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Sunday 08 March, 2015  

I truly believe that when a new GP qualifies they are given a stethoscope, a black bag and a set of blinkers.

It seems to be that every doctor is a passionate believer that the only cures available are pharmaceutical or surgical.

Anything else is pure quackery in their book.

The fact that healing has been an art for many years before Hippocrates roamed the earth, and long before each doctor swore allegiance to his philosophies, seems to have slipped their minds.

Damning statements about how ineffective/dangerous/unscientific any approach to healthcare that doesn’t involve a prescription pad or a scalpel are pushed out into the media on a regular basis.

But, some recent information provides a glimmer of hope that some of the old guard are finally beginning to open their eyes to ‘alternative’ medicine.

A recent survey of GPs found that around half of UK doctors are offering access to ‘therapy outside conventional medicine', including osteopathy and acupuncture.

In addition the records show that there are 900 GP members of the British Medical Acupuncture Society and an even more surprising 400 who are active members of the British Homeopathy Society.

Why surprising you may ask?

Well of all the alternative therapies this is the one that has attracted most criticism, not least because it is a preferred therapy for our Royal Family.

And that really winds up some of the great and good of the medical profession.

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An angry scientist...but one that needs to get his facts straight

In the leafy corner of Exeter lies the domain of one Edzard Ernst.

This academic is something of a poster boy for the pharmaceutical industry as he is an outspoken critic of alternative or complementary medicine...despite holding the title of Emeritus Professor at the University, and even once was Professor of Complementary Medicine at the University of Exeter.

You’d think that would make him a force for good wouldn’t you?

Unfortunately he is anything but, and this week launched yet another promotion for his memoirs by attacking Prince Charles over his support for integrated medicine.

The vicious nature of Prof Ernst’s attacks on the heir to the throne knows no limits, and in less benevolent times would have seen the foolhardy academic spending time in a deep and painful cellar.

The basis of his ire is two-fold:

1)     A government funded guide on homeopathy for patients which was produced in 2013 as part of an initiative by Prince Charles
2)    The Smallwood report, again commissioned by Prince Charles, which suggested greater access to complementary therapies in the NHS might lead to widespread benefits.

Both of these reports were hardly glowing in their consideration of alternative approaches but did say that there were good reasons to remain open minded.

This waved a red rag to the bull, and Prof Ernst wasn’t slow on the charge.

And all because there's no SCIENTIFIC proof that complementary therapies work.

The fact that there's anecdotal proof, and that real people have made real progress using complementary therapies isn't worth a stuff in his myopic world.

Even when someone tries an alternative therapy and makes a FULL recovery from a terrible illness (after having been written off as a hopeless case by the mainstream), that's STILL not enough to convince these blinkered doctors that maybe... just maybe...complementary therapies are worth considering.

Unless some scientists can explain WHY this progress has been made, in a series of formulas and flow charts, then the therapy is rubbish and shouldn't be encouraged.

Can you blame me if my cornflakes go everywhere when leading doctors support such a narrow-minded view?

Of course we ALL want to understand WHY something has worked. That way the therapy can be replicated and improved upon.

But surely the most important thing is that it works?

The whys and hows are secondary.

To dismiss complementary therapies that have helped people overcome many, many ailments, just because some boffin can't figure out the exact mechanism of action, is madness.

After all, what is the primary role of a doctor? To help us and cure us, or to tell us HOW he's curing us?

"I'm sorry Mrs Smith, I know that by giving you this tiny green leaf your arthritis pain would be gone in an instant. But I don't understand how it works, so I'll just lock it away in my drawer and give you these manmade drugs instead."

How would that make YOU feel?

I know how I feel... angry. Angry and let down yet again by the mainstream's intolerance of anything they don't understand.

Or anything the major drugs companies can't make money out of.

Take a leaf out of Prince Charles’ book and discover a much maligned approach to health

Basically we shouldn’t write anything off just because we don’t understand it.

A challenge for all of us

I have chosen to consider homeopathy for one condition in particular and have selected a trusted partner to help me develop a solution that we can all try safely... or at least 50% of us can.

I apologise to those of the fairer sex, but I have decided to challenge the grumpy ones out there.

The sweary, grumbly and whinging folk at the other end of the know who you are chaps!

Unless you have been away on a trip to Mars you can’t have missed the focus being applied to the prostate – with prostate cancer now being predicted to affect one in eight men in the UK.

But it is not just cancer that affects this walnut sized gland at the base of our bladders, there are several other conditions that we need to take note of such as:

  • Benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH, means your prostate is enlarged, but is not cancerous.
  • Acute bacterial prostatitis usually starts suddenly from a bacterial infection.
  • Chronic bacterial prostatitis is an infection that comes back again and again.
  • Chronic prostatitis also called Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome (CPPS), is a common prostate problem which can also cause back pain.

Given that the male of the species is typically loathe to take their health seriously I want to REALLY encourage each of you to consider taking the homeopathic approach to better prostate health.

And if you won’t do it for yourself maybe your better halves can act for you. (Ladies, you will be doing him more than a favour by getting him to think about his prostate.)

This special homeopathic preparation isn’t claiming to be a cure for cancer or anything outrageous, merely a natural and gentle way to deal with some of the effects of ageing, and potential precursors of one of the conditions listed above.

I won’t make myself popular with Exeter’s professional cynic, but the Good Prince might applaud this approach.

I’m certain that any of you that try it will also be converts to this gentle and natural health approach.

Prostate Relief – a homeopathic treatment approach to better male health

Yours, as always




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