Why you need this pure remedy from a prehistoric sea

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6th August 2017

For one in ten women and nearly two in ten men, I am about to offer you the chance to radically improve your health.

It’s not often that I would start a newsletter with a statement such as this but I know that the figures above are real, and perhaps more importantly underestimate the level of the problem.

But I also know that the remedy required is just one of the most natural compounds possible.

Before I reveal what is going to give you a much needed boost let me ask you a question...

...can you honestly say that you don’t suffer from one of the following symptoms?

  • Low energy levels

  • Poor sleep, both in duration and quality

  • Brittle hair and nails and increased levels of hair loss

  • Muscle cramps, especially at night (a topic I covered a few weeks back so I know how many of you suffer from these!)

  • Lowered mood, listlessness and lack of concentration

  • Fluttering heart rhythms or palpitations

  • Picking up coughs and colds easily and more frequently

  • Increased anxiety and worry over things that shouldn’t really bother you

  • Raised blood pressure even though your diet and activity levels haven’t changed

  • Tics and involuntary eye movements

  • Loss of appetite and feeling nauseous around food, especially at breakfast time

A list of symptoms which should send us to the GP for some urgent tests, however our salvation may lie in something so simple, so wholly natural and so readily available that dealing with these problems is just a matter of a night time tonic.

I won’t tease you further: the simple answer to all these problems is magnesium – let me tell you more.

Discover how you can combat these common health issues – simply

Worrying numbers of sufferers need this remedy

Recently publicised data by the National Diet and Nutrition Survey shows that clinical magnesium deficiency is now of significant national importance.

For adults, 11% of women and 16% of men are showing signs of acute deficiency, this gets worse for adolescents where a staggering 51% of girls and 28% of boys are affected.

These are the clinically relevant levels, at a sub clinical level (where symptoms are noticeable but blood levels of this important mineral are at the lower end of the testable scale) the problem is thought to affect up to 50% of the entire population.

Over the age of fifty many people write these presentations off as simply an effect of Anno Domini but making sure that you keep your magnesium levels topped up can significantly improve your health.

After I wrote about the ‘joy’ of night time cramps a few weeks ago I received lots of emails from readers telling me of their own experiences and remedies.

Chief among these was the use of magnesium as a tonic, and you also shared some of the other benefits that can be achieved by using a high quality magnesium oil spray at night.

Since then I have made the pursuit of a high quality spray my goal and today I am really pleased to be able to introduce you to the fruits of my labours.

Working with a supplier based in Hungary I have found a product range which is packed with an ultra-pure, high concentrate of natural magnesium chloride and other trace elements which are used to produce magnesium oil, bath salt and gels.

The importance of this type of magnesium is that users are able to achieve the highest possible level of absorption in to the body, and therefore the greatest possible benefit.

Find your salvation in this natural and high quality spray

The prehistoric sea that could change your life

This incredibly pure source of magnesium is mined from a prehistoric sea that once covered most of northern Europe but now lies up to 2000 metres below the earth’s surface.

The Zechstein Sea has been protected from any adverse effects of the modern environment and thus the magnesium chloride extracted from it is in the purest state possible and therefore the most effective biological agent.

Applied to the skin, magnesium has been shown to deliver some pretty amazing results such as:

  • Restoring the magnesium levels in the cells which ensures normalised function and protection

  • Easing and preventing the pain of muscle cramps and restless leg syndrome

  • A soothing effect on stress and having a positive effect on the general mood

  • Promoting the formation of healthy skin cells and healthy muscle function

  • Positively impacts energy levels of the body and assists the immune system

  • Regulates hormone levels and having a soothing effect on the overly active nerve cells

  • Ensuring a relaxing night time sleep and boosted health as a result

For many people the fact that this spray prevents cramps would be enough to justify a purchase, but when you add in all the other benefits this becomes one of the most beneficial remedies we could use.

A recent study by the University of Cardiff has shown that the skin is a very effective way of introducing magnesium to our systems, especially when aiming to deal with muscle and joint symptoms.

Clearly this is a mineral which deserves greater attention, and as I discover more of its effects it becomes obvious that I have underestimated how significant it can be in maintaining good health.

So I have decided that magnesium needs a greater level of exposure and The Good Life Letter Shop now offers a range of supplements and topical treatments which are rich in this essential compound.

This kind of base level nutrient balancing makes absolute sense and is supported by huge amounts of scientific evidence and medical advice, yet very few of us realise just how important it is to maintain our intake.

A great way to begin to address this imbalance is to use a simple night time spray of enhanced magnesium. In the first instance this will stop the cramping, but as you continue to use it you will also discover many other great health benefits.

I have and urge you to try a 30 day trial for yourself.

Click here to begin your own risk free trial of the best magnesium spray available

Yours, as always




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