What your phone and computer are doing to your eyes

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8th July 2018

  • Read on if you get blurred vision, headaches and have trouble driving at night…
  • In just 15 minutes a day, these specs could improve your vision – click here for details. 
  • Poor eyesight doesn’t need to be inevitable with older age – not if you try this…
Been on public transport lately?

Or maybe you’ve sat in a waiting room or a café.

Have you noticed how almost everyone is staring at a small screen?

Welcome to hypnotised Britain!

Smart phones and tablets are commonplace now and we use them to find our way around, communicate, read news, catch up on gossip.

Then we go home and stare at other screens too…

Computers, laptops, televisions, e-readers…

Yes they’re useful, but they’re also addictive and bloomin’ EVERYWHERE.

And there’s a serious health problem that comes attached…

Our eyes contain some of the hardest working muscles in the body – and in our era of constant screen-watching we’re giving them a seriously difficult time. 

Using these muscles, your eyes must constantly focus and refocus, causing immense strain.

And because we have TWO eyes, it’s never the case that they’re exactly as strong as each other. One is always more dominant.

That’s where the long-term damage begins…

You see, over time the less dominant eye becomes weaker as the other takes more control. This can cause blurring, making it hard to focus clearly, sometimes causing headaches and making driving at night difficult.

Do any of these symptoms ring a bell?

Well, if you’re putting them all down to being natural side-effects of getting older, you could be wrong.
Your blurring vision might be a totally reversible problem.

You see, it’s possible to train your eyes to be stronger, less under strain and clearer in focus, with fewer headaches and less blurring. 

All you have to do is wear these therapeutic AvitveShade glasses for 15 minutes, perhaps three or four times a week: click here to find out more.

Here’s how they work…

Remember the kid with the eye-patch?

At school did you ever have that kid who wore an eye-patch?

It wasn’t exactly great news for that kid, who’d often be mercilessly mocked. Maybe you WERE that child, in which case some grim memories might be flooding back right now.

Cruel though it might have seemed, the science was sound. It’s an established vision-correction strategy that helps the weaker eye to get stronger and more resilient, so that clearer focus returns.

Technology has come to the rescue these days with vision improvement glasses like these ones here, which work fantastically well suing similar principles.

These glasses replicate an eye-strengthening exercise where you cover the eye, then uncover it again, repeating this over and over, helping to strengthen the eye and get it focussed.

You could try that every day of course.  But it’s not as controlled (or as easy) as using ActiveShade glasses.

The lenses in these glasses contain transparent liquid crystals that switch from clear to dark every two seconds.

When the glass is dark in front of the weaker eye, the vision becomes blurred. Then a couple of seconds later it becomes sharp again.

This forces the weaker eye to learn how to focus again – without help from the better eye. It’s a bit like giving your vision a short daily workout. Think of it like taking your eyes to the gym – but you’re at home, in your pyjamas, and you’re not breaking a sweat.

ActiveShade glasses are ideal if you do a lot of night driving, work at a computer or enjoy hobbies that require close focus, like sewing and reading. Or if you simply get sore, strained, blurry tired eyes.

Whatever your symptoms, it’s important you sort it out now, otherwise your eyes will get weaker over time and eventually the blurring will become permanent.

You only need about 10-15 minutes each day with the glasses on, a few times a week (in the privacy of your home), so it won’t cause hassle or embarrassment.

Poor eyesight doesn’t need to be inevitable with older age – not if you try this…

Many people seem resigned to suffering poorer eyesight with age, but it’s not inevitable. Often it can be down to an imbalance between your eyes.

This is something all opticians know and it’s why they test each eye separately. If you had a test recently did you notice how each eye ‘sees’ differently?

So it may be that you don’t need glasses at all. In which case it’s really worth trying these therapeutic glasses to find out if that’s the cause!

Or if you DO wear glasses, you can finally avoid the strain, dizziness, and headaches you get after long periods reading, driving, looking at your phone, or sitting at a computer.

All it takes is this daily eye workout to return them to their former glory.

Click here to find out more.

Yours, as always




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