, if one Incan king fancied a bit more land he
would send out his loyal servants to batter the next door
neighbours about a bit.  Then, once the rival chaps had
had enough, he would move a few trusted men into the
new land and encourage them to sow seeds.

In particular, to father babies among the local women to
tie them to the new king.

All of this bravado (and libido) was attributed to a local
plant with a radish-like root, known as Maca.  By taking
the herb before they went into battle, the warriors had
their own pick-me-up.

It was used to increase stamina and energy, as well as
improving sexual function in men. In fact several studies
have shown an improvement in sperm count, sperm
mobility and sperm longevity from its use.

It is worthy of note that it also increases women's sexual
drive, but one of the real benefits is seen in women going
through the menopause, where it is said it gives you
energy and a burst of sunshine all day long! In fact, Maca
is meant to be so effective, it's a natural alternative to
Hormone Replacement Therapy.

This amazing plant is also said to aid memory, stamina,
and decrease anaemia and depression.

So it has all round benefits and can be taken by all the
family even the kids. They might not need the energy
boost, but it has been shown to fight problems of
concentration.  It is said to calm them and makes more

5 high energy foods

When it comes to looking for an energy lift, the first port
of call is always to look at diet.

If you think of your body as an engine you need a good
source of fuel (food), a clean supply of air and plenty of
cooling/cleaning water.

So, staying out of smoky or polluted atmospheres would
be good, as well as making sure you're drinking enough

The five easy foods which provide energy are;

- Cereal, especially oatmeal; a good slow release of
energy over the course of several hours, rather
than an instant sugar rush helps improve stamina
as well as build energy levels.

- Nuts, especially almonds; rich in oils and proteins,
nuts provide huge amounts of healthy energy for
their size. Avoid salted versions though as they
rapidly deplete water in the body.

- Beans, especially lentils; a really easy addition to
your diet, pulses add flavour and texture - and are
a fantastic source of slow release energy. Care
needed though, as too many pulses in the diet too
soon can have windy consequences!

- Fruit, especially bananas; in Wendy's last letter (if
you missed it find it here):
she laid out the benefits of the humble
banana. Fruits such as grapes, peaches &
pineapples provide a healthy amount of sugars
which are easily used by the body for energy.

- Oily fish, especially sardines; these provide natural
products to raise attention and heighten the
senses, as well as containing the healthy benefits
of energy rich omega-3 oils.

Discover the true medicinal compound

There are many various kinds of Maca on the market. 
Maca from Chile or Bolivia and even synthetic Maca. Only
the real organic Maca that grows at between 3000 and
4000 metres in the Peruvian Andes has all the positive
effects that are described in scientific research.

The soil the Maca grows in contains huge amounts of
minerals which makes the Maca plant high in nutritional
values, essential amino acids and important fatty acids.
So, it's vital to get the real stuff, or else you'll miss out on
the really important benefits.


I don't suppose you have any plans to invade the next
postcode area, or attempt to repopulate it over the
weekend...... but you might need a hand with the next
play project.

Somehow or other, I have agreed to build a tree house,
and if their plans are anything to go by I may need
planning permission.

They are only young once.  Just a pity that I have had my
go.  I definitely need a bit of help these days.




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