The surprising way to end a limping and wheezing walk

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8th January 2017

Last week I made a trip to see friends up in the Midlands – blimey it was cold.

Living close to the sea I forget how fresh our country can be when the frost is in the air and there is no moderating effect from the briny lapping on the shore.

My car thermometer measured minus four on the drive up and I don’t think it climbed back into the positive in the two days I was there.

Whilst I find morning walks invigorating, my pal Simon was not so keen and his wife Mary flatly refused to set foot away from the radiators.

“It’s her asthma,” Simon said. “Always gets it really bad when the weather changes, and much worse in a cold snap.”

The poor woman: Asthma is sometimes treated as a bit of a joke condition where a schoolchild can’t do PE and adult sufferers are constantly puffing away on their blue plastic inhalers when they try to climb the stairs.

But make no mistake it can be deadly.

Asthma UK announced this week that 1,468 people died from the condition in 2015 – the highest number in a decade – and said this was evidence of a failing to help sufferers control their symptoms and truly understand what having asthma means for them.

Most people understand that the condition affects the breathing tubes in the lungs, causing them to close and spasm, thus restricting the movement of air in and out, but there are many types of the condition which vary from mild, to severe and life changing, some of which can be fatal.

The severity and nature of the symptoms can also change with age, diet, weather and emotional factors.

Mary is one of those whose severe condition in childhood has become milder in adult life, but because of the problems she had at a younger age (she was hospitalised in her teens) she finds it hard to risk another serious attack.

So it is no surprise that she declined the chance to crunch her way through the frozen puddles with us.

Discover the surprising beneficial effects of the sea in controlling asthma

Breathe better & walk further

Over a warming mug of coffee I asked Mary about her experiences and what she had tried to control the problems she encountered.

“Nothing really works; most of the inhalers I use seem to offer very short-term relief and none of the other drugs I tried help at all,” she told me. “I just have to recognise the risks and minimise them.”

This means that she can’t travel easily, can’t exercise happily and even has to be careful what she eats and drinks as these can act as triggers – “It’s impossible to be spontaneous when your life revolves around routines.”

I’ve known Mary for many more years than I care to mention and I never really understood how big an impact her condition had on her and I wanted to do anything I could to help.

So I introduced her to one of my preferred arthritis remedies – after all that makes sense doesn’t it?

I can see you all now re-reading the last sentence and thinking ‘the old boy has finally lost it!’

But I am very serious.

One of the most popular products we provide for controlling the pain associated with arthritis is also gaining ground as a highly respected way to control asthma – our much loved Green Lipped Mussel extract – Lyprinol.

A ground breaking trial in 2002(1) demonstrated the huge potential that taking a daily dose of Lyprinol can have for asthma sufferers; results that have been repeated several times since.

It seems that the unrivalled ability to safely control inflammatory tissue underlies the surprising health benefits that can be derived from this Maori medicine.

The net result is that a daily dose of Lyprinol can help combat joint pain and relieve breathing difficulties – a surprising way that the sea can offer health benefits above keeping the frost off!

Find out more about the remarkable Lyprinol

Home based risks on the rise

Just how safe is your home if you are at risk of developing asthma?

Now that the weather has turned wetter and chillier for instance, many people load up the airing rack and radiators with damp washing to dry it out...

...this might not be a good idea say the scientists.

They are concerned about a fungus called Aspergillus whose spores have been linked with major breathing problems including pneumonia and asthma.

The team is led by Professor Denning who says a load of washing contains enough water vapour to allow the fungus to proliferate and this increases the risks for certain groups:

"In asthma sufferers it can produce coughing and wheeziness, and in people with weak or damaged immune systems, such as cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, Aids patients and people who have an auto immune disease, the fungus can cause pulmonary aspergillosis – a condition which can cause irreparable, and sometimes fatal, damage to the lungs and sinuses."

So, even though you might be following Mary’s approach by staying in during the colder weather you may not be avoiding the triggers of a serious attack.

Why not try this unique Green Lipped Mussel extract?

Why is it unique I hear you cry? Well that is all to do with the technology employed to extract the valuable fatty acids but leave behind any trace of compounds that can cause allergic responses:

Lyprinol is produced by a gentle extraction process using liquid carbon dioxide under pressure to remove the oils, leaving behind the rest of the mussel flesh.

  • The extraction method used for Lyprinol removes the protein and carbohydrate elements of the mussel, making it suitable for people suffering from shellfish intolerances.
  • The stabilisation process used in the preparation of Lyprinol protects the rare mix of lipids and Omega-3 fatty acids present in the live green-lipped mussel. Other mussel products, such as mussel dried powders, have oxidised these components so you need to take much more to see any benefits.
  • Because the Lyprinol oils are closer to the natural state, they are more easily metabolized by the body and benefits are seen from a lower intake.
  • Lyprinol capsules are treated to avoid the unpleasant fishy reflux sometimes experienced with fish oils.

This all adds up to a solid reason why my friend should be trying out this fantastic product over the next three months – maybe it is something that should be on your agenda too?

See the effects for yourself – Lyprinol the key to better health in cold weather

Note: To get the best effects from Lyprinol it is recommended that you take a larger initial dose than the standard one, so to help you get a flying start to your new health regime we have created a special, one off, offer for your first month – Get the special starter pack here

Yours, as always



(1) Emelyanov, A., Fedoseev, G., Krasnoschekova, O., Abulimity, A., Trendeleva, T., & Barnes, P. J. (2002). Treatment of asthma with lipid extract of New Zealand green-lipped mussel: a randomised clinical trial. European Respiratory Journal, 20(3), 596-600.

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