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6th September 2015

Despite being a freethinking child of the sixties I am often accused of being a chauvinist.

Admittedly the criticism mainly comes from my beloved spouse, my daughter and my mum... but the fact remains that some feel I spend too much time wallowing in the miseries of the male body.

Well today I make no apology for my focus being entirely on the hairier, smellier and ‘snorier’ member of the species (although there is more than one reason why everyone should read this letter – and the last paragraph is for us all, even the more fragrant amongst us!).

Prostate cancer is on the rise and millions of men are being encouraged to understand more about this seemingly insignificant organ that is now responsible for the fourth most common cancer worldwide.

By the way, that is across both sexes even though only men have a prostate – so on a grand scale it is something we should be taking very seriously.

But do you know what to look out for? Have you got a clear idea where your prostate is?

And perhaps most important of all – do you know what steps you can be taking right now to lower or even completely remove your risk of developing problems in later life?

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The walnut that we all need to crack

Worryingly, two thirds of British men don’t have a clue what their prostate gland actually does. If you’re not in the know, you won’t be aware of the problems that 35,000 men in the UK face every year and most importantly, you won’t be able to spot the early warning signs if something goes wrong with your prostate.

Here is the first really important thing to understand though – prostate problems needn’t mean cancer – there are other common conditions which are treatable and manageable. That’s why it’s crucial to know your body and spot the signs when something’s not quite right.

We blokes are infamous for shying away from seeing a doctor. It’s bad enough going in for a repeat prescription, let alone when there’s something wrong ‘down there’.

So, first things first, what is the prostate?

The prostate is a walnut-sized gland in the male reproductive system.

The role of the prostate is to make seminal fluid, which is mixed with sperm to make semen. Your prostate is positioned just below your bladder and the urethra (the tube from the bladder to the outside) passes through it.

Any increase to the size of the prostate will therefore affect the flow of urine and this is one of the most common signs of changes occurring.

As we age it is very common for the walnut to become plum sized, and this is natural; however, in some cases the growth in size is more marked and it starts to affect the ability to void the bladder completely, leading to other complications.

The signs to look out for which indicate a change in the prostate size and/or health are:

  • Needing to urinate more often, especially at night
  • Difficulty starting to pass urine
  • Straining or taking a long time to finish urinating
  • A weak flow of urine
  • A feeling that your bladder has not emptied properly
  • Needing to rush to the toilet or dribbling urine

More significant changes that need to be checked out by your GP include:

  • Pain when passing urine
  • Pain when ejaculating
  • Problems getting or keeping an erection
  • Blood in the urine or semen

Now, I have said that us men need to take a closer interest in how our bodies work and the signs that all may not be well...

...but as I have said before we are notoriously squeamish when it comes to such matters – and that has to change chaps.

Ladies this is where you come in

If you notice that the man of your dreams is getting up more often in the night or spending longer trying to pee, it is time to act.

For once I am going to demand that you nag them. Keep on telling them they need to see the GP, even make the appointment for them.

But even your GP might not be able to provide any more useful information – and in some cases might miss out on something really important...

...Let me explain

The power of this Mediterranean fruit has been shown to counter serious problems.

The test that may not tell all

Despite many major advances in science the choices available to GPs to help detect prostate cancer are somewhat hit and miss – and that is never good news when your health is at stake.

A blood test is commonly used to detect the levels of a specific substance called prostate serum antigen (PSA) which is known to be at higher levels when the gland increases in size.

The problem is that this test is only really accurate for slow growing, and therefore less harmful, cancers.

The other screening tool available to your friendly family doctor is somewhat less pleasant to consider... it is known as rectal digital examination, or having the doc place a finger inside your rectum to palpate the prostate through the bowel wall.

But even this isn’t that accurate.

There then follows a choice of biopsy (which risks bleeding, infection and impotency) or treatment with chemotherapy or radiotherapy and the associated risks that they entail.

It makes much more sense to me to begin to invest in prevention rather than cure for these problems – I’m sure that you will agree.

Begin your daily routine to get the best protection for your prostate.

And for the ladies...

I hope you haven’t felt left out of today’s letter because besides actually making those you love do something to help protect themselves (as if that should be your responsibility in the first place!) I have a very good reason for you to share in the same daily routine.

Lycoplus Extra, the product I’m encouraging the chaps to take seriously, does much more than just protect the prostate... it is the very essence of Mediterranean food health and packed with life affirming anti-oxidants, vitamins and oils needed to keep your hearts and circulatory system healthy too.

Read about the valuable health benefits that this tomato extract can bring for us all.

Yours, as always


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