Here’s how a lawn weed can cleanse your liver

Friday 8th March 2013 

  • Why it's time to cleanse your liver
  • Discover the ways this overworked organ keeps us healthy
  • A real natural tonic, and a fabulous lawn as well!


I’ve had a few e-mails of late asking whether I’m overdoing the demon drink...

...Just because I happen to mention that I enjoy the odd pint of a Sunday lunchtime in my local.

Naturally, I don’t want to sound like I’m becoming some sort of dipsomaniac – but a pint of naturally brewed local ale is a treat to be enjoyed.

Oh and to purge my soul of all guilt I occasionally curl up with a glass of red wine of an evening as well!

As a student I admit I did my fair share of troughing the amber nectar, and even had a T-shirt with the legend – “The liver is evil and must be punished.”

But I am a much reformed character now – and glad of it because there is much to be said for looking after our livers – and that’s where too much booze can have adverse effects.

I've been reading some interesting material on the liver recently.

I never realized how many problems were linked to a dodgy liver.

The list includes headaches, high cholesterol, irritable bowels, indigestion, lung congestion, depression, hot flushes, chronic colds and flu, skin problems, mood swings, bloating, halitosis, psoriasis, yeast infections, panic attacks, high blood pressure, poor circulation, prostate damage...

And there are many, many more.

So I thought I'd reproduce a bit of great copy I found by F.C. Lloyd, of CI Research, on the importance of a healthy liver.

(Afterwards, I'll show you some ways to improve your liver with dandelions.)

I hope you enjoy this really informative piece...

From 'Clean your liver, boost your energy and prolong your life!' By F.C. Lloyd of CI Research:

“Reflect, if you will, on exactly what your liver does each and every day. Carrying out more than 500 functions, this vital organ is the chief protector of your health.

“Here are a few of its important jobs:

“CONTROLS the concentration of blood sugar keeping levels normal over short and long periods of time.

“PRODUCES and breaks down hormones including cholesterol, thousands of chemicals and enzyme systems.

“GENERATES one quart of bile every day important for the emulsion of fat.

“REMOVES ammonia from the body preventing central nervous system disease.

“DISTRIBUTES essential nutrients found in food.

“AIDS in digestion by enhancing the body's absorption of vitamins A, D, E and K.

“MANUFACTURES vital proteins essential for enabling blood to clot.

“FILTERS chemical substances and waste products from the blood.

“REMOVES alcohol from the blood.

“Clogged bile ducts are common in the livers of almost everyone over the age of 40. Bile is essential for the breaking down and elimination of toxins and when bile ducts are blocked, the liver cannot detoxify properly.

“And this is the starting point for a shocking number of health problems!

“When bile ducts are clogged, the liver responds by turning toxins and pollutants into hard, mineralized stones. These stones are then trapped in both the liver and the gall bladder.

“Once the stones are formed, they block bile flow and reduce the actual amount of bile being produced by the liver. As less bile is produced all the time, the stones are pushed into the gall bladder. So the source of most gall bladder disease is actually the liver!

“Millions suffer from gall stones - in fact, 20% of people over 40 have them, making it a very common, often undiagnosed, health problem.

“Toxins continue to bombard your body every day, as usual... but these are broken down much more slowly before they are eliminated. These harmful toxins travel through your body - affecting every area including the brain.

“Your body's ability to metabolize protein is damaged. Without enough bile, the body cannot remove excess cholesterol and break down fats. What's more, your body does not absorb the nutrients from your food when bile levels are low.

“A clogged liver that is not producing enough bile cannot perform any of its jobs properly. The body's 'commander-in-chief' is put under 'house arrest' - and stripped of its powers to protect your health!

“Take action! When you keep your liver clean and unclogged, you protect yourself against major disease and also enjoy important benefits such as enhanced digestion... and a reduction in common ailments and health complaints such as allergies, aches and stiffness, colds and flu, rashes and dry skin.

“And perhaps the biggest change you will notice is a dramatic boost to your energy! When you give your liver a helping hand with its huge job of detoxification... you'll find a big pay-off in extra energy!

“You'll have a new spring in your step and a renewed appetite for life!”

Thanks for that, Mr Lloyd,

So there you have it. A pretty clear rundown of why you should keep you liver clean.

I've actually found a great product that cleans your liver naturally... but I want to arrange a risk-free trial deal with the manufacturer first... so you'll have to wait, I'm afraid.

But in the meantime...

Try this dandelion tonic to improve your liver

To get you started on the road to a better liver, you should try dandelions.

They have been well-documented in history as a treatment for a congested or inflamed liver. A powerful diuretic, they are also one of the best natural sources of potassium.

To make a dandelion liver tonic you need to add 2 teaspoons of the root to hot water and drink 3 times a day. Or you can eat the raw leaves in a salad.

Even better, you should combine it with burdock.

Practitioners of traditional medicine have long revered this for its blood-purifying properties. Plus, it gives the liver a helping hand by clearing congestion in the circulatory, lymphatic and urinary systems.

You'll also find the concoction tastes like beer, which can't be bad!

Bearing in mind that the last few days of warmer weather have caused the dandelions to leap out on my lawn, I intend making use of the fresh young plants with this tonic.
Just as long as I don’t reach for a well earned beer afterwards!

Yours, as always






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