Are Holland & Barrett trying to Muscle in on the Good Life?

Thursday 7th March 2013 

  • Huge retail chain starts using my name in vain!
  • The challenge of being the little guy

I was sitting down with a hot mug of tea and a couple of rounds of honey laden toast the other night, watching the magic lantern when I had a huge shock.

There, on an advert for Holland & Barrett, was my pride and joy being plagiarised.

For some reason this monster of a High Street retailer wants to take over the Good Life name – and I’m not happy.

In their latest campaign they have started using the sub title of ‘the good life’ which offends me in two major ways.

Firstly, it is my brand that I established in 2005 and is linked to the natural approach to health that I write about.

Secondly, Richard Briers who starred in the TV show of the same name has only recently passed away. When I set up the Good Life letter all those years ago I did so with full homage being paid to one of my most favourite sitcoms – and the cast were all still very much alive.

This action by a megarich retail chain just smacks of the big boy stamping all over the little guy...

...don’t tell me that their research didn’t flag up the name and activity linked to the Good Life Letter.

For a long while I have been thinking that the newspapers have been tracking my letters given how many times they pick up our stories...

...but now it looks like the big shops are at it as well.

I suppose I should take it as some sort of compliment that they are, but at best it looks like a bit of lazy research by their marketing team.

Yours, as always

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