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8th April 2011

It seems that this is the season for pain but it needn't be. Let me show you how to relieve neck pain and you'll never look back (but you'll be able to!)

Everyone I talk to has a niggle or grumble, or in one case I had to listen to an elderly neighbour give me an excruciatingly long description of her full on lower back ache that seems to be absorbing all that modern medical science can throw at it.

I think the weather is to blame. The sun comes out and we rush from our homes into the garden and set to with gusto to revitalise our little corners of the planet.

I've been guilty of this, too

A particularly annoying patch of brambles and stinging nettles has been growing over from an elderly neighbours plot. So, in the spirit of bonhomie, and with a little self interest in mind I offered to tackle the beast.

After much toil, and a healthy sprinkling of cursing, I managed to cleave a sizable lump of the offending root ball. Then bent to pick it up and put it in the wheelbarrow.

As a man of my advancing years I do know my limitations, and have learnt from past experience that bending the knees is the best way to protect a dodgy back - so I carefully grabbed the clod of earth and rolled it up my legs to my waist.

I felt smug that I had conducted myself admirably in the self preservation stakes, and was already imagining myself writing to you this week to highlight the benefit of being a well informed chap.

Pride as they say comes before a fall... and never more so that in this case.

I tripped over the handle of the mattock which I had carelessly laid aside at the moment of triumph. Dragged forwards by the additional weight of half of the county of Avon which was attached to the roots, I crashed down to the floor.

I lay there for a moment, slightly winded, and began to take stock of my injuries... knees...OK, back...OK, arms... stung by nettles but OK and neck...ouch!

How can anyone get whiplash in the garden?

Pain pills are just like playing Russian Roulette

Basically, the unprotected jerk of my head when I fell travelled into my neck and strained vital ligaments and muscles just as effectively as if I had been in a car shunt.

It was probably a serious mistake to continue to remove the weeds though, however, I was a man of my word and I didn't want to let my neighbour down - so I struggled manfully (or stupidly depending on your viewpoint... guess what Lara, my wife, thought!) on with the task.

By the time I had hauled myself back to the house and soaked in a piping hot bath, my poor neck was really aching.

As someone who regularly writes about dealing with pain and discomfort I knew I had considerable options.

Like my friend with the bad back I could reach for the pharmaceutical option, however, I really don't like painkillers, and many of them don't like me - often giving me stomach upsets.

In addition I remember reading something pretty scary in a Canadian news item about a whole series of over the counter medication having to be recalled because of contamination with other drugs.

You see, there is no way to tell exactly what you are taking, and I for one don't like playing Russian Roulette with my health.

I could get myself onto a waiting list for physiotherapy, just as long as six weeks is not too long to wait!

Locally we have some really good osteopaths and chiropractors, but they don't come cheap.

My salvation came from a product I have a long association with, one that has never let me down. Pain Ease Wraps:

These marvels of pain relief have been my treatment of choice for my recurring back ache and I remembered that the good folk who make them have a version specifically for the neck.

They are based upon an amazing simple but clinically proven technology; within a discreet and comfortable wrap sits the latest Micro Current Technology.

How do they work?  In two ways -

  • Mild electrical signals are effective at blocking the nerve signals to the brain that the body interprets as pain, plus they also trigger the release of natural painkillers known as dynorphins and endorphins. As a result the Pain Ease Wrap acts as a very effective pain killer with near instant results.
  • In addition to this, electrical stimulation causes the muscle tissue to rhythmically contract and relax, creating a very localised work out for the tissues affected. The Pain Ease Wrap not only kills the pain it also starts to treat it.  The benefits of this type of activity are often overlooked, and in some cases sufferers are incorrectly advised to rest completely when they are in pain. Jarvia Foxter, a registered osteopath, wrote in Tuesday's Guardian that withdrawing from activity following a painful episode has been shown to be a mistake, and that a graduated return to movement will speed recovery and create much healthier tissue in the repair site.

Having a selection of these marvellous devices on hand has been a blessing to me time and time again, and I'm so glad that I had the foresight to get hold of one of the Pain Ease Neck Wraps when it was released.

It was probably the only sensible thing I did in respect of this whole episode!

So, if you or someone close to you has a history of:

  • Back ache
  • Sciatica
  • Fibromyalgia 
  • Tense neck and shoulders 
  • Muscular pains Joint pains 
  • Injuries 
  • Stiff knees 
  • Tennis elbow
  • Chronic pain

you could do well to order in the appropriate Pain Ease Wrap before they next get a spasm. Just imagine the feeling of public spiritedness you will feel when you are able to flourish their salvation before they reach for the ibuprofen.

Safe, effective and clinically proven pain relief is yours to have right now CLICK HERE:

And with my standard 30 day money back guarantee you've got nothing to lose.  Try it and see for yourself. 

I suggested one to my neighbour, but she eyed me suspiciously and hobbled away.  Seems some people aren't willing to give things a go unless a man in a white coat writes a prescription for it. 

Yours, as always



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