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8th March 2011

I have never been much of a lottery player.  The odd ticket here and there for a bit of a laugh... but when I found out I could get a FREE lottery ticket, well, I soon changed my mind!

But when I heard on the radio that the jackpot for tomorrow's UK lotto is £18 million and the EuroMillions is worth a staggering £68 Million.  The highest they've been in ages and probably the highest they'll be all year.

As I walked the dog through the fields this morning I allowed myself to dream......

... I could hear the gentle lapping of the Mediterranean Sea against the beach, my villa sparkling white in the sunshine, sitting with Lara & the kids over a fresh sardine barbeque, glass of chilled wine in hand... ah, Portugal! My very own villa and a boat, a convertible car in the drive - plus a bit of golf every morning...

What would you do with several million pounds?

Treat yourself, your family and your friends? Buy out all of their mortgages, pay for a cruise in the Caribbean or put the kids through university?

But what are the odds of winning?  And how do you increase your chances?

By playing through this online syndicate: Big Fat Lotteries  Pay £1 pound this week to join the Euromillions and you will be given 36 lines on which you could win.

Any wins get shared amongst the members of your syndicate, but when there's £68 million up for grabs, even a 100th share would give you nearly £7 million to play with. get's even better.

If you join now, you also get 44 FREE entries into tomorrow's UK Lottery - worth £18 million at last count.


You also get 44 FREE entries into Saturday's lottery!

And... (yes, it keeps getting better)

If you don't win anything after 12 weeks, you will get your money back!
You might not normally play the lottery... you might not think of yourself as lucky BUT for 1 quid can you afford not to have a go this week?
Click here and let's hope it's you... and me!

I'll be back with my usual letter on Friday when I have some exciting news for those of you with tired eyes and a way to get your own personal massage.

Yours, as always



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