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7th August 2016

What every GP loves to hear is, ďI just feel out of sorts doctorĒ.

Whilst this is a symptom the good doc understands well enough, there just isnít enough to go on for an accurate diagnosis.

However, this might be the only early symptom that something major is happening and worryingly, the ones that follow are equally non-descript.

In fact they are commonly put down to just getting older and therefore ignored.

Put on a bit of extra weight and it is easy to think to yourself that itís due to being a tad greedy with the Sunday roast, or sneaking the odd chocolate or two.

Finding that you are tempted to put the heating on even though itís just a chill August evening (yeah a standard British summer!) merely shows that you arenít as hardy as you were.

And if your hair gets a bit brittle and the skin a touch rough and scaly... well, thatís just what us older folk can expect, isnít it?

Now add into that list a few muscle cramps, the feeling that you are slower in movement and thought, and even a lowering of your sex drive and youíve got what most of us think 'getting on a bit' is going to be all about.

Even if youíve only ticked off your fourth decade.

But guess what? You might be one of the tens of thousands of people who are suffering from a major organ failure... and have no idea.

Scarily, even the GP canít spot these symptoms until they get much, much worse and then the remedy requires some pretty serious intervention.

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The bow tie gland

The list of symptoms above actually all relate to a gland in your neck which is responsible for controlling some of the major processes involved in our bodies.

Many people have heard of the thyroid gland, but few know where it is Ė or what it does.

Often the problems with the gland donít come to light until special blood tests are carried out, but this is usually a long way down the line in terms of suffering and failing health.

Most GPs will tell you that they often think about the failure of this endocrine gland in patients' presentations but rarely diagnose the issues until they have tried other routes...

...most commonly prescribing anti-depressants first, rather than ordering the necessary tests.

So what are the symptoms of a thyroid gland which isnít doing what it is supposed to? According to the NHS Choices website they are:

  • tiredness
  • being sensitive to cold
  • weight gain
  • constipation
  • depression
  • slow movements and thoughts
  • muscle aches and weakness
  • muscle cramps
  • dry and scaly skin
  • brittle hair and nails
  • loss of libido (sex drive)
  • pain, numbness and a tingling sensation in the hand and fingers (carpal tunnel syndrome)
  • irregular periods or heavy periods

In addition it says that elderly people with an underactive thyroid may develop memory problems and depression.

Children may experience slower growth and development. Teenagers may start puberty earlier than normal.

That seems to describe an awful lot of the general population to me Ė and certainly covers many of the low level health problems that I and many of my friends grumble about.

I bet Iím not alone in this either?

There were some other side effects from lowered function of the thyroid (called hypothyroidism) that made me start to think.

Looking at the website of the British Thyroid Foundation I was interested to discover that their list of symptoms went much further than that offered by the NHS, and included;

  • hoarse or croaky voice
  • slow heart beat
  • slightly raised blood pressure
  • raised cholesterol

Look at those last two again and guess what I began to churn over in my old grey cells?

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The health jigsaw completed

So dear friends, we have a condition which GPs canít detect early, one which has major impacts on general health and wellbeing... and another one which is linked to blood pressure and cholesterol levels that the drug companies would prefer we didnít know about.

Could thousands of people in the UK be spared the dangerous usage of statins simply by addressing the function of their thyroid gland with safe and effective natural remedies?

Are hundreds of people wrongly taking anti-depressants because no-one has thought to test their blood for lowered thyroid hormone levels?

Are you, your family and friends going through dieting misery on a regular basis because this little gland in your neck just needs a little tender loving care?

That is a pretty big list of issues that might just be resolved by using something that gently aids the function of this key organ.

I have put together a low cost three-month package of care which I think represents the best value and most effective way to test how beneficial this approach might be.

The formulation I have chosen contains all of the key nutrients for healthy functioning of the thyroid gland, including Tyrosine which together with iodine and selenium are needed to make thyroid hormones.

I am convinced that we have been neglecting this problem for many years and that modern medicine has sidelined it because the diagnosis is difficult and the remedies lacking in dollars for the main players.

It is a sad indictment of our lives that the medical profession has the knowledge and understands the problem but is thwarted in being able to provide us with a simple, safe and effective solution to a condition that could ail millions of us in the UK.

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Yours, as always


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