Is this the new Five-A-Day?

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7th January 2018

My days start with a traditional shave, a long shower and a good breakfast of homemade porridge and a drizzle of honey.

Over the festive period we had many house guests who also had similar routines to me varying by gender as regards shaving, following their own preferences for baths, showers or a good wash and enjoying differing food choices for the early meal (in some cases actually refusing food at this point..!).

None of this is particularly remarkable or indeed newsworthy for the purpose of this letter, however, one thing did strike a chord with me – the need for daily medication was very evident.

How and when did this happen?

In virtually every case visitors to our home started their day with a handful of pills as a matter of course.

In some cases, these were herbal supplements, but for the majority they were prescription medications mostly aimed at changing some metabolic process or other.

This is a situation which has developed in the last twenty years and as one of my friends said, “this is the new five-a-day now Ray!”

I began to notice what it was that these folk were taking and a pattern began to emerge – blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol control was the order of the day.

For others, daily pain relief and anxiety control were also in evidence – an amazing amount of drugs were being consumed in our house every day.

I dread to think what all of this is costing the NHS.

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The modern disease?

If you have regular checkups with your GP chances are that you will have a blood test and know what the doctors are prone to saying to you.

“Well, it looks like your blood sugar level is a little high and also your cholesterol level is raised too which is showing that we need to start to control them.”

At this point you will be marked down as pre-diabetic and at an increased risk of developing a serious heart condition – and that sounds very scary doesn’t it?

You will have left the surgery with a few leaflets on dietary changes and a prescription for a low dose of metformin, a statin and probably something to help lower your blood pressure too.

Welcome to the new world of public health in the UK.

It is one of my biggest gripes with modern healthcare thinking and communication that they neither think nor communicate effectively!

Telling a patient that they are pre-diabetic is plain nonsense; it is like saying that my sixteen-year-old daughter is pre-pregnant because she is healthy and fertile.

Slightly raised blood sugar levels is a sign that the individual needs to alter their diet and increase their exercise, not be given a pill.

Having an increased cholesterol level in the blood is showing that the body is working properly rather than a symptom that it is about to self destruct. The majority of cholesterol in your blood stream (over 75%) is made by your own liver and is not influenced by diet, so if you didn’t need more cholesterol as you get older why would your body waste resource in making it?

If these facts were explained properly then people wouldn’t be leaving their GP appointment in fear of their lives and shaking like leaves – no wonder that their blood pressure is then raised as well.

But this is just what the desired outcome of these annual checkups is aiming at.

Not that the GP would admit it or in many cases realise it because they are only doing what they are told is right.
All the information they receive tells them that there is danger in blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol levels and that patients need to be treated to ensure that they will live longer.

The national press is fed the same line too.

All of which ensures that the fear and misinformation continues...and of course lots and lots of prescription drugs are bought and used.

This is where the real culprits are for all of this – once again the drug companies and their PR firms are ensuring that the cash keeps rolling in.

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Making peace with your metabolism

My house guests all thought they were doing the right thing by taking the fistfuls of prescribed drugs because that was what the medical profession and the newspapers were telling them.

When I took out my daily fix they were somewhat dismissive of my reasoning and openly hostile to the idea that anything from the NHS could be potentially wasteful and even dangerous.

In my hand I had the perfect way to control inflammation of joints, digestive tract and muscles – [Turmeric] the most ancient of pain killers. Plus I also had a daily dose of a metabolic balancing extract – [Bergamet] the proven and completely natural way to balance cholesterol levels, modify blood sugar and maintain a healthy blood pressure.

Many of my guests coughed politely when I told them what I was taking and others were outright scornful until I told them why the extract of a bitter Calabrian orange was making waves amongst senior medical experts.

Australian cardiologist Dr Ross Walker has introduced BergaMet to around 600 patients and the typical findings have been staggering:

  • Around a 30% reduction in total cholesterol
  • Between 20-30% reduction in blood glucose levels
  • Benefits in blood pressure control
  • Reductions in abdominal obesity
  • Weight loss

He said, "Also, independent of the above benefits we are witnessing profound reductions in arterial stiffness, an independent marker for cardiovascular risk.”

You see I do believe that we need to be taking positive steps towards better health, but I don’t fall for the hype around statins and I know the potential damage they can do.

If, like me, you want to begin 2018 on a positive health note – click here

Yours, as always


P.S. You can find lots of the research material for using Bergamet listed here.



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